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Ever since the Obama Care Bill was passed, more and more people are beginning to learn just how bad it is going to affect them.  The Bill is so big, and so complicated that the majority of Americans don’t know how it will affect them until now because, if you don’t sign up for it, you will be charged a monthly “tax” and that tax is very, very high!  And, now, college students will have to pay a $350 a month tax if they are not signed up before the Bill takes full effect at the end of the month!  So I thought it might be a good idea to name this “tax” appropriately for them.

The “Students Healthcare Income Tax”, or “SHIT”, will be used to ensure that they pay for every aspect of the Healthcare Bill, including paying for the healthcare of illegals who entered our nation under illegal means, even though they are not guaranteed benefits under our Constitution because they are here “ILLEGALLY”!  But that statement is now considered “Hate Speech” by our politicians who want them in America, to allow them to take jobs that Americans need for their own support!  This is one of the reasons why SHIT is such an appropriate name for the Bill.

Another is that most students do not have the money to pay for SHIT and, with the costs of going to college growing extremely high, it will make the lives of those students very, very difficult!  And Student Loans will not be allowed to pay for SHIT so this situation will make a majority of hard-working students feel like shit because of SHIT!

Why is it that our government feels it necessary to add another enormous bill to the cost of students’ college expenses when, at the same time, our President says that the “only hope” American young people have for a “decent future” is a full college education?  Isn’t it true that a great many College Educated young people are working jobs at businesses like Taco Bell because the Health Care Bill has forced many employers to fire people, and/or put others on part-time positions because the employers can’t afford to pay for the extremely high costs of employees’ health care under the new law?  Why?  Because a majority of politicians could give a shit about jobs for American citizens so they use this SHIT Bill to help make up for a drop in Income Tax funds that they use for their own benefits!

This proves one simple thing that I have known for a long time now:  When the voting citizens of America aren’t extremely careful about who they vote for and what happens in our government, SHIT happens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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