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There is something about the Obama Care plan that most people have not heard of, and it’s going to ruin the jobs of many hard-working Americans!  I think most of you know that every employer will have to pay $3,000 a year for coverage for each employee that works on a full-time basis and that is a major expense rise to most businesses!  But guess what!  There is a clause in the Health Care Bill that will erase that expense and allow business people to lower their costs and allow them to keep their businesses open:  If they hire an illegal that has been allowed by the government to gain a Social Security Card, they will not have to pay for their Health Care expenses and can save $3,000 per individual non-citizen employee a year!  What do you think that many of the larger businesses are going to do, hire legal Americans and pay an additional $3,000 a year per employee, or hire illegals and save the $3,000 fee for each one they hire?  I think that’s a pretty simple question to answer, because businesses profit by lower costs!  And who do you think will pay for the Health Care of those illegals working on those jobs?  We will!

When I heard about this, the first thing that ran through my mind was that I now know why Obama waited until after the election to announce his personal need to legalize illegals here in the US, and allow their relatives to come in and join them; he isn’t trying to get more voters, he’s trying to take jobs away from hard-working American citizens!  That’s exactly what all of this is about; ruin the lives of the good Americans, forcing them to live under governmental control, allowing our government to become fully Progressive and destroying our Rights and Freedoms as American citizens!  This has been the main goal of the Communists/Socialists/Progressives in our country for a long, long time now and, if we don’t remove this whole Obama Care Bill from our laws, they will succeed!  At what point do we start putting people in office that are more concerned with our legal Rights and Freedoms, and stop supporting illegals and those that want to destroy our great nation!   Contact your Representatives and tell them that you know what is going on and tell them that you want this Bill removed from our laws!  And every time you talk with them, remind them that we voted them into office to fix situations like this and, if they don’t, we will remove them in the next election!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. jmr1948j says:

    Full defunding and and repeal would be our best move and pressuring our new elected majority to do so is our best tool starting in January.

    I read about the sneaky advantage given in that law recently on FOX and my first thought was that it was just another step in this regime’s plan to topple America that has to be stopped..

    The order of things I would like to see is impeachment, repeal of all Obama era laws and a full review of all immigrants that never came through the legal system to gain entry into the USA to include all overstayed Visas.

    Will we see any of that? I doubt it, most of the House and Senate are the problem and only a small number of them really stand for our country and the laws of the land.

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