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I have been thinking a lot about what really built America and I found that it was power, profit and honor.  Honor, the military, is what made America a free, Constitutional nation that provided freedom for the people.  From that freedom came the ability for citizens with an inventive personality to build profitable businesses that provided jobs for the people, allowing them to build the lives they wanted to live, while allowing taxable incomes for the politicians to do what they wanted to do to build America as the strongest, safest and most free nation in the world!  And, for over a hundred years, America led the world with innovation, strength and freedom!  But, now, we have dropped down to the point of almost utter failure because we have a government that has removed our strength, our manufacturing base and has destroyed the educational system that drove so many students to work to build great lives for themselves and their families!  And now we have an election coming up that will be the one that will decide what happens to our nation by placing either a Presidential candidate in office that will rebuild America, or one that will continue destroying our nation by lying to the people, telling them whatever they want to hear to get them elected!  Let me explain the basic truths of those running for office:

If you have a truly honorable military member running for office, one whose true honor while in the military can be proven to be the truth, not a bunch of lies used to cover up their misconducts to allow them to “look good”, that candidate will have a basic truth of honor that is for returning America back to the great nation it once was!  But we don’t have one running at the moment, except for those with political backgrounds, and politics can be a poison that can change honor to a need for power, and we don’t need another “power-hungry” politician destroying our nation even more!

Politicians live off the need for power, and that need drives them to do things that they swear to the citizens that they would never do!  While working in DC, I learned on a very personal basis that lies, misrepresentation and power are the three things that are the very common, basic tools of every politician across our country; local, state and federal members of our government!  They tell you they will use government money to build a “necessary” bridge over a river, to provide jobs and to benefit every citizen, but that money is actually being used to gain monetary support from the person that gets the contract to build that bridge!  And they work to gain any information they can gain on other politicians that will ruin that politician’s career, to give them power over that politician so that they can get him, or her, to do what they need them to!  DC has become a community of politicians who work for their own benefit and only go back to their home districts to lie in order to gain the votes they need to win their next election!  But, while in DC, they work with each other and twist and maneuver in order to get what they want, not what the people need, regardless of how it affects every one of us; the citizens who vote them in!  Two things I remember more than anything else when I worked in then Senator Biden’s office was when I asked his Chief Aide “how does a citizen get a Bill started in Congress?”  I was told:  “Sex, drugs, money and power!”  And when I asked “what about the people?”  I was told:  “They know what they want, we know what they need?”  And it is that drive for power, and the belief that they know more about what we need than we do, that has driven them to build their own power through the destruction of our ability to build our own good lives and our basic Freedoms under Constitutional Law!  I don’t like voting for politicians because I never truly know when they are telling the truth, or lying!

When our nation was working under the need for public profit, it grew so quickly that we went from horses to cars, from walking to flying and from looking at the moon to walking on it!  If an American had the drive to push for success, they would do whatever was personally necessary to gain their profit and build the strongest, and most inventive manufacturing base in the world!  And that success meant jobs that paid decent wages and benefits for the people who worked for them, because they wanted the best employees and paid what they had to in order to get them!  So the harder an employee worked, the more he, or she did to know how to make things properly, the better the job and the higher the pay!  So, as our manufacturing base grew, the better lives the citizens lived!  And, since there were so many workers paying a fair tax rate, the taxes on the businesses were lower, which made America the nation where businesses wanted to be!  But, because of the need for power, the politicians started over-taxing and over-regulating the businesses, forcing them to move out of America, which removed the ability of so many Americans to provide the lifestyles they wanted for their families!  And because of the higher taxes, the politicians got more money and power and, now, they see themselves as a form of “royalty” in America, responsible for their own needs only!  And that’s why we need a Business Leader, not a Politician, as President!  And it’s also why we should replace every politician with Business Leaders, because they would work for the growth of the manufacturing base in America!

I don’t care if its Trump or Fiorina, both know what it takes to build successful businesses and that means they would see America as a “business” and would rebuild our manufacturing base to make it strong and powerful once again!  Both have stated that they know that the reason our manufacturing base has gone overseas is because of high federal taxes and over-regulation, and they will both lower the tax rate on businesses to the lowest in the world and end the over-regulation, which will once again make America the most attractive place in the world for businesses and will bring back good jobs for every American!  And they know how to work with both friends, and enemies to make a business successful, so they will be able to work with both sides, Republicans and Democrats, to get what needs to be done to get the American manufacturing base back in operation!  Are they the best politicians in America?  Hell no!  And that’s exactly what makes both such powerful possibilities for President in the upcoming elections next year!  We don’t need politicians:  America needs to get back on its feet by rebuilding it’s manufacturing base, so we need candidates that know how to build successful businesses, not destroy them!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    Great insight…keep trucking for truth and honor…

  2. Dave Hollenbeck says:

    Walid Shoebat September 2, 2015 CARLY FIORINA’S Secret Deals with Iran While CEO of Hewlett Packard, Not to Mention Her Ottoman Empire Admiration, Make Her Unfit for President http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/09/carly-fiorinas-secret-deals-with-iran-while-ceo-of-hewlett-packard-not-to-mention-her-ottoman-empire-admiration-make-her-unfit-for-president/

    Carly Fiorina ‘s illegal dealings with Iran, during her tenure as CEO of HP, were exposed in the Boston Globe. which broke the story that Hewlett Packard had been selling its printers in Iran through a subsidiary company in Dubai, despite the fact that a trade embargo had been in place against the Iranian regime since 1997. The sales were halted shortly after the business dealings were published by the Globe.

    Texas GOP : Fiorina claimed no knowledge that the approximately $100 million of sales through the subsidiary were coming from Iran, despite having been HP CEO (since 2000) while it was happening. An investigation by the San Jose Mercury News last year showed that Fiorina did know.

    – “Fiorina, in 2003, noted Middle East sales were defying global trends, and, as the Merc notes, HP’s partner there issued a press release saying sales topped $100 million and that “the seeds of the Redington-Hewlett-Packard relationship were sowed six years ago for one market – Iran.” – Three of the three HP partners in the Middle East contacted by Christopher Stewart for a story in Portfolio magazine’s August 2008 issue readily agreed to ship printers to Iran. Portfolio notified HP of the incidents, but the company didn’t condemn them, instead refusing comment. Fiorina was gone as CEO at this point, but Portfolio noted that diversion of American products to Iran through Dubai had been going strong for many years, while Fiorina was CEO. – HP had an office in the Dubai free-trade zones notorious for funneling American goods to Iran, Portfolio reported — so it had ample means to be aware of how its products were being shipped. – After the SEC noticed the prevalence of HP products in Iran, it asked the company about the matter, and got back a letter from the company saying its Dutch subsidiary sold $120 million to Iran in 2008. – Finally, in January 2009, HP severed ties with Redington Gulf, the distributor that had publicly bragged about its Iran trade six years earlier.” –

    Chuck DeVore, who worked for the Reagan administration Commerce department on import issues, and also was an aerospace industry executive, says Fiorina’s responses on the Iran deal are not credible.

    “We’ve known for some time that throughout Fiorina’s watch, Hewlett-Packard used Redington Gulf in Dubai — named after its co-founder, William Redington Hewlett — as a front company for the circumvention of U.S. export restrictions to the Islamic Republic of Iran. If Carly Fiorina tolerated that level of unethical business practices in the Middle East, it is sadly predictable that she would exercise the same moral laxity elsewhere.

    “When confronted with this news, Fiorina will do what she always does: deny knowledge despite having been a famously micromanaging and bottom-line-oriented CEO.” Fiorina was forced out of Hewlett Packard in 2005.

    *Carly Fiorina’s Islam problem hasn’t been widely reported, but it should be. And because the Muslim world still poses such a great threat to our National Security, it’s important to at least take a few of her points and refute them, with the historical record :*

    Fiorina –* “There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world. It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts.”*

    *The Facts* – The Ottoman Empire (1299-1922), was an Islamic Caliphate…a form of Islamic government led by a Caliph, a person considered a political and religious successor to their prophet Muhammed and a leader of the entire Muslim community (*Ummah*). They, like all Islamic movements since Muhammed, invaded non-Muslim lands and took land, pillaged, raped, tortured and slaughtered…all with the same goal of conquering the entire earth for Islam. They slaughtered their way through Christian Europe for 500 years…hence the reason for the Crusades (see THE CRUSADES: A Direct Response To Islam’s Bloodlust ).

    Fiorina –* “Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins. One of its languages became the universal language of much of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands. Its armies were made up of people of many nationalities, and its military protection allowed a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known.”*

    *The Facts* – From 1894-1923, the Ottoman Empire conducted a policy of Genocide against the Christian population living within its extensive territory. The Sultan, Abdul Hamid, first put forth an official governmental policy of genocide against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire in 1894. Systematic massacres took place in 1894-1896 when Abdul savagely killed 300,000 Armenians throughout the provinces. Massacres recurred, and, in 1909, government troops killed, in the towns of Adana alone, over 20,000 Christian Armenians.

    This particular falsehood of peace and prosperity and the impression that there was diversity and equality for many peoples, is appalling when we consider that we have just come upon the 100th remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, committed by the Ottoman Empire…might Ms. Fiorina like to apologize to the Armenian (also Bulgarian and Greek) Christians for her comments?

    *Fiorina trashed the Texas ‘Draw the prophet Muhammad’ cartoon contest saying: “It clearly was provocative, just like white supremacists demonstrating is provocative.”*

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