I’m going to start this off with some statistics I got off of the Web:

WAR                             US  POPULATION            NUMBER OF TROOPS    NUMBER OF DEATHS

                                                                                                                                       AND WOUNDED


REVOLUTION              2,165,076                NEVER MORE THAN  17,000         50,000 BY END OF

                                                                              ALIVE AND FIGHTING                                     WAR

WORLD WAR I            103,268,000                              4,000,000                                      320,518

WORLD WAR II          133,402,000                            13,104,355                                      1,076,245

KOREAN WAR              151,325,000                             1,789,000                                        128,650

VIETNAM WAR           179,323,175            ABOUT 2.5 MILLION IN COUNTRY                211,454

                                                                                        8,000,000  TOTAL


Here is the problems with those statistics:

Only a small portion of the population served to fight our wars!  And that small portion of American citizens were the only ones that swore and Oath to “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, then did everything they could to uphold their oaths!    Our politicians swear the same Oath, then ignore it!  Only a small portion of the population put their lives and futures, and their families futures at risk to stand up for their nation and fight to protect it!  And, at the end of every war, they were the people who were without medical treatment and financial assistance to build their futures!  Some did, as the Veterans of WWII were extremely well-respected, but the rest did not!  It was only a very small portion of the population that stood to fight our Revolutionary War, and they were promised land to build homes on if they won, as they gave up everything they had to fight the War!  And that promise was ignored and they were left with nothing when the War ended.  Yet all of the civilians who sat back and were willing to live with whatever power won the War lived comfortable lives as they risked nothing!  After World War I, when the Vets who fought the War sought the medical care they needed, they were ignored and left to suffer and die!  But they stood up and protested DC and got the VA established!  But, while they were protesting, many were shot and wounded or killed by the people in our government that considered them a ‘threat”!  We have suffered a lack of concern for us and our families for far too long!

After World War II, the Vets who came home received great honor from the people and they moved into political offices on the local level, all the way up to the national level!  There were parades on every Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veteran’s Day every year and millions of Americans came out to support them!  Businesses and Government Agencies were more than willing to provide jobs because they knew the value of a Veteran’s training and experience!  And, because of their actions in WW II, and their honor to support their Oath, our country became the strongest nation in the World!  America was not only respected and looked to as a place where many foreigners moved to because they knew they could have a good future if the worked for it, it was also seen as the “World Leader” because we had a strong military and development of ideas that others thought were impossible, such as flying to the moon, but we did it because doing your best and working hard to build a great future was what drove every American!  With all that said; the biggest crime of that time was that the VA refused to treat many Veterans with major problems and they were left to live their lives out in poverty and to die!

The Korean War was a very hard-fought war with great honor being displayed by the military that fought it but, when they  got home, many were not treated by the VA for their problems and they suffered poverty and death because they were left on their own!  But it all came to a head during the Vietnam War when Hippies, led by the Progressive/Socialists in our country did everything they could to destroy the honor of Veterans and our military, in order to allow them to take over our government and destroy our nation!  We were spit on and had shit and blood thrown on us, and we were called “Baby Killers” and “Crazy Vets” and we had no place to go to get the help we needed to build our lives!  The VA ignored every major illness, such as PTSD and Agent Orange, and a majority of my brothers either killed themselves or died!  There were many vets living on the streets, and the new America saw them as “idiots” and “beggars” and did nothing to help them!  And, because of all of this mistreatment, there are only about 30% of the actual combat Veterans from Vietnam still alive today!  I remember trying to get a loan for a small business, and I was refused, because I was a Veteran and didn’t have any “Credit History” to prove I could be trusted!  Yet the government was bringing Vietnamese over here and giving them very low-interest rate loans to buy homes and businesses, even though they had no “Financial History” at all!  And they did the same with people who came here from India, who bought almost all of the Motels in our country!  They did the same with muslims coming to America who bought almost every single one of our Gas Stations!  Me, a veteran with no credit history was not allowed loans to build my future, but people who came over here and wanted to dominate our Motels and Gas Stations were given whatever they wanted!  So immigrants were given what we, the very Vets who earned the help from our country, were not!  After 1968, when the Progressive/Socialists began taking over our country, Vets weren’t worth a shit!

Now; the total number of American troop deaths and injured in Iraq is about 23,542!  The total number of American troop deaths and injuries in Afghanistan is about 22,151!  And about 2.5 million honorable Americans fought in both of those wars!  The current population of the United States is about 318,229,000.  Once again, only a very small percentage of Americans have stood up to do what is right, while the majority of this country that claims every single Right for their own benefit sits back and lives peaceful lives at the expense of every death, in every war our country has fought!  So who deserves the benefits their government provides them; the Veterans who have risked their lives and futures to keep every other American safe and secure, or the people who simply want government help and illegals who come here knowing they will get them?  Who does our government owe the most to?  Funny how it believes that everyone that want’s freebies should get them, yet Veterans can’t even get the basic health care they earned through blood and sacrifice!  Once again; it is the “spit on the vet, feed the illegals” attitude, and we suffer because of it!

My brothers and sisters, we have sacrificed a great deal to protect our nation and, for every single one of us that served, there is a civilian out there that remained safe!  Our government lied to the very men who fought our Revolution and earned our Rights and Freedoms and left them on their own!  Our government lied to the men of WW I, who stood up against it to get the medical care they needed, some shot and died at the very hand of the government that promised the health care, by building the VA, but allowing it to ignore the needs of many Vets!  And our government has not only lied to Vietnam Vets, Iraqi Vets and Afghan Vets, it has also allowed many of our brothers and sisters to die because they were denied treatment of wounds of combat!  Our Fat Cat politicians who have done nothing but care for their own needs have only begun paying attention to us  because an election is near!  So let’s use this situation to regain our honor and patriotism in our country!  We need to stand up and protest in every city in America, then head to DC to show them that we will no longer be quiet and meed; we are going to ensure that we, and every future vet gets the benefits and respect we earned!  We will no longer be “third-world” citizens, we will become the leaders that our country has needed since 1968!  We will take our country back from the Progressive/Socialists and make it the great nation it once was!  We fought for our country, we need to fight again!  Stand up with me my brothers and sisters and let’s bring America back to Americans!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



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