I have been listening a lot to the recent inaction by the Supreme Court on the Gay Marriage case and I think that it did the right thing in making it a State’s Right issue.  But they should have looked at it as a “Special Rights” issue and ruled on it for that reason.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with Gay Marriage; it is every American’s Right to join together as a legal family and Gays have the Right to do so.  The problem is not the Rights of Gays to be married; it’s the Right of Christians to follow their belief and not be forced to provide a wedding to Gay couples.  If a Church doesn’t want to support the marriage of a Gay couple, that is its Right under our Constitution!  If a Cake Bakers don’t want to make a cake for a Gay wedding, that’s their Right under our Constitution!  Just because Gays have a Right to get married doesn’t mean that they have the Right to force themselves on people who don’t agree with them!  They don’t have the Right to force themselves on anyone, or anything!  If they don’t like the fact that a Church or Baker won’t do something for them, they have the Right to walk away and tell all their friends what happened then, if it upsets their friends, they have the Right to stay away from that Church or Baker’s store!  That’s the truth of our 1rst Amendment:  If you want to do something that is not honestly illegal, you can.  If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to, and cannot be forced to!  Our 1rst Amendment Rights were guaranteed by our Constitution in order to allow honest Americans to live their lives without Government intrusion and that Amendment, as many others, has been twisted and manipulated by the Progressives in our Government!

I don’t know one single American who is proud of our nation’s past history of slavery; it was the huge number of Whites in our country that stood up for Martin Luther King’s efforts to change our Constitution in order to protect the Rights of Blacks and other Races, to guarantee that they have equal Rights with everyone else in America!  The problem is that “Special Rights” groups have worked to change our Constitution to give every other Race or Religion Special Rights over Whites, Christians and Jews and that is not Constitutional!  There are still some racists in America and that includes a minor number of White Racists, who are not respected by the majority of Whites in America!  Yet Black and other Races who are racists against Whites are allowed to act with racist attitudes by Special Rights allowed by changes in our Constitution that protect them!  If I say something like “That Black man shot at a cop, and that’s why he was shot by the cop”, I will be called a racist!  If a Black man says the cop only shot the Black man because he was White, he is considered to be Non-racist, even though the Black man shot at the cop first!  If I were to call a Black man “Colored”, I’m a racist!  But Blacks can call Whites “Honkeys”, “Whitey” or any other name they want to and they are not racists!  If any White person goes after a muslim because he has done something wrong, like killing a bunch of Soldiers, while yelling out “Allah Akbar” and call him a terrorist, they are called “racists”!  If I say that muslims holding religious rites out in the streets of our major cities, blocking traffic, should be arrested for violating local laws, I am a racist!  But, if they go after every Christian belief in America, as CAIR does, they are only “standing up for their Rights”!  Isn’t racism supposed to be treated with exactly the same legal reaction, regardless of who is violating the legitimate Rights of others?

The whole problem is Special Rights and they need to end!  The only change to our Constitution to protect the true Rights of everyone who is a LEGAL citizen in America would be to change “All men are created equal”, to “All men and women are created equal”!  And “EQUAL” means “EQUAL” under the Bill of Rights only!  Our Constitution was created to protect the EQUAL Rights of every LEGAL American, it was not written to protect those who control Congress and can change it to fit only their needs!  That means that every single Member of Congress, our President and his Administration all have to follow the exact same laws with the exact same treatment under our laws, with no Special treatment or laws to be written to allow them to set up their own protections for their own interests!  And every American has to provide for themselves and their families, with the Welfare system to allow only for the basic necessities, just as it used to before the whole “Special Rights” system took effect!  Anyone legitimately on a disabled rating should get their benefits only after being legitimately examined and declared disabled by honest physicians.  And, if anyone is to get any special treatment, for any reason, it should be those who have put their lives in danger to protect our nation by being in our Military!  And the reason I say this is that, throughout the past 48 years, I have seen civilians who have done absolutely nothing for anyone but themselves get lifetime free money, homes and full medical benefits, just because they want them, yet our Military and Vets have to fight just to get the very basics of what they need to survive major disabilities they suffer, caused by their actions for their country!

As LEGAL Americans, we have the responsibility to monitor our Politicians and make sure that they do what the voters want them to do!  We lost control over our country after the Republicans took over the House, Senate and Presidency in 2000, because the voters didn’t pay attention to what Congress doing and it did nothing to bring our nation back to the people!  It only worked for its own Special Interests!  And, because of that, the Democrats took things over in 2006 and our nation has gone downhill ever since!  In the upcoming election, we have the possibility to take back control and get back America, but we have to keep working make sure that, when we get our government back in the hands of LEGAL Americans, our politicians fully understand that they work for us, that their interests are to protect our Rights and Freedoms, not Special Interest groups and their own Special Rights!  The only way to make our government a legitimate representation of the LEGAL citizens of America is to make them fear the fact that every single thing they do will be monitored and that they will be held responsible for their actions!  I know; it sounds “way too hard” for us to do; I have been told that many, many times!  But we have a responsibility as American Citizens to see that our government maintains the True Rights of American citizens!  So, please stand up and vote!  Please work to make sure that you get the right people into office in this election!  It’s up to us!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



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