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When Americans ignore the truth, simply because they believe their politicians are fixing everything, they are following a path of folly that leads them down a path of lies!  When the Veteran’s Administration was caught in several major screw-ups last year, like ignoring the necessary treatment to save Veterans’ lives so that it could pay bonuses to employees that weren’t doing their jobs, I found a perfect situation to work to turn the VA around, to make it work for Vets, not politicians!

Last year was a serious election for Members of Congress and they knew it!  There was no serious doubt that Republicans were going to take the control of the Senate from the Progressives and any Republican running knew they would have to respond to the VA troubles to gain the Veterans’ votes!  We had the power in our own hands to change the VA:  If we used protests at VAs around the nation, to show the serious anger of Vets to the daily lack of concern for our care, we could have made the whole VA lack of any true concern a daily, election-long issue that would make the candidates work for us!  As it was, we did get the issues on the news and a great many promises were made, then came other issues that captured the News Programs and the issue of the VA’s problems, though still spoken of as “important”, just another “backroom issue”!

I knew that could happen, and I wanted to jump on the issue and make things happen to keep it all on the front page of the news, so I went to DC to start protests on the Capitol.  Before I left, I went to several VFWs and American Legion Posts here in the St. Louis area and talked with the vets about the need to fight to keep our problems on the lead of every news program.  But I was told that I “didn’t know anything”, that I “would be wasting their time because Congress had to fix it since it was on the News, and that I was “crazy”!  I spent 2 1/2 years of my life in DC fighting for Veteran’s Rights and I know what happens and I also know how to push our government to get things done, but I was a crazy nobody who didn’t know anything!   I’m not saying this because I am angry for being treated like that, as I have lived with that for over 30 years now, I am writing this because I can’t count the number of times I had people tell me that I didn’t know what I was doing when I was in DC, but I got things done because I listened to my heart and pushed until I got it done!  I keep hearing people say “there’s nothing they can do” when it comes to changing our government, but there is!  And it has to be personal actions to get things done!  We have to make our governmental officials pay attention to us, to make them realize that we will make everything they do, or don’t do, public and keep the other citizens informed as to their help for our issues, or their failures to do what they needed to do!  But this time, as in the past, everyone trusted our government to fix things, and our politicians did what politicians do:  Tell everyone they will fix everything, do only what is necessary to make it look like they are fulfilling their promises, but do only what is necessary to them and let the rest slide away in the background!

The proof came through, starting last week, that I was right that our politicians were simply playing games with Vets on the VA issue; that we had simply been mislead and screwed once again!  The beginning of last week, on FOX News, I heard that the “Vet Option Bill”, the Bill that would allow vets to go to hospitals other than the VA, if it was better for them, was going to be vetoed by President Obama!  Once again, he had promised to do everything he could to make life better for those with medical problems caused by their service to our country but, when the elections were over, he turned around and went against vets!  Funny thing is, I only heard about that once on FOX News, and never on the other News Channels!  Must not have been that important anymore….   Then, yesterday, I hear that the new Veterans Administration Secretary, the man who was going to end all criminality and fraud in the VA, the man who spent his time last year and early this year talking about how he was fixing everything, was lying!  He lied about firing VA employees who were making huge bonuses for keeping Vets from getting the treatment they needed:  Some were fired, but just a minor few!  The rest were moved around in the system, some were “repositioned”, and many are still getting bonuses for keeping Vets from getting the treatment they need!  If it hadn’t been for FOX News, this part of the story would never have gotten out!  And it happened just the way I told everyone it would happen.

Once again; I am not saying this because I have an ego problem and I need to gain a “gotcha” from everyone, I am saying this because you need to know that the only way we have to stop politicians from lying for their own gain is to monitor them, keep an eye on everything they do, and let them know we are doing so by getting out in public and making our voices heard!  The reason America became the first truly free nation in the world was because a group of Americans put everything on the line to make it free!  And they did it by taking action, not sitting back and whining when things didn’t go their way!  We were given Freedom of Speech for a reason but, for some reason, Americans have forgotten that it is not just a Right, just a Freedom, it is a tool that needs to be used by citizens to keep America free!  So think what you will about this rant, but remember that our great nation is very close to a fall, if if it does, it’s our responsibility for ignoring the lack of concern for our lives by the very politicians we voted into office to protect us and our Rights!  I can’t tell you what to do, but I know what I am going to do!  What about you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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