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Look at what is happening in our country today:  Republicans won the Senate and kept the house, which should help us control the actions of Obama; to rein him in and get him to take the actions necessary to end the threat of illegals, including terrorists sneaking over our borders, to build the Keystone Pipeline, which would end our dependence on foreign oil, and to end the racial anger in our nation, to allow us to grow into a “one-nation” people!  Yet he is failing us, the voters who showed him the direction necessary to rebuild our great nation!  Regardless of the needs of the people, he is trying to legalize the illegals, refuses to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built and he, Holder and Sharpeton have joined together with groups like the New Black Panthers to grow racial hatred in Ferguson, Missouri!  So; what is going to happen now that we have the Congressional control?

Everything depends on the true actions of the House and the Senate.  Everything is in the hands of the Republicans who have promised to act upon the needs of the voters who gave them control.  But will they do what is necessary, or simply play the DC game again?  After Nixon was impeached, Conservatives in America lost faith in the Republicans, allowing Carter to win in 1976, and he strongly followed the Progressive ideals, leading our nation down a path to destruction!  At the end of his term in office, he had caused Home Loan interest rates to rise to 28%, the Iranians had captured American Marines and diplomats and held them prisoners for 444 days, and our cost of living was rising rapidly!  Then Reagan became the President and things started going back to where they  should be.  Reagan even worked with the Democrats to get things done and our lives improved.  But the Republicans who had control of the Senate weren’t doing their jobs, which caused the a severe loss of support in 1986, and the Democrats who had the House also took control of the Senate.  Our growth slowed and it affected us enough that, during the 1998 Presidential election, Bush I was elected, allowing us to maintain the Presidency.  But he had a hard time maintaining the support of the voters, so Ross Perot ran against him and Clinton in 1992.  Clinton never would have become President if Bush had done what was necessary to gain the trust and support of the voters and allow him to run without the threat of Perot:  Clinton won with a 43.01% of the voters, the combination of Bush and Perot was 56.36%.  It was because of the lack of faith in Bush’s direction away from the necessary Conservative values of the voters and Perot stood up for them, so the vote was split and we saw our country degrade once more because an open Progressive took over with full Progressive control over the House and the Senate.  And the Clinton Presidency allowed the Chinese to gain control over our businesses and destroyed our manufacturing base!  And he showed a lack of Presidential response to attacks against Americans by muslim terrorists, which set them up for their attack on us on 9/11!  Clinton lost control over the House and the Senate in 1998, when the Republicans took them back!

In 2000, Bush II took the Presidency and the Republicans had full control over our government, and it happened just before the 9/11 attack, and the voters had full trust in him and Congress.  But, instead of working to rebuild our nation back into the great country it once was, they ignored the needs of the people and lost their support and, once again, they lost control of Congress and the Democrats took over!  During the first two years of the Obama Presidency, Conservative Americans saw our Government work to destroy our Freedoms, so the people stood up and voted in 2010 and took back the House!  But it took until this year for us to regain control of the Senate so, once again we have control over Congress!  But where will it lead this time…..

The people in our country that want to see it return to the strength and safety that we once had, to see our economy lead the world’s economy like it used to, have once again put our faith in the hands of the Republicans.  But look at our past; every time we had control over our government, every time we started rebuilding our lives, the crooks in our government stopped looking at what we needed because they no longer needed to act like they really cared because they didn’t need  our support until the next elections!  And, if they feel that our needs are not necessary to them until the next election, do you really believe that they will truly work on our behalf?  Look at their history!  We need to make sure that they listen to the people!  I’ve told you before that, when I worked in DC, I asked one of Biden’s aides how to get a Bill through Congress and she told me that it would take “sex, drugs, money or power”!  And when I asked “What about the People?”, she said “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  And that’s the way every single one of them thinks up there because, once elected, they become a representative of DC, not a representative of their home state!  And the “They know what they want, we know what they need” thing has been proven once again when Gruber called us all “too stupid” to know anything!  So; are we “too stupid”, or are we the intelligent, nation loving  Americans that we need to be in order to bring things back to what they once were!

I think we are the intelligent, nation loving Americans that once lived in the greatest nation in the world and we will do what is necessary to rebuild our great nation!  And the way we have to do that is to not simply sit back and let our Members of Congress do what they want, the way they want; we have to monitor every single thing they do, pay attention to every action they take and make sure they are doing it under Constitutional guidance for the people who want to rebuild our economy and our way of life!  Watch what they do; watch what they bring before Congress for a vote, watch what Bills they present and make sure we know exactly what those Bills mean before they are voted on!  Keep a close eye on how they spend and waste our money to ensure that we no longer waste it on useless projects, like taking American tax dollars and giving them to terrorist nations that openly speak out their hatred for America!  Make them work to rebuild our manufacturing base and end the need for a major Welfare system for a great many who don’t want to provide for themselves!  And make them work on a Bill to force Term limits on themselves, to end their “lifetime Royalty” that lets them make themselves rich by stealing from hard-working American voters!  The time has come for all “Special Rights” to end, to return to the full basics of our Constitution!  And the necessity of ending all of the hatred between the split groups of the true racists, sexists, and those trying to drive Christianity and Judaism out of our country and get Americans to stop building anger and start rebuilding America!  Remember one simple rule of DC:  If the people spend all of their time being angry with each other, they don’t pay attention to what Politicians do!  And DC uses that tool every single time they want to!  We have to start being responsible Americans and making sure that our politicians know that they will no longer be able to do whatever they want to, that they are being watched and will be held responsible for their actions through impeachment and the Vote!  America is our responsibility; the politicians work for us, we hire them, and just like good bosses, we have to ensure they are doing their jobs in the correct manner!  And, if they aren’t, we fire them!  The next two years will decide what happens in our futures, so we have to gain control!  Get involved in the political system, both in local governments and State and Federal!  Join with people who think the same as you do and form groups to gain control over the Republican Party on every single level, to allow us to turn it back into a “Party of the Republic” and get rid of the RINOs!  And, no matter how much they smile and promise, do not trust our people in Congress until they do exactly what they promised us in the elections and listen to us, not the “Special Interest” fat cats they kiss up to now!  We either get our country back now, while we have a legitimate chance, or we will lose everything in 2016!  No more lies!  No more promises!  They do their jobs or we get them out!  This is our country, so let’s act like it’s the most important thing in the world to us, because it is!  What I have been saying since 2007 to you is the most important statement you need to pay attention to, for the safety of our futures and the futures of the younger Americans:  Wake up Americans,  or lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Sam Moore says:

    Mike – Agree, we are intelligent, we do want conservative values to replace the progressive agenda, however, comma, but………………..
    We have already seen some of the “Conservatives” starting to waver. When asked what is going to be done to control Obama, we are now hearing, “we are looking at all the options”, “we are considering all means available to us”, “we are meeting to consider our options”. When asked directly “what are you, Senator X going to do”, or “what exactly are you going to propose, be specific, Senator X”, all we get are the generalized talking points.
    This does not bode well for the next two years. The conservatives want to maintain the positions they have gained and they once again seem to think that “going along to get along” is the way to make that happen.
    Once again, I am amazed that none of them seem to think that we sent them there not to appease, not to plakate, not to get along, but, to stop what is happening.
    That is never an easy task, and yes, it can cost them because the typical American voter is not stupid, but he or she certainly is apathetic.
    Has been said before, will be said again, was true before and I am afraid it is as true now as ever, “the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the color of the stick they are going to beat us with”.

    Sam Moore
    Gladiator 058
    Team Cougar

    • And that is because of the fear of “racism” being used against them for going after the 1rst Black President. And I believe that this whole Ferguson riots thing is being set up to protect him from any attacks by the Conservatives for his unlawful actions as President; the anger is already out there and the radical Black leaders have people standing with them, ready to act on any issue they feel necessary! And, if any legitimate actions are taken against Obama, they will claim that it’s no more than anti-Black racism by White Conservatives and all hell will break loose! He has the ultimate protection from any penalties for what he has done illegally!

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