When I say “What does it take to be an American?”, I don’t mean what is an American; there is a great difference between the two. 

What is an American?  In today’s society it simply means being born here, sneaking across the borders, taking advantage of weak leadership and being “made an American” just because that’s what you want, and simply standing up in public and telling everyone you are an American is supposed to make you one!  It’s that easy in today’s society, because everyone simply believes their Right to be an American is a given present!  People in Hollywood promote anti-American values in movies, Hollywood stars believe they can say whatever they want to without any kickback, and Progressives believe that they have the right to destroy our nation from the inside out by manipulating the honor of our Constitution!  The teachers in the School Unions feel it’s their right to lie to students about the honor and truth of our Constitution by teaching our history in the way they want to, teaching our kids that “True Values” is a “lost ideal, and they teach them that they can have anything they want, simply because they feel they deserve it!  And they have turned our future population into a “I want it” society, instead of an “I will work for it” society!

What does it take to be an American?  Understanding the true value and cost of our Rights under our Constitution and standing up for them!  Our military fully understands what it takes to be an American because they sacrifice their blood and lives to protect our nation and its Constitution so that every true American can feel safe in their homes!  People who understand that moving up in society and being successful means working hard and learning everything you need in order to reach that goal!  Our Police and Fire services understand the importance of putting their lives at risk to protect the Rights and Safety of the citizens in their communities!  Mothers and fathers who work with their children to teach them the values that will allow them to become successful and proud to earn what they want!  And it takes the understanding of the truth of America and the hope it has given so many by taking pride in being a part of the nation that helped to build so many other free nations around the world!  And the nation that helped so many people in other countries have the same opportunities that we have, by the blood and sacrifice of our military!  Being an American does not mean “sitting back and telling everyone that you are an American”, it’s doing your part, doing what you have to in order to keep our nation strong, and allowing our society to live free and safe!

I am a combat ‘Nam vet and I know what sacrifice truly means, just as every other combat vet knows, because of the honor and bravery we saw in our nation’s wars!  There is no limit to our efforts to maintain a strong and safe America, no matter our age, no matter our disabilities!  And it’s because we see a future in our country where every American can advance as far as they want to, where every  American can raise families in safe communities, and where every American can stand with pride for their country!  But we have an enemy challenging us that wants to tear us down and turn our nation into weak country run by a governmental King, and that enemy has almost put us on our knees!  So ask yourself; are you truly an American, or are you simply taking advantage of whatever gets you what you want?  If you are truly and American, you will end this period of sitting back and doing nothing, and stand up and make your voices heard at a level that our government can no longer ignore!  Our nation was built on the idea of “For The People”, but our governmental leaders ignore that ideal and do what they want, how they want to, and we are just supposed to sit back and suffer the results of their arrogance!  If we want to continue being “Free Americans”, we all have to realize that we have to take personal responsibility for our own lives, and take responsibility for what is happening to our nation because we sat back and let it happen!  Hold the truth of our Pledge of Allegiance in your heart, hold your love and concern for the future of your children and grandchildren and stand against the greed, egos and arrogance of the criminals leading our nation!  It’s not too late, but it will be if we don’t act over the next 2 1/2 years!  Drive your Congressmen, Senators and politicians on all levels off of their kingdoms of dominance crazy and bring them back down to the street level of American truth!  This may be our last chance to save our Constitution and our country, so do what is necessary and bring back the America that everyone used to respect and love!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. jmr1948 says:

    I feel that the people who made the nation great have now passed on and those that took a direct interest in taking the country they left behind have done so.

    All I can see is a nation divided and in the words of Abraham Lincoln, ”A Nation Divided against itself cannot Stand”..

    That is our future however one side will dominate the other and which side that is depends on two things, elections in 2014 and 2016…

    Take that for what it is worth, this nation will either climb out of the malaise it is in now as it heads down in all areas or allow for the same process that made it great to once again dominate our ranks..

    The last ”Civil War” we had was over states rights, exactly what is in question right now as well as more pressing policies directly destroying the country as a whole.

    Whether it takes another Civil War to settle the issues remains to be seen and those who hate the USA for all it has done for them can take sides then and see just what an American is from more than a history book or stories heard on Hollywood movies or their ungrateful college professors.

    We’ve got a couple of fresh batches back from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as some still left from Viet Nam who can show anyone who is curious.

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