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1.  With all of the news out about Hillary lying about her personal email, I thought I should add some history.  First of all; the complaint now is that she lied to “cover-up” her personal emails so that she wouldn’t have to provide them to Congress.  Funny; President Nixon’s only serious crime when he was impeached for the Watergate scandal was that he lied about having information proving his involvement in the scandal, which was the reason for his impeachment.  Yet Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky and he was impeached by the House, but the Senate wouldn’t do it, so he got away with it!  And Hillary has lied and no one is talking about making her responsible for her lies!  So it must be that the only politicians that can be held responsible for lying are Republicans….

2.  It is not legal for any politician to accept any money for his/her election from people who are not Americans, yet Clinton is already accepting money from the Chinese, and this is not the first time the Clinton’s have done this!  Back in the 1992 election, the Chinese donated a great deal of money to Bill Clinton’s campaign!  And, until that election, the Chinese had minor interests in the US.  They were selling small amounts of cheap, badly manufactured goods here and they weren’t popular.  Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart, said that he would never sell Chinese goods in his stores, that only American made goods would be on his shelves!  But, once the Clinton’s won, they changed our laws to allow China to begin growing power in the US by being allowed to have our manufacturing base move over there, then sell the goods made there back here in the US!  And, to assist the Chinese getting American manufacturers to move over there, the Clinton Administration worked with the EPA in pushing more laws on manufacturers here in the US, making their costs too high, so they had to move overseas!  And the Clinton’s never said anything about the debt they owed the Chinese, who funded Bill’s campaign!  More of Washington’s “Give and Get” policy and we, true Americans, have suffered ever since!

3.  Hillary acts like she had nothing to do with any of Bill’s actions as President yet, all throughout their campaign, they kept promising American voters that they would be the “first time team” of husband and wife working together to strengthen America, if Bill won!  The said they would “jointly” discuss and make decisions as to what Bill would do.  But, once they were in the White House, public opinion made them end that idea; at least, openly.  In private, they did work together and it was to work to make Bill so popular with the public that Hillary could be seen as a future candidate for the first woman to be President!  And we are seeing the results of their efforts today!

Although Hillary looks like she is facing the possibility of being removed from the upcoming election, I see it a bit differently:  I think that they are getting every possible scandal out now, long before the elections so that, after the public begins focusing its attention on other candidates, who will have every single bit of problems they have brought out into the public, Hillary can come out with her problems as “old news” and she can start looking like the “reformed” woman who only wants the best for her country!  And she has a great deal of experience in looking like the “victim”, like she had to suffer for everyone else’s wrongdoing, and she knows how to use it to look like the “great woman politician”!  The Progressives will have a difficult time finding a candidate for President in this election that will look like they truly have the best interests of America in their hearts, and I fear that they will use the Clinton-worshipers as the tools necessary to win the election.  I may be totally wrong about this, but I don’t think so.  We’ll just have to wait and see….


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    She will of course get away with it, the Lame Stream Media has already shown that they don’t think there has been any wrong doing. Okay for her to have a private e-mail account, even after specifically informing all State Department employees to insure that they were to use only government provided accounts – “do as I say, not as I do”. Of course there will not be any incriminating evidence found on any hard drive in her server, that hard drive is already gone. Does anyone really believe that the hard drive is there and can be looked at and any information found? You can bet that the hard drive has been pulled, a new one installed, and only the information she wants on it has been transferred. The incriminating evidence and the info she can use as leverage against her enemies is on a drive that only she now has access too. Conspiracy theory, maybe, but no one, and I mean no one, will ever know for sure, how can we? If history is any indicator, which I think it is, this scandal, and it is a scandal, will go the way of all the others. Why, because once again, most folks are just apathetic, unless it involves them directly, and I mean personally directly, they just won’t pay any attention because “it really doesn’t affect me”.

    • It is important that the American voters wake up to this because it is the most open example of the lack of responsibility that drives the illegal actions of our criminal Representatives! And I am fed up with the signs in front of our Representatives in Congress that start their names with the words “the Honorable Senator, or Congressman”! Lying changes nothing!

    • jmr1948 says:

      As far as hard drives and records of messages go, yes, on the existing computer records are gone but if messages are sent to another via the internet or even a network those messages are stored on the hard drives of the computers they were sent to so copies would exist and can be retrieved easier than most people think. If they want to pursue it like a full blown investigation results could be dredged up [especially with G Mail] but I agree that ”Apathy” will prevail in this matter and it will be smothered by the MSM or LSM as mentioned.

  2. jmr1948 says:

    DeJa Vu Mike.. It worked for them the first time so what else needs to be changed?? Nothing at all.

    You covered a lot of ground in this Rant..

    A good movie to see if you have not viewed it yet would be Sergeant York with Gary Cooper playing the roll, a true story and just tells the story of the man as it took place.

    It is old but where else would one find anything that is Pro Veteran??

    The regime you mentioned by name stating that Vets were their worst enemies are 100% correct. Very few support this present regime.

    Divide and conquer is still a formidable tactic though and they make full use of it to this day..

    I remember a number of things Clinton was responsible for including Most Favorable Nation Trade Status, a loan to Mexico by executive order because it was voted down in the house and other things too mentioned by you already.. Subversives and I won’t miss any of them.

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