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Every time our Federal Government sticks its nose into something, in order to make it “better”, it screws everything up!  One of the best examples of how the government screws things up is the Environmental Protection Agency and its hard push on the whole idea of “Global Warming”!  To begin with, all of the scientists and politicians who push the idea of “Global Warming” talk only about how we, humans, are destroying our environment by polluting our atmosphere with carbon gases.  They never explain the two natural reasons as to why we have real “Climate Change”, because it proves that we are not responsible for “Global Warming”!  “Global Warming” is a naturally occurring pattern caused by two Natural effects on our atmosphere:

1.  Our planet does not rotate in a perfect circle around the sun.  At different times our planet is either closer to the sun or farther away from it.

2.  The Van Allen Belt that surrounds our planet.  The radiation of the Van Allen Belt naturally diffuses the sunlight radiating towards our planet and uses it with the moisture in our atmosphere to make clouds.

When our planet is in a rotation closer to the sun, as it was from around the late ’70s, to the past couple of years, the radiation of the sun was too strong for the Van Allen Belt to diminish and we had little cloud cover which made the surface of the earth much warmer.  That’s when the Environmentalists  said that we were destroying our atmosphere and were causing “Global Warming”.  In December of 2012 we were caught in a direct line between the gravitational pull of the  Dark Center of the Milky Way and the gravitational pull of the Sun.  That caused the rotation of the planets to pull out away from the sun, allowing the Van Allen Belt to regain its power and we now see more clouds in the sky that keep the sun from overheating the surface of Earth and the idea of “Global Warming” no longer works!  And the environmentalists can’t go back to their claims of “Global Cooling” that they used up until the mid-70s,  because nature’s control made it go away and proved it to be a lie!  And their claims of “Global Warming” have been proven to be idiotic, so they use the term “Climate Change” because the weather on our planet can change however it wants to and they can always blame it on us!  It’s all lies used to gain control over our lives and to build power and wealth for the politicians and Special Interest groups that keep pushing blame on the people, teaching them to ignore the truth!

I’m only going to talk about one of the problems that the Environmentalists have caused our nation.  By pushing the idea that we are responsible for the “destruction of our atmosphere”, the Environmentalists began pushing laws on businesses in the US that maintained our Manufacturing Base and, by making it too expensive for our manufacturers to stay in the US, they forced them to leave America and move to other countries like Mexico, China and India, where there are no environmental laws!  The destroyed our Manufacturing Base because they claimed it was destroying our atmosphere and forced our manufacturers to move to other countries that don’t have our laws, and that has caused a level of pollution in our atmosphere that is far, far beyond any level we ever had over here!  Because of this, we have lost a great many jobs in the US and it has ruined our way of life!  And we will never regain our Manufacturing Base until we lower the level of control over our businesses by taxing and fining them out of America!  And the only way to do that is to get rid of the EPA!

Another side to this problem of us “ruining our atmosphere’ is what has happened to our cars and our own supply of fuel!  Every time a Progressive President takes over our nation, they demand major changes to our cars, because they ” pollute” our atmosphere, even though the amount of fuel necessary to run them has diminished and the Catalytic Converters are doing an excellent job of filtering out exhaust gas, keeping it out of our air!  And, in order to protect us from the problems of “Oil”, the government has forced us to buy our oil overseas, from nations that hate us, causing us very high gas prices and giving those nations the money they need to build up a military that they can use against us!  No one has ever tried to explain how drilling for oil in another nation is much safer than drilling over here!  We have a supply of oil under our crust that has been rated ” enough to provide us gas for over 400 years”!  Yet we are forbidden to drill here!  We also have over a 400 year supply of coal, clean coal, not the dirty coal that China buys from us to use in their own cities!  So we can’t use our own clean coal, while China clouds their skies with the waste from the dirty coal!  And it all goes up into the atmosphere and affects us all, so why aren’t we allowed to use our own clean plants to build our own goods!

And here’s the twist that is going to add more cost to our lives; because the Feds forced us to have more fuel-efficient cars, we are not using the same amount of gas we used to, which means the amount of taxes drawn from our purchases of gas have diminished and the Feds say they are not going to have enough money to keep our roads maintained!  So they are planning on turning all of our highways into Turnpikes, making us pay every time we use them!  And every single bit of this could have been avoided by simply letting states control their own pollution and not putting it under the control of the greedy Members of Congress!  And what comes next?  Are we going to have to pay a “Climate Change” tax on the electricity and natural gas we use to heat and cool our homes?  Are they going to charge us a tax on the smoke that comes out of our Bar-b-ques?  Don’t laugh; they are already trying to set up a fee to force a payment on farmers for the gas created by the farts of their cows!  We need to end the EPA!  Get it out of our country and free us from their idiotic laws that are made up to fit their own needs!  And don’t stop there; we need to end all of the Federal Agencies that ruin our live, simply to satisfy the needs of the wallets of our Government!  Get the National Education Administration out of our schools, put an end to it!  And every other useless Governmental Agency that does little to help our nation recover, yet make our lives harder to live!  Talk to everyone you know:  Write your Congressmen and Senators and tell them that we want our Manufacturing Base back here in America and do whatever it takes to get it back!  Tell them that we want DC to stop destroying our lives and stop wasting our money!  Tell them to “BRING AMERICA BACK”!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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