Like a majority of my readers, I have been watching the daily news considering the Ebola problems here in America.  I have  to admit that I have seen it as some kind of situation being pushed by the Administration and the people who work with them.  To begin with, I have been concerned as to why we would have anyone come into our country with any signs of the disease or the simple fact that they have been into the African nation in which it is a major danger now.  This is a time at which we need to secure our borders with our own military to keep anyone from coming across, not only for those who have been around the disease, but also the terrorists who are crossing our borders on a daily basis with no efforts being made to stop them!  This is more than a huge lack of concern for the true citizens of America, it is a violation of the very Oath that every Member of Congress and our President and his Administration swore to protect us!  That said, something very curious happened on TV last night that makes me wonder what the truth of this whole Ebola scare truly is!

I like the show “CSI” and I watched it last night and it got very interesting:  The whole show was about this deadly disease that occurred in Las Vegas and two of the CSI people were being held by the CDC because they found a victim that was bleeding from the eyes, ears and other places and they said they thought it was “Ebola”.  They described the whole disease and explained it very carefully but, in the end, they were OK.  It was really suspicious to me because TV shows are all filmed before the season comes out, which means that this was filmed at least two or three months ago.  There was no threat of Ebola in America in our news back then, so how come it just happened to be a major program now?  Why would they do a show about Ebola and make it look like a major problem at a time when none of us had any reason to worry about it because it wasn’t even on the news?   And why would they go into such major detail about the possibility of Ebola when the disease they had been involved with wasn’t even Ebola?

Well, I have to look back to my time in DC, on the Hill, and I see something that looks like a decoy to keep our attention off of some other issue that we should be hearing about, because it is an election year!  The whole major issue about the VA has diminished to just a minor few comments, the problems of the IRS going after Conservatives is a “background story” now and all of the serious talk about the criminality of the now-retiring Attorney General is growing more and more quiet!  ISIS has become a major danger to America, but how much do you hear on the news that there have been ISIS members sneaking across our Southern Border with weapons?  Everything is focused on ISIS in the Mid East and the “threat” of a breakout of Ebola in the US, and Black men being shot in St. Louis!  Our politicians use shifting attention as their tool to keep our attention off of their actions!  And, because Ebola is such a major scare to us, it is the best bait they can use to keep the news focused mainly on it!

Is Ebola a possible danger?  Yes, it can be.  But it can be controlled here, if our government takes the proper precautions to protect us, but it isn’t!  The reason it is such a problem in Africa is because the people in the villages over there, that are infected, are because the people don’t have the way of life that we do.  They don’t have the ability to keep themselves away from the disease, they don’t have the ability to keep themselves clean and they share food, housing and social gatherings with infected people.  We have our own bathrooms, kitchens and homes that allow us to stay away from anyone who has symptoms of Ebola.  The only way that it could become a major outbreak here is if it became an airborne disease and, with the terrorists crossing our border every day, that is a strong possibility!  And that is why our borders need to be closed, but our government does nothing about it!  It is very possible that all of this news about Ebola is being put out there as a back-up plan for our government if an outbreak is caused by ISIS terrorists; if Americans start falling to Ebola, our government can show the possibility that it happened because one of the current victims of Ebola brought it over here and spread it!

I don’t know exactly what the reality of all of this is but, after seeing the CSI show last night, I have grown extremely suspicious of every part of it!  I have seen our Members of Congress and one of our Presidents shift information to fit their own needs, and I saw it personally, I didn’t hear about it from a News Agency or a third-party and I know they do it!  Keep your eyes open and look at every news story that seems important, but is pushed back because of this whole Ebola crisis!  This whole thing may be true, but I have great doubts about it!  I will always remember when I met Ed Bradley, from the “60 Minutes” program back in 1984:  It was about 3 am at the Vietnam Memorial and we wound up talking on a bench.  I asked him about why the News never spoke about the POW Issue and he said; “Nothing gets out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out”!  That also means that everything that DC wants to get out, gets out!  Something is very suspicious here and we may never know the truth, but be prepared!  Whatever comes from all of this is something we need to be ready for!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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