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I’ve gotten a lot of responses to my rants where readers tell me “There’s nothing I can do!”  They tell me about how big our government is and how powerful our leaders are and they don’t believe the people can do anything to change our nation back to what it once was, that a “One World Government” is coming and there is nothing we can do about it!  And that has been taking my mind back to the Revolutionary War, when a small group of Colonials saw how the largest world government was in control of them and how it was diminishing their freedom and dominating their lives with heavy taxation and laws and regulations that kept them from living their lives as they wanted to!

When we think back to the Revolutionary War, we always see the leaders; Washington, Adams, Franklin, Hancock and others that all of the books have been written about, and we neglect the truth of the War, the normal people who stepped up and did whatever was necessary to win!  It was the average Colonial that had to live under the heavy heel of the boot of England, and the small business owners that had to deal with over-taxation and regulation that made the dream of a profitable business just a fantasy to many!  And it was the average Colonial that stood up and fought back against the King of England, knowing that, if they lost, their lives were done!  But they knew something had to be done and they stood up to do it!  Why?  Because they knew the only chance they had to gain true freedom was to act, not sit back and complain about their lives!  And back then, if you stood up and protested, you could be killed by the King’s Army and your family could be torn apart!  Today, if you stand up and protest, the worst that could happen to you, if you don’t follow the law, is you might be arrested and fined for doing so, but if freedom was worth your life back in 1776, isn’t it worth a possible ticket today?

Our government runs in the direction it wants to follow regardless of what we, the citizens who vote our Members of Congress into office, want them to do!  And whether you want to believe the truth or not, it is our responsibility to make sure that they do the job we want them to do!  Our votes have gone from changing the country, to simply putting what looks like the right guy into office!  Most voters don’t even know anything about the candidate they vote for, they simply vote for the most familiar name or the one they have been told is right for them!  I remember both of my parents voted for the person that was Republican, and they never questioned that candidate’s true ideals!  Since our school system has been dealing with “Common Core”, and most of the younger voters don’t even know who was our first President or who is running in an election, they simply vote for the name that sounds the most popular on TV!  We have lost our value of personal responsibility and have replaced it with “popularity” and “being cool!”

Back in the post-Revolutionary era, the people paid close attention to politicians and they made sure that the politicians did what the people wanted them to do!  They knew how important “Individual Freedom” truly was because they risked their lives to get it!  And we need to regain that understanding of the importance of using our voices to make our politicians follow the road we want them to walk down!  Peaceful demonstrations and protests are an excellent way to get attention, to make your politicians pay attention to you, because you will wind up on TV and being on TV means that the whole country can see what you are doing and that scares politicians!  The crooks in DC get away with a lot because they know that no one is watching them, so they don’t have to fear being exposed!  They do everything in secret, and that’s how they get things like the Obama Care Bill passed!  But, if they have to fear being exposed, they will be much more careful because they don’t want to lose their jobs!  So we have to make our voices heard, whether in a large protest crowd on the streets, or in local community group meetings!  We need to talk with our neighbors, we need to talk with the young to help educate them correctly and we need to get our voices out, however we can, whenever we can!  I can’t tell you how to do it; you need to simply stand up and make you voice heard!

If you are thinking about a possible chance to speak out, think back to our Forefathers and what they had to risk to simply get out in public and make their voices heard!  Pull their strengths into your heart and become your own kind of Revolutionary by making one more voice heard!  Our country is extremely close to a point where the Constitution will be changed to actually remove our Freedoms, not strengthen them!  And it will be our fault if that happens because too many would rather sit back and “stay safe” because they don’t think they can do anything!  Just remember one simple thing:  Our Forefathers, all of them, not just the bigshots, knew that they were putting their freedom and lives on the line by standing up and making their voices heard, but they did it!  They risked everything for the freedoms of all, even those who didn’t have the courage to stand up on their own!  And they succeeded in changing our nation by winning our freedom from the most powerful nation in the world at that time!  Many times they thought they wouldn’t succeed, but they kept pushing and they did!  The only thing we risk is what we fear losing if things don’t change anyway, so why not stand up and make your voices heard!  Find that Revolutionary courage in your heart: feel the strength of honor our Forefathers felt and stand up for America and our Freedoms!  If we lose our future freedoms, it’s not the fault of our political leaders, it’s our own fault!  Do you want to return to the freedom and lifestyle that used to be America, the strongest, most successful nation in the world?  Then be a true American and do what is necessary and make your voice heard!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Brian Hansen says:

    It may seem like “there’s nothing we can do”, but there really is. Call and write your elected officials. And I don’t mean just once! Keep on them. There’s protests as well. I have been to several Tea Party rally’s when the Tea Party started up. Believe it or not, there were a lot of Democrats in attendance as well. We now have a new Congress…it’s time for them to do the job we elected them to do. Don’t hesitate to remind them of that! Often!!!

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