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I spent the last weekend in DC to see exactly what was going on with Veteran’s Rights.  As usual, it is all talk and only actions in a manner that will make our politicians look like they are very pro-Vet, while they keep on doing the same crap they always do, which is providing themselves with money and power!  When I got there I called the Parks Office to see about getting  permit to camp on the Mall next to the Wall, but I was told that I could no longer do that!  When I asked why, I was told that they didn’t want any problems with groups that would “cause trouble”!  I told her that I was a combat vet and that I only wanted to express my First Amendment Right to voice my opinions on the way vets have been treated since the mid-60s.  She told me that it would not be possible!  When I asked her about all of the 99% people who were camped out on the Mall when they wanted attention, she told me that they had the right to express their ideas!  Then I said: So they have the right to protest, but Vets don’t?  She hung up on me!

Later in the weekend I went to the Capitol Building and was walking around when I saw a Congressman walking in my direction.  I didn’t ask his name, I just asked him what he thought about all of the problems for Vets when it came to the VA.   He  gave me a very serious look and said that he had his people working on the issue, doing everything they can to make the lives of Veterans better, and to ensure that they get the medical care they need, when they need it.  I looked him right in the eyes and told him that I worked in DC back in 1984 through 1986 and I had heard that same response, over and over again, from Representatives who weren’t doing anything, but just wanted to make their voters feel that they really “cared” about what was important to their citizens!  Then I asked him:  “Do you hate Vets, are you “anti-Veteran?”  He looked like I just told him his pants had fallen down and the women were laughing at him!  He told me that he “didn’t hate vets, that he supported vets and he would do whatever he had to”!   I saw exactly how powerful the “anti-Vet” name could affect them, exactly like the “racist”, “sexist” and “anti-Gay” names scares the crap out of them!

We have an opportunity that we have never had before and we need to use it!  We can make them fear standing against us because they know it will make them look bad to all of their constituents!  Ever since the 1968 uprising of Hippies, led by the Socialists ( now Progressives ), American Veterans, the very people who put their lives on the line to protect their nation, have been treated like trash!  We earned every single Right in our Constitution by placing our lives on the line, yet we have been treated with a major lack of care and medical attention by every single Member of Congress, because we have kept our voices down!  Yet every single civilian group that wants some kind of “Special Attention” has gained it because they raise their voices and they get heard!  Illegals, and other people who have no right to come to our nation, much less demand special care from it, get full medical benefits and food stamps, yet there are thousands of Vets living on the streets and no one wants to help them!  One single civilian can complain about not like the word “Christmas” being used in our schools and our government will pass laws to stop it!  A muslim can come to our country and complain about not being allowed to hold prayers out in our streets and our government will pass special laws to allow it, yet a Jew cannot carry a Menorah in public if that same muslim group “doesn’t like it”!

All of this has got to change!  It has been going on for far too long and it is destroying our country!  The reason that the Socialists/Progressives hammered Vets into the ground back in the ’60s, and kept us down through today, is that they knew the strength of the American Veterans in our country from WWI, WWII and Korea!  My parents and grandparents were very patriotic and they loved our country and were very proud to show that love!  And many of those Veterans held positions in our government from the local level to the Federal level and they kept working to keep our country strong!  So the Socialists/Progressives knew that the only way they could take our country over was to destroy the next generation of honorable Vets, the Vietnam Vets, and that’s exactly what they did!  And so many of our brothers killed themselves by drinking themselves to death, driving their cars and motorcycles into trees and off cliffs and by just giving up and wanting to die!  And we need to honor every single one of those that did, and to show our love for our country and start standing up as Vets, as the one group of Americans that earned their respect!   No Politician, no Special Interest Group, no other American has earned the very Rights they use to destroy our nation, all they do is use our Laws and bend them to meet their needs, for their own benefit!  They say they love our nation and respect our Constitution, but ignore whenever they want something for themselves!  The Presidents, all Members of every Congress and Vets swear the same Oath; to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, yet the only group to keep that Oath is our Military and Veterans!

We all stood up and did what was necessary to protect our nation, all of us, ‘Nam Vets, Iraqi Vets and Afghani Vets and we did it with all of the honor we could!  And that time has come back to us as Vets; the time has come for Veterans to stand up as groups in every city in the US, to make their voices heard!  The time has come for us to bring back the back-up strength of our nation; PROUD VETERANS!   Start organizing your local vets, contact your local VFW, American Legion and every other Veteran group and make them realize the time has come for us to bring back our country!  My goal is for demonstrations at every VA Hospital, at every VA office and at every downtown area to make the American people know that we are back, that we will no longer hide, that we want the country we fought for back!   Then I want us to gather in DC, whether we are welcome or not, and to stand up with the same pride and honor that the WWI Vets did when they forced the government to build the Veteran’s Administration!  We have been quiet for far too long and the enemies of our country that live right here in America have used our silence to build their strength, and we need to let them know that we will no longer put up with their anti-American actions!  Every single child in this country will live under political slavery in the future if we don’t put an end to it now!  I am asking each of you to stand with me, to make your voice heard, and to rebuild our great nation!  We have no problems with “colors” or other forms of civilian hatred, we know that any man or woman who stands with us in battle is a brother or sister, and we can stand together with pride and honor!  The ball’s in our hands, the people are finally listening, the politicians fear being called “anti-Vet” or “Vet haters”, and the upcoming elections are making them lean very strongly in our direction, so we have to move now!  Stand with me, my brothers and sisters!  Stand with honor and devotion to our Constitution, our families and our honor as Veterans!  Let’s turn our country around!  America will be a free nation only as long as our Military and Veterans are willing to fight for it!  The time is here, are you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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