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I cannot understand why so many of our political “leaders” feel the necessity of going back into Iraq because the people are too damned weak to maintain their own nation!  We have lost so many of our people there that we don’t need to lose anymore!  As a Vietnam Vet, I remember watching the fall of Vietnam on TV and all I could think of was all of my brothers who died serving their country to build a strong South Vietnam nation out of people who are too damned weak to protect their own country!  Bring all of our troops back to the USA and allow them to do the one thing that is really important and that is protecting their own country by guarding our borders!

The muslims in the MidEast are split into two groups, the Sunnis and Shiites and they want to destroy each other!   Whichever side we are on, they will respect and love us as long as we die for their goals!  Then, if we leave, they will get back into another war and we will be the enemy to both groups!   How hard can it be for our politicians to see that!  Oh, yeah, I forgot; they make a lot of money off of us being in war, so they will always find a way to get us into another one!  One of the reasons we got into WWII was that Roosevelt knew that the only way out of the depressed economy was to build a manufacturing base that would provide jobs so, when we were asked to join in WW II, he did it!  And the major reasons that the Vietnam War lasted as long as it did was because the companies like Hughs Aircraft, Jeep and other companies that built all of our weapons and supplies,  including rifles, bombs and aircraft needed the profits from supporting the War!  And this has to end!  We need to protect America first, then worry about other nations once we get back on our feet!

The biggest threat to America is the major growth of the muslim population because it allows them to build forces to attack us, and the rest of the world, and the fact that their population is beginning to outgrow the amount of food source in the world!  They don’t care, as long as they can kill all Christians and other Infidels!  So leave them alone and let them fight; the more they fight each other, the lower their population gets and that benefits us on every level!  And, when they are done fighting each other and they continue to be a threat to us, we can go after whatever is left!  They are going to fight for power against each other, no matter what we do, so let them die!  And, with the crap going on over there now, our politicians are “growing very concerned” about how the threats on their oil supply will cause our gas prices to run through the roof!  How can they be so damned stupid, greedy, or both?  Put the Keystone Pipeline in business and our gas prices will go down the toilet and our economy can grow back!  They said on FOX News this morning that the high price of gas is what’s causing our food prices to grow so high, because shipping costs are driving them up!  Well, let’s quit depending on a nation of radical terrorists who hate us for the very thing we need to keep our country going!  If Obama won’t take action, then we need to press our Representatives to stand up and override his issues and pass a law to put the Pipeline into effect!

What is more important to our ELECTED leaders; their own interests, or the interests of the people?  Well, after being on the Hill for two and a half years in the mid-’80s, then going back a couple of weeks ago, I can tell you that a very high majority couldn’t give a crap about us, as long as they get what they want and keep being re-elected!  This is the year of the AMERICAN VOICE, the year for us to make some real changes to what’s happening now!  Just as the Tea Party woke people up in 2010 and allowed for the takeover of the House, we need to get out and make our voices heard and allow us to keep the House and take back the Senate, with people who really care about us!  The time has come for Americans to either stand up and fight for their Rights, to stand up for America, or simply lay down and let the Progressives eat our Constitution and turn us all into “Political Minions”!  I’m not giving up, I’m not going to sit back and quit; I’m a Combat Vet, I fought for my country then, and I will damned well fight for it now!  HOW ABOUT YOU?

WAKE UP AMERICANS, OR LOSE AMERICA!                                              IT’S UP TO YOU!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Ken Flauding says:

    Michael: You have great comments and passion. I enjoy reading your articles and share them widely. I’m a little confused. Did you intend to say going back into Iraq rather than Iran? Best regards, Ken Medic RVN 69-70

  2. jmr1948 says:

    I agree with what is stated in the “Rant” and recall the leader of Iraq wanted us out of his country shortly after he was in power so he got his wish and all that goes with it.

    Those factions have been at war for centuries and there isn’t a thing we can do to help them, we went in and beat them back, showed the regime we left in charge how to maintain it and just like the South Viet Namese Army, their Iraqi Army turned and ran so with that said ”Freedom isn’t Free” and it sure as Hell is not being paid for with American Blood any longer!

    A thing to mention here is Iraq and Iran battled each other for around a decade with neither side winning, American Troops entered Iraq and had Bagdad in weeks.

    If they cannot even hold what was handed to them then so be it, the time is NOW to hold what we have in the USA and bring our government back into our control.

    NO MORE Troops to protect our enemies, remember those who were celebrating in the streets when the 911 Attack took place and let them wallow in their beliefs and celebrations now!

  3. Give a man a country, and he will sit back and let it fall. Make him earn it and he will fight to keep it!

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