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One of the advantages of getting older is that you have experienced a lot of history.  Accurate history is very, very important because we need to know what was done and how it affected our growth as a nation.  And, if we know the true history, we can see how our country is being destroyed from the inside out, but modern history books keep a great deal of true information from the youth of our country that will decide how our country is run in their futures.  So here is some real truth, truth that they need to know, truth that I have not only studied, but have lived through:

The Progressives began their push to take over our country back in 1968, when they held a major protest at the Democratic National Convention.  It was their push to take over the Democratic Party and they were successful.  There was no “upset” because we were involved in a long War, there was no real concern for Rights or Freedoms, it was simply a push for power and control over our nation!  The Democrats got us into the Vietnam War and it was a Republican, Richard Nixon, who got us out.  With their new power, the Progressive Democrats went after Nixon to push him out of office and he was impeached because he “lied” about what he knew about his Administration’s actions.  Forget the fact that President Clinton lied about a sexual affair, cheating on his wife and destroying the honor of the Office, which only got him a “slap on the wrist”, yet Nixon was thrown out of office.  At that time, our country was the strongest, safest nation in the world and the lives of the citizens were good,  with jobs, homes and a way of life that every other people in the world wished they had!  Our schools were the best in the world and the kids that graduated had an exceptional knowledge that allowed them the opportunity for good futures!  And we were leading the world in Space Exploration and advancements in all forms of research and development!  Then came President Carter…

President Carter was a full-on Progressive and he caused a great deal of problems for the people!  I remember wanting to buy my own home back in 1979, but I couldn’t afford it because our Interest Rates on our home loans went from 7% to, when I talked to my bank, 28%!  The home I was wanting to buy was in Dallas, Texas, and it was only $45,000, but I couldn’t afford it because my payments were way too high with the available percentage rate!   Gas had gone from 45 cents a gallon to almost $2 and, with the average pay rate back then, it would be equal to paying around $6 a gallon now!  And he had put so many limits on the manufacturing of gas that we kept having to wait in long lines to get gas because stations would run out and we had to look for a station that still had some in stock!  His push to over-limit regulations on our businesses and financial agencies cause a depression in our economy!  And the muslims began attacking our people because of Carter’s weakness as our President,  they felt that they could get away with it and they did!  Our Embassy staff and the Marines who protected it were held as hostages for around 444 days, and Carter didn’t do anything successful to get them out!  Then Reagan was elected and all of the Marines and remaining Embassy staff were freed and returned home!

When Reagan took over the Office of President, our economy was suffering and our leadership in the world was falling off the edge!  Reagan worked hard to change the problems caused by Carter and not only brought back our economy, but built our strength as the world’s leader again!  Personally. there are some things that he did that I don’t like, but he did protect the lives and futures of the citizens of America and I respect him for that!  And, for the next 12 years, with Bush 1 as President of the last 4, our economy grew and our lives got better!  Then came Clinton!

When Clinton was elected we were told that it was a kind of “shared” Presidency, as Hillary was working with him.  But that ended shortly after they tried to change our Health Care system into a Progressive-style, much as we are looking at now!  And I personally remember him using the FBI to go after the Weaver family on Ruby Ridge; in the end, Randy Weaver was wounded, his Wife was shot in the head while holding her baby as she stood in the doorway, and his son and dog were killed!  Here is a link to some of the information:  https://www.stormfront.org/ruby.htm  We had never seen anything like this, as Weaver had done nothing that should have required an assault on his home, or the murder of his unarmed wife and son!  So the Clinton Administration did everything they could to try to cover it up!  Clinton also opened up our economy to the Chinese, while doing as Carter did by raising tax rates and more regulations on American businesses, which drove many of them out of the US into other nations, taking away jobs and incomes from the American people!  He also showed a major weakness as President, opening up attacks against Americans by radical muslims who felt no fear of punishment for their actions!  Here is a link to information on the terrorist problems during his Presidency:  http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/218683/facts-about-clinton-and-terrorism/byron-york    And, because of the lack of his attention on our economy, we suffered a depression that came at the very end of his term in office!  And he tried to blame Bush 2, even though it happened just before Bush took office, while Clinton was still the President!

When Bush took office, he came into a real mess!  The economy was in trouble and he was trying to clean it up, then came the 9/11 attack by terrorists that Clinton had the legal need to capture, because of the actions of Bin Laden during Clinton’s term, the first attack by Al Queda on NYC, but Clinton didn’t want to go after him, so Bin Laden felt safe in attacking NYC a second time in 2001, causing the deaths of many American citizens!  And Bush had to go after Bin Laden and his terrorists, causing the Afghan and Iraq Wars!  If Clinton had used his power as President after the first NYC attack, the 9/11 attack never would have happened!  So we wound up in two long-term wars with many American Military deaths, and a great many wounded veterans!  I believe that Bush did what he could to rebuild our nation but our House and Senate were taken over by the Progressives, with Reid and Pelosi leading the movement against the effort to rebuild our nation and a great many more regulations and costs were placed on our businesses and a huge majority of them moved out of America to China, India and Mexico, where they could run profitable businesses without over-regulation!  And, with the fact that they had pushed hard for home loans for people who truly couldn’t afford them, our economy almost collapsed just before the 2008 elections!  And our way of life, including extreme higher costs on food, gas, and everything else that make up American lives drove our economy down the toilet!  And along came Obama….

I don’t need to tell you everything that has caused more destruction to our economy; Health Care and national safety due to an “open-border” policy and an “apologetic” form of international Presidential policy, with Obama apologizing to other countries for our “evil” actions during the Wars we were forced into by other nations’ inability to protect themselves!  His bowing down to a muslim leader, backing off from protecting our friendly nations such as Israel and the Ukraine make us look very weak!  And his freeing 5 high-ranking Gitmo prisoners under a fake need to free an “American Hero”, who is truly a traitor, gave ISIS the leadership it needed to become a major power in the Mid East!  We are now in the greatest danger of an attack on America than we ever have been before!  And, while all this happens, Mexico is holding a true American hero as a prisoner, while hundreds of illegal children and gangsters come across our border with no worry of being stopped or returned!  You know all of this, and you know all the rest!

What I am telling you should be public knowledge, but it is all being covered up through false blame and misdirection by the Progressive leaders!  They won’t take responsibility for their own actions and keep blaming them on the Conservatives!  Even though he has been in office for almost six years, Obama and his Administration keep blaming Bush for the problems they have dumped on us!  And his push to build “Racial Hatred” is no more than a tool to keep all Americans from standing together, truly united!  I have watched 65 years of going back and forth!  Republicans build stronger economies and lives for the citizens, Progressives over-regulate and push higher costs on the lives of citizens and businesses and ruin our economy!  Republicans build a stronger military and keep American citizens’ lives, Progressives weaken our military and put the lives of the citizens in great danger!  But, because they keep handing out free money, homes, phones, cars and everything the people who bow down to them want, those people think it’s all the fault of the Republicans and Conservatives!   Please help wake up those who are finally seeing the problems caused by Progressives and make the people realize that it is our responsibility to change things in a manner that will bring back the America I remember as a young man, the America that every other county in the world wished was theirs!  The upcoming election is the most important in the history of our country and it will either put us back down the road of safety, happiness and good lives, or will destroy every Right we have and make our nation into a government dominated hell!  I keep saying “Wake up Americans, or lose America”;  well, my fellow patriotic citizens, the time is here!  Stand up and do what is right, or lose the greatest free nation the world has ever seen!  I hope you all do more than talk; the time has come to stand!  We are Americans!

Wake up Americans, or lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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