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I hate to have to keep talking about this, but I ran into a guy at the casino who was wearing an Army Veteran’s cap and he wasn’t a vet!  I always like to talk to other vets, to share histories and to find out if I know them.  I asked this guy when he was in the service and he told me he never was, that he got the cap from a friend.  I told him that it was nice that his friend gave it to him, but that he wasn’t supposed to wear it because he hadn’t served.  He told me that he tried to get into the Army, Navy, Air Force Marines and the National Guard, but he wasn’t accepted, so he could wear the cap if he wanted to!  I explained to him, politely, that a great many of the men and women that wore that cap sacrificed a great deal for their country and many of us saw our friends, brothers and sisters die while defending our nation, so I would appreciate it if he didn’t wear it.  He then told me that he saw a guy sitting at one of the poker machines last week, winning large payments and he was wearing a cap just like it, so he felt it was his “Right” to wear it so he could win!  This guy was a total idiot!  Then he got up in my face, so I gave him the “angry vet” look and he sat back down!  Military honor meant a hell of a lot to Americans after WWII and I remember that my parents, who both served in the Army and were married in Manila, Philippines during the war, and they taught me the truth of service as a kid!  But the Hippie movement of the ’60s put vets in a hole it took us 15 years to get out of, and the average American lost all respect for the Military!  And, even though many Americans have gone back to the honor of the Military and the vets, there is still a majority of Americans who could care less about what we sacrificed!  And the reason that the honor is gone is that a majority of those serving in our government today are those hippies who are still working to tear down our great Nation!  They act like they “really care”, but they have a deep hatred in their hearts against those who sacrifice to protect the very nation they have the Right to lead!

I remember, back in 2010, vets being called “homegrown terrorists” by the current Administration and many Progressive leaders in Congress because we stood behind the Tea Party Movement!  They will say and do anything they can to continue the hippie effort to tear down our Military to weaken our nation!  And now they are supporting muslims, even the most dangerous ones in the world, and go after Israel, our only true ally in the Mid East!  Check out this blog:  http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/12/us-foreign-aid-what-are-your-tax-dollars-paying-for-in-other-countries/ .   And now our government is bending over backwards to pass a treaty with Iran, the very nation where the “Great Leader” openly states on TV: “Death to America”!  We know there is an active ISIS training camp just south of our Southern Border and we are doing nothing to destroy it!  And our government is fully aware of several terrorist training camps in our own country, but they “have to” protect the Rights of those groups!  We have proof that ISIS terrorist are coming across our border with weapons and we are doing nothing to stop it!  And we have know that, for many years now, terrorists cross our border every single day and our Border Patrol has found Nuclear Trace in a couple of areas where they cross!  Add to that, the fact that we have been bringing large groups of muslims over to America for “Human Rights” reasons, yet the majority of them are know members of terrorist groups like Hamas!  The 40,000 population of muslims who were moved to Detroit were all know Hamas members and Hamas is one of those muslim organizations that hates America!  And now they can vote!  And the largest muslim political organizations in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood, is a major power in our nation and is also a part of the current Administration!  They may not be killing Christians in America yet, but they are attacking them in every politically possible way to destroy their Rights and break them down!

Finally; the Administration has been slowly tearing down our military by forcing them to use idiotic Rules of Combat, which protects the enemy and puts their lives in grave danger every single day!  And they have changed the Veteran’s Administration into an organization that destroys the very promised benefits that Veterans have earned, and have caused many to die because they couldn’t get the very care they needed, yet they give any illegal crossing our border any benefit they want!  At what point did those who put their lives on the line for their nation, every single day, become less than 3rd world illegals!  I have had it!  And what really put me into a mood to write this was the female vet who stopped some college students from walking on an American Flag and she was arrested for doing so!  I have a great deal of respect and honor for that vet and what she did!  More of us should do exactly the same thing!  And the cops that had to arrest her didn’t want to, but it was their job, so I do not hold any anger for them!  Our country has gone down the toilet and the people that still care about it are the very ones who are looked upon as “crazy” and “dangerous”!  This is our country and we need to change it back to what it once was!  We need to stand up and make our voices heard once again, as they were doing the Tea Party movement that helped us regain some control over our government!  Every single day that we remain quiet, we lose more of our Rights and Freedoms to the domination of Progressives and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that aren’t afraid to cause trouble!  And, if you can’t stand up for our Rights, please stand up for the memory of every member of our Military that sacrificed their lives just so you can keep your Rights!  Stand up for the Rights of every single veteran who went through hell, who watched their Brothers and Sisters get killed and can’t sleep at night because the memories won’t go away!  Our country has been diminished to one of the weakest nations in the world, we have lost our Manufacturing Base and it has moved over to China, a nation that hates us, and our lifestyle has been torn down to a point where the majority of Americans have become “governmental slaves”!

Is this what you truly want for the future of your children?  If it isn’t, it’s up to each and every one of us to stand up!  The time has come for us to stop being followers of crooked politicians and start being the true leaders of the greatest nation in the world!  This is our country; do you want to lose it?  No?  Then make your voices heard!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Tina Frederick says:

    Rights like those for women to decide about their own healthcare or rights to choose our own religion or lack of even if it’s not Christianity? Seems like the conservatives have their own agenda including getting us into more wars that aren’t our business. Frankly I’m all for a little more progress and a little less religion in our government. My father served in WWII,my daughter is in Afghanistan at the moment and believe me she isn’t their protecting just the “Christian” rights though that’s what we seem to be getting force fed.
    I will agree however that politicians are long past serving any of us for the most part.

    • I, and many of my brothers and sisters are not for more wars; wars mean deaths of good people and we don’t need to waste more American lives on groups who simply want to use us for their own goals. And, from every action I have seen by the current Administration, the only religion that our wars are being fought for is Islam. Take a look back in our history and you will see that, except for our Revolutionary War which was fought by freedom-seeking Americans who were trying to build the greatest nation in the world, the wars we have been involved in have all occurred under a Democratic President, except for our current actions in the Mid East. I don’t agree with them, because of the way they have been handled, but we were attacked and our government responded with full support by both sides of our Congress. The only time we should be in a war is to protect our own nation and we should go in as hard as possible and end all threats in a short period of time. Long wars are senseless and waste more honorable lives on a daily basis.

    • Jim says:

      I often wonder if this women’s rights issue is being cloaqued .The people I converse with say….its my right to kill, abort..get rid of for convienence, a baby,but I will not kill a criminal who has had the chance to be good…the chance or opportunity to live his or her life…and then in turn…I will agree to allow foreigners to come here in droves who refuse to assimilate. What’s wrong with that cloaque agenda? Is that idea in and of itself a religion. Tyranical in nature.? Because I see it as being progressive dogma…..any dogma in and of itself can be a religion. And
      they might not directly attribute it to a god…but the value of life has been placed on its head. Criminals live….babies are worthless. I have heard the follow up on religion…Jesus had good ideas…but our ideas cloaqued in this framework are better.

  2. Jim says:

    Mike….I have to put my two bits into this equation, concerning your last rant.
    Honor has not been lost….its been redefined. The galantry of the soldier has been diminished to the level of a teacher…or firefighter. Equality in risk…is what President Obama has deemed the new definition. We are all a collective lump…not having any more degree of danger in our occupations.
    Sargent Bowe Bergdahly is considered HONORABLE.

    Its always good to see you standing up for Freedom. Keep your powder dry, because America is in for a ride of her life….with the next two years of fundamentally changing America’s values and traditions. To this Administration….we soldiers who fought…soldiers who were maimed and died…are like our founding Fathers were…terrrorists to Britian. So the definition of equality, has now been redefined.
    Confuscious stated, that when words and their meanings are changed, nothing is on stable ground…and there is a direct correlation between Intellectual disorder and perversion.

    AGAIN…Keep your powder dry….stand at the watch tower in unity for this great Republic…if we can keep it..

    • Thanks, Jim. We all understand the truth of our Constitution and will protect it. And standing by my brothers is the most honorable thing I feel I can do, because they are the most honorable men I know! I named this “AMERICA’S HONOR HAS DIED” to get people to look at it, to see that it has not reached a point at which we can’t save it, but to show that it will cross that point if we don’t stand up and protect our Constitution.

  3. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    America’s honor has not died, but, it has certainly changed. Those who served and those currently serving well and truly understand honor. I think even those who are closely related to those folks also understand honor, normally just from close association. Unfortunately those who have served are passing away, fewer and fewer in todays population are serving or have served. The vast majority of today’s citizens have no contact with anyone who is serving or has served. With that in mind, their perspective of honor has no base from which to work. To them, we are all the same, they do not understand what it means to serve. That does not make them bad people, it does add to the delusion that they think they understand. Without that understanding their perception of honor has no basis. To them honor means not cheating on a test, it means not lying on their tax form, or not telling a false story to advance their position in life. So, with a view of how they see honor we end up with the female veteran being arrested for saving the flag from the protesters. Like you, I harbour no hard feelings to the police, like the military, they are required to follow the orders of those appointed over them. But, those appointed over them now make laws that lead to this kind of situation, and as the protesters feel they have won, the understanding of honor slips one more rung down the ladder. Those students will, in the future, help make the new rules that will apply to the military and the police, and how do we think that will work out?

    • I fully agree with you! One of the major problems we have now is the lower level County and District Judges who deal with our Rights on a local basis and the vast majority of them are Progressives and they judge cases on a Progressive basis, not a Constitutional basis. And they work with Mayors to change our lives to fit their needs. That is why our standing up and making our voices heard is so important, because changing things back on a local basis is a strong step towards bring back our country on a National basis.

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