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I am sitting here now, thinking of what has happened to our great nation over the past 6 years.  I grew up in a prosperous, loved America, where I knew I had the chance to become whatever I wanted to.  I knew that we had no enemy that could attack America, much less defeat us in a war.  And I knew that opportunities to advance, in a nation that was the world’s largest manufacturer of everything everyone in the world needed, was the path to a comfortable, independent life!  America was safe, strong and prosperous, but that has been taken away from us by people who don’t want to see America as anything but their own source of greed, power and domination of the people!

One of the first things that Obama did as President was to go overseas and apologize for the “evils of America” when, in fact, if it wasn’t for America, our world would still be living under the dominance of Rulers who wanted only minions to follow their lead!  We built the Space Station, we went to the moon, and we shared that with the rest of the world!  We found treatment for deadly diseases and we shared them with the rest of the world!  We have brought about so many changes that have brought much of the world together, like the internet and healthy food, and the rest of the world has benefited from our research and development!  And we saved all of Europe, Russia, China and the rest of the world in World War I and World War II!  And we never fought for those lands so that we could take them over; we taught the peoples of those lands how to bring them back and they have become self-sufficient strong nations, and that would never have happened had we not gone to war and sacrificed our own military to save them!

And he has been spending so much over the last 6 years that he is tearing apart our society, turning Colors against Colors, Sex against Sex, Religion against Religion, and it is working!  And he has borrowed so much money from China to support money that we give to keep the UN going, to make our Welfare System grow so big it will soon get out of control, to provide Citizens’ benefits under our Constitution to illegals, many of whom should be in prison, and other programs that have skyrocketed our National Debt!  Go to:  National Debt Under Obama – US Economy – About.com  to see how Obama has raised our National Debt from $12.016 Trillion, to over $18 Trillion on wasteful programs and scandalous spending!  He has been destroying our military and it has reached a point at which we actually have to pay foreign governments so that we can use their Navies to transport our troops to war zones!  He has made us dependent upon the very nations that openly state that they hate us for manufactured goods, oils and gas and loans for wasteful programs!  He has left our borders so open that anyone, including terrorists, can come into our country with little fear of being arrested and deported!

Here is the Oath of the Office of President, the one Obama swore when elected:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Can anyone explain to me exactly how Obama has kept his Oath?  Defending the Constitution of the United States means protecting the Rights of the people and protecting the people from attacks by nations that bring war to us!  Yet he has brought over 40,000 Hamas members to Detroit and given them citizenship and our Rights, yet Hamas is a openly declared terrorist group!  He has left our borders wide open, even though he is fully aware that terrorists are crossing our border every day now!  And now we are under the fear of attack by ISIS followers because they are being brought into the ISIS system because we allow them access to our children and others through our Internet!  Do I think our government should dominate our Internet?  No!, but it should recognize who is a self-declared enemy of our nation and keep their information out of the American Internet service!  We have to protect our nation for any form of involvement with our people!  We buy almost everything in our stores from China now, yet China has always openly stated that it doesn’t care for America and it wants to destroy us!  We buy our oil from the Middle East, the very place where the terrorists come from who have attacked our nation many times, and were responsible for 9/11!  When do we end the insanity?  When do we begin to bring back America and stop falling on our knees to Progressive/Socialist/Communistic ideals that are destroying our nation?

I remember my brothers from ‘Nam in ’68, and I remember the love we had for our country!  We sacrificed, in many ways, every day, and we did it because it was our responsibility to uphold our honor as protectors of our nation and our Constitution!  And our military, today, does the exact same thing, with honor and pride!  But they are treated like “secondary citizens”, even though they are the ones responsible for keeping our nation safe in a time when 9/11 could happen again, and again, and again!  We understand the true value of America, we understand the sacrifice and valor of so many who served with honor in every war, from the American Revolution to the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars!  And we understand it because we fought those wars, we put our lives on the line every single day to protect the Rights and safety of every American citizen!  And our President and every Member of our Congress swore to do the exact same thing, but they put their honor on the line to provide themselves with power, money and public fame!  They swear that they are just as honorable as veterans, but they are no where near that status!  They go to DC as someone with a decent income, but most of them leave as multimillionaires, making their money off of wasted tax dollars that could have been used for a much better reason, or not have been used at all!  And they get the best of everything; specially cooked meals, expensive DC homes, personal guards and the best, most expensive medical care possible, yet vets get whatever the government feels is “necessary” in benefits and health care they sacrificed their futures to get!

Many people ask me how this happens, and my answer is very simple:  If you don’t pay attention to your governmental officials and their actions, if you don’t use your Right to vote to rid our nation of the ones that are basically destroying our nation, this is the kind of America we will live in for the rest of our lives, and our families lives!  Our governmental officials have one strong tool that they love more than any other when it comes to protecting themselves from public awareness, and that tool is :  Hate!  As long as we hate each other, as long as there is rioting, the news focuses on that anger and steps away from political acts!  So we see the riots in Ferguson, while Obama sneaks new Presidential actions through Congress!  And they build up that hate by sending their own representatives in to build up that hate, acting like they are there for the “goodness” of the people!  We have to end all of this, we have to bring back sanity to America, to bring back our nation as the world leader it once was!  And, in order to do that, we need to pay very close attention to the upcoming primaries and to do whatever each and every one of use can do to ensure that the right people get voted into office!  Greedy and self-interested politicians = Government dominated people!  Honest and honorable politicians = Free and prosperous nation!  It’s that simple!  So do what you know is right and work with others to make our upcoming elections save our nation!  As in 2010, the time has come to get off the couch and start standing up for America!  It’s all up to us, it’s our responsibility!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    I think your whole RANT can be summed up with a quote from the RANT itself:
    If you don’t pay attention to your governmental officials and their actions, if you don’t use your Right to vote to rid our nation of the ones that are basically destroying our nation, this is the kind of America we will live in for the rest of our lives,…..
    I hate to bring it up again, but the above exemplifies it, by and large the American public is apathetic and most individuals are concerned only with their immediate surroundings. Those that are paying attention are those voting themselves more “free stuff”. With nearly one half the population on some type of welfare, and I do not count Social Security, as we did in fact pay in to that, voting to give themselves a representative that will give them more perks, and those that pay for the perks not bothering to pay attention and vote, it is only going to get worse.
    I wish I knew of a way to turn this type of attitude around. I believe it will take a really major catastrophic event of some kind, even 9-11 was not enough. It did for a short period of time but it soon wanned and disappeared.
    With so many conservative candidates I am afraid that there will never be a true rally behind just one. As each is eliminated, those that favored them will either change to another candidate or just drop out. As this happens to each candidate more and more will become disillusioned and just not participate. Meanwhile the almost inevitable nomination of Hillary will move forward.
    She will continue to win support from those who want more “free stuff” and it will be a very hard nut to crack I am afraid.
    I don’t like this outlook, I do what I can to insure it does not come to pass, but, once again, I am also a realist and am having a hard time, at this point, seeing it going any other way.

  2. With the way our nation has gone downhill, and with the rising costs of Healthcare, food and everything else, I think the people will wake up. But we need to get out in the public domain and inform the people in a manner they will listen to. We need to tell the truth and provide the facts in a way they need to see them. I get comments from all kinds of Americans about the way their lives have gotten more difficult and I listen to the way they explain it to me, then talk like I am not leaning towards either party. And I am not; I am interested only in the candidates and what they really stand for and how honest they speak about it.

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