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I have been listening to every speaker who has been talking about the Benghazi Attack since it happened and I keep hearing the same problem:  The President and his Administration won’t give up the information necessary to prove who caused it and why!  Every time a Member of Congress tried to get the information, they were blocked and couldn’t get what they needed!  But, finally, the whole idea of it being caused by an anti-Islam film has been proven to have been false and was  set up by someone in the Administration who was looking for an excuse to allow the President to hold off anger during the election!  The Administration is continuing to block all information available to show who was really responsible for the lie!  But there is a solution that no one has even mentioned; when this was set up, they went after a Caustic Christian that had moved to America from Egypt, who had produced the film to show non-muslims the truth about the Islamic religion.  The man’s name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and the Obama Administration used his film to explain what happened in Benghazi and gave him the blame for making the film and putting it out in the public view!  The result was that he was jailed and the Obama Administration, because of placing the blame on him, made him the target of every radical muslim in the US because of his “insult to Muhammad”.  So, to put this in very basic terms; the Obama Administration used him and got him jailed by blaming him for its mistake and they have put his life in great danger!  So here is solution #1:

Where is the ACLU, the ACLJ or any other legal group to start a case against the Obama Administration for its false imprisonment of Nakoula and its responsibility for placing his life in great danger of death?  Start a legal case against the Administration to force it to have to prove it had no part in all of this!  Why play the political games; simply file a major lawsuit and take them to court!  Why isn’t anyone talking about this?  Why; because every politician who is involved in this is using it to build their own reputation, to build their own following, and they don’t want any other actions getting in the way of their efforts!  If any of you have contact with any organization that could sue for this man, please ask them to get involved!

My second question is why, after all of these years of arguing and fighting in Congress, have our Representatives failed to protect our own country from illegals crossing our borders while our troops are sent to other nations to protect them from the same danger, costing us so many of our military lives?  Because they all have their own personal interests in keeping our borders open for illegals, drug trafficking and terrorists to have easy entry into our country!  Believe me; if they didn’t, our borders would be the most protected in the world!  And they use the same weapon of “hatred” that they use for every other problem they don’t want to fix!  Any American that doesn’t like illegals in our country is a “hater”, not a concerned citizen!  So we can’t stop them from coming up here for jobs, food, welfare, health care, homes and everything else that we, the citizens of America have to use our tax dollars to pay for, instead of using that money to fix our own economy!  So here is solution #2:

Forget everything that blames them; use our existing laws that can solve the problem!  Don’t go after the illegals, go after the Americans that provide for them!  It is against the law to provide food, clothing, homes, jobs or anything else to anyone that enters our country illegally!  Any support given to an illegal is exactly like helping a murderer hide from the Police!  So we need to stop talking about the illegals and go after the supporters!  Our Representatives need to make an announcement that, after 30 days ( time enough for any illegal to leave ), anyone who is found to be giving any form of support to anyone who has entered our country illegally, for any reason, will be placed in prison for a minimum of 5 years!  If someone gives someone who enters our country illegally a job, food, medical attention, etc., they will be held guilty and imprisoned!  And it doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer or priest; violate the laws, go to jail!  This will work because there will be no jobs available for those who illegally cross our borders, no health care, food etc., so all of the things that have been bringing them here will be gone, and they will have to leave on their own!  The laws already exist; enforce them!  Tell everyone about this idea and have everyone contact their Representatives and tell them that our current laws need to be followed!  And, by the way; every Member of Congress who has not legitimately worked to end the Border problems in our country are also criminally supporting the illegals by allowing them to gain lives here!  Why has this not been brought up before?  Because no one in our government has ever mentioned it, so the public has been unaware that there is such a simple answer available!

Both of these “major problems” have some very simple answers, but they have never been used because the bigger the problem, the more “necessary” our Representatives become to the people!  And that has got to change!  Our government only operates the way it does because we have ignored the problems and their solutions and have allowed a very wealthy, very powerful group of people in DC to do what they want to do, not what we need them to do!  And that group of people is our government!  And every member of it is elected by the people, and the people have ignored what their representatives do, because it is easier to just go down and sign a vote for a name they recognize than to take the time to ensure that the people they vote for do their jobs!  AND THAT HAS TO CHANGE NOW!!!  END ALL OF THE HATE!  IT’S THE HATE THEY BUILD BETWEEN EVERY GROUP OF AMERICANS THAT KEEPS THE FOCUS OFF OF WHAT THEY DO, AND KEEPS IT ON STUPID ACTIONS BY INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE RACISTS, SEXISTS, AND EVERY OTHER NAME THEY USE TO BUILD THE HATE BETWEEN US!  Small groups of idiots are made to look like they are the majority in sections of the population!  They are small groups, they are idiots, and we need to stop the hatred and stand as Americans and put an end to the pain and force the Members of Congress and their rich allies, who help keep the hatred going, to either focus on the real needs of the true American people and off of their own interests!  We are not their slaves, they are our employees!  And, like all good employers, we need to watch them closely and make sure they do the jobs they took and oath to do!  The upcoming elections may be the most important in the history of our country so do your job as a good citizen of America and use your votes to change our country back to the great nation it once was!



Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Joseph Werner says:

    Your pretty far out on # 2 Solution You would have to Lock obama up first for all the aid and assistance he gives the illegals .Why is it so clear to You and Me about Ben Ghazi your dealing with an Evil group of people who know the events that happened there , You think they are going to turn themselves in.

  2. That’s exactly what I am suggesting; file a case against anyone who continues to support them after the 30 day period! The laws in this country apply to every citizen!

    The idea of a suit is to force a situation where a judge will have to make a decision based on evidence presented to him. The proof that the video claims are already proven to be false, so a judgement would be made benefiting him. And that would only bring a stronger focus on Obama and his Administration’s action on this!

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