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I know that everyone who is a Progressive/Democrat thinks that every Conservative like myself is 100% wrong when we try to wake you up to the idea that our current government is doing everything they can to make muslims look like a great, peaceful people who only want the best for the world when, in full truth, they are working together to build a powerful, dominant army of islamic warriors.  So I want to share a few things with you, some you may have heard about, some not:

1.  Last night, when I was driving home, I was listening to Mark Levin on my radio.  He had a Nigerian man who came over to America, to have a safe place for him and his family, as he was born and raised a muslim, but converted to Christianity.  He said something that I had never heard of, that the Press had never covered, and it is a very serious step in building the muslim army at the cost of Christian freedom in his home nation!  He said that, around six years ago, when Boko Haram was beginning to build its forces, his home nation, Nigeria, was going to assault Boko Haram and defeat them before they could build power.  He stated that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been sent to his nation’s capital to warn his government that, if they took any action against Boko Haram, they would suffer under the power of America and their government would fall!  In basic language:  The Nigerian government was ordered by the Obama Administration to leave Boko Haram or our government would crush them!  And, because of that order from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Catholics in Nigeria are now being destroyed and their women are being sold into sex slavery and their government is falling apart!  We are supposed to protect those who can’t protect themselves, not protect those who want to murder them!

2.  There is more than enough truth being released now about how the Obama Administration lied about Benghazi and abandoned the honorable Americans who served to protect the Ambassador, who was also butchered by muslim terrorists!  When, in the entire history of our great country, have you ever heard of a President and his Administration intentionally putting our people in grave danger, then abandoning them when they needed his help?  And why did he do it?  One honest answer only; to cover his own ass because of the election!

3.  I am a Vietnam combat veteran, and I know from firsthand experience that veterans love their country and they put their lives on the line to protect it from any danger, regardless of how difficult it was to do so!  They left their families at home while they fought for your freedom, and many never came home to see their families again!  And what do they ask for because of their service?  Not a damned thing, except for what was promised them when they signed up:  Full care for the disabilities they suffer because they stood up for their country to protect it!  And who promised to fix all of the problems in the VA?  President Obama, because an election was coming up!  And, guess what:  The problems are still there and the people within the VA who are causing my Brothers and Sisters to die because they can’t get the care they need to live are making a lot of money off of Bonuses for “doing their jobs”!  They aren’t doing their jobs and Obama isn’t doing a damned thing to fix it!  And I will never forget, back in 2010, when the Tea Party stood up for our Rights as true citizens of America, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other Progressives publicly stated that all combat Vets are “Homegrown Radical Terrorists”!  The only terrorists in the military are muslim extremists who our government knew full about, but couldn’t do anything for fear of the current Administration pointing them out as “racists”!

4.  Finally; Israel has been a friend of America since the end of WWII!  I remember my Uncle telling me about the day he walked into a Death Camp and saw the victims of Hitler; he told me that it was the worst thing he had ever seen and he fell down on his knees and cried!  And after the War, Israel was put together in the Desert to give the Israelis a home that would allow them to live as they wished, without the fear of anyone trying to destroy them again, because America would always be a close friend and ally!  I remember seeing on the news all of the times the muslims would gather together and try to destroy Israel, but the Israelis fought them off, every single time, and build the strongest, peaceful nation in the entire MidEast!  But one enemy has always threatened to kill all Israelis and the is the muslim world!  And Iran is leading that push and is now getting the support they need from Obama and his Administration to continue on with their development of Nuclear Weapons!  And don’t think they’ll stop with Israel:  They state, openly, that America will be their next target!  And, in order to allow that to happen, muslims have built training camps in the US to train their men to fight to kill us!  Obama moved 40,000 Hamas members to Detroit right after he first got into office, and Hamas is a terrorist organization that openly calls for the destruction of America!  And our Border Patrol has already found Nuclear trace on our border, which means that the material needed to build Nuclear weapons has been allowed to sneak in along with other muslim terrorists over the past six years!  Isn’t it the full responsibility of our President, the man who swore an Oath to “Protect and Defend America”, exactly as every soldier did, to make sure that things like this never happen!

To end this rant, I just want to mention a couple of things, then do your own research and you will find out that everything I have said here is absolutely correct!  No President of the United States is ever supposed to bow down to another World Leader, because America owes allegiance to the people of America alone!  And no American President has ever bowed down to another World Leader, except for Obama!  And who did he bow down to?  A muslim King!  And what nation does he and his Administration ignore and neglect more than any other country in the world?  ISRAEL!  And Israel is our only true friend in the MidEast!   Add to that his horrendous treatment of Veterans and Police, the very people who put their lives on the line, every single day, to make sure that you can live a safe life the way you want to live it!  We have some very dangerous times coming in our future, and a true President, the man who is supposed to love and lead America is the man who has put this danger right here, at home in America!  Is this the America you really want to live in?  I don’t!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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  1. Brian Hansen says:

    It is a sad state of affairs.

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