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1.  I remember when Sam Walton, the owner of WalMart, stated that there was no way he would ever sell any cheap, junk Chinese products in his stores because he was a proud American and he would sell only American-made goods!  That was back in the early 1990s.  I mention this because of all of the current news about the Clinton’s scandal of accepting money used for Hillary’s campaign from foreign interests that gained “special” favors from her as Secretary of State, including access to nuclear materials and other actions that are against American interests and safety! Why do I link the two?  Simple; what the Clinton’s are doing to fund Hillary’s campaign is exactly the same thing that they did to fund Bill’s campaign back in 1992!  I have no understandable reason as to why no one has brought this up, but it is enough to wake up a great many Americans to the level of criminality of both the Clinton’s when it comes to funding their own interests!  I heard several news stories back then about how the Chinese had been the major funders of Bill’s campaign, and he used that money to win the election!  And, because of that funding from the Chinese, the Clinton’s got our laws changed to allow the Chinese to begin to move in on American businesses that were overloaded with new Environmental Laws and higher taxes that forced our Manufacturers to move to China, which China took over!  And, now, the majority of our goods sold in America are made in China, even at WalMart, because they are the only options for goods to sell in the stores!  This movement of the Clinton’s to gain money at the expense of American jobs and Americans’ futures has been going on for a long time now and the only thing that both of them care about is what they want, not what the American people need!  I can feel Sam Walton rolling over in his grave!

2.  Back when I was in Vietnam, the military and veterans were all being attacked on TV, in the movies and in protests across America!  For several years now, I have been telling vets to watch the TV shows and movies and look for the anti-vet situations they put in their programs to make us look bad to non-veterans.  I have seen murderers who were vets, terrorists who were “angry vets”, vets who abused their wives and children and many, many other situations where the honor of vets was abused exactly as they did it back during the Vietnam War!  And we had to put up with the “Crazy Vet Syndrome” name that made many people fear us for something that wasn’t even real because the majority of people hurt by combat vets was the vets themselves, many by suicide, many by “accidental” deaths.  And now, on TV, they are showing the “poor vet” who is “mentally disabled” who killed someone, but it wasn’t his fault, he was just “crazy”!  Add to that; back in 2010, our President, Pelosi, Reid and other Progressives said that the “radical veterans” were the real threat to our country!  How many attacks have you actually heard about were legitimate veterans were the source of the trouble?  The idiots are running the asylums!  Well, now we have a new “Jane Fonda”:   http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/04/28/cnn-anchor-brooke-baldwin-blames-military-veterans-for-baltimore-riots/     When has anyone seen a veteran walking around burning up buildings or smashing cars in one of these riots?  Jane Fonda earned the anger of every vet because she openly attacked our honor and pride just to build her own name for standing up for the Progressive domination of America, and now Brooke Baldwin has done exactly the same thing!  What does she know about what it takes to sacrifice for your country, when all she does is work to build a name for herself on TV!  Once again; the idiots are running the asylum!

These are two issues I wanted to bring out to the public, to show them that our history is repeating itself!  And this part of our history is not meant to rebuild America into the great nation it once was, it’s meant to destroy our way of life and turn us into a nation of slavery, with the people dependent upon the “graciousness” of our “beloved leaders”!  If anyone thinks I am wrong on any of this, do some research: my information comes from personal experience, which is one of the benefits of growing older!  But, unlike when I was a kid and the older citizens were looked to as sources of truth about our nation’s history, now kids are taught that we are “stupid”, “liars” and that we “don’t know anything at all”!  The greatest gift that we all have, if we pay attention to it, is our History!  Learning from history is the best way to secure a good future!  So all of us who are older should not fear speaking the truth and the younger ones should spend some time listening to those who actually lived when things happened!  Let’s start looking to the truth of  America, not the lies that are being taught by the Progressives that run our schools!  Let’s stop the idiots from running the asylums before the world gets to crazy to save it!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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