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In the past, I have written about the tactics used by the Progressive/Socialist/Communist people in our country that have taken our great nation down the road to destruction!  How they destroyed our School Systems, our Manufacturing Base,  and our abilities to defend ourselves in a manner that made other nations fear our military enough that they did not want to attack us, and that’s what kept our nation strong and safe.  I’ve also talked about how we have lost jobs and have a large portion of our nation’s people on Welfare and Unemployment, because they cannot find work.  And there is much more that needs to be repaired if we are ever to get back to the country our Forefathers sacrificed for us to have!  But there is a bigger plan that is being used in the world that will mean the end of our country if we do not find a way to stop it!

When I was in High School, the Progressives began the push to end more than one baby in a family and that we, Americans, were solely responsible for World Hunger and the “high pollution” rates in our atmosphere.   At that time, there was some pollution in city areas across the nation and people saw that and began to change the way things were done to help clean up the air, and they did.  Now we have an extremely low level of pollution in the US.  But that was not enough, and they used every single opportunity to destroy our manufacturing base by overloading it with useless new laws that made it so costly for our manufacturers that they had to move out of the US to nations that now put up more pollution than was ever thought possible!  They also pushed the “single baby” idea on people by telling us that we were going to have too many children to allow for enough food for them in the future, so we had to stop multiple-children families!  Then they began to push the idea of Women’s Rights on the women in our country, telling them that men were not necessary to raise children, so the number of marriages dropped, and we now have a large portion of single-parent families, leaving many children without a father!  Finally; while pushing all of this on the people in our country that wanted to work to support their families, the very people that fully understood the strength of our nation and the need of families with both a father and a mother, they came up with a modified Welfare system that pays women to have more than one baby so that they can get more money from the government to live off of!  I’ve actually listened to a woman who was bragging about the fact that she had six kids, and that she was getting so much money from the government that she was considering having another one!  And, while we were working to lower our population, all around the world other nations were having families with 5, 6, 7 or more children!  And, since they couldn’t afford to feed them or provide them medical care, the UN used American tax payer’s money to provide for the needs of those people, while telling them that every problem they had was our responsibility, that we were the only “true evil” in the world!    And that built hatred against us!  Why?  Why did all of this happen?  Well, I’m sorry to say that the answer to that question is very easy, and is the greatest fear that any American will ever face!

Our world can only provide food, healthcare and safe living for a certain level of a population, and we are reaching the point where that level will be crossed!  Back when I was a teenager, we produced all of our own food and built all of our own needs for our people.  Then the idea of “Global Cooling”, which became “Global Warming” when the natural cooling period ended and the warming period began, was used to push for the idea of “Ethanol” fuel, made by natural materials, such as weeds, trash and corn.  So why did we have laws passed to make our Ethanol only out of corn, a product that is necessary for food and products like plastic?  And why did we keep sending our tax money over to nations where the people had big families and needed our money to support their families?  Add to that; why did we have so much of our farmlands and necessary things like water supplies for the farms shut down by the Federal Government, because of stupid ideas like protecting species like tiny fish and owls because they are “dying off”?  Because the government needed “GUILT” as a weapon to make us feel like those species’ lives were more important than our own!  All of this is part of a “Great Plan” by the Progressives to take down America!

The population in America is only growing because of the millions of illegals sneaking into our country and the huge numbers of our enemies, like the muslims being brought over for their “safety”!  And the muslim population in the world is the largest group of people on Earth!  And we are all running short of food, so what’s going to happen when the poorer nations begin to starve?  The UN knows that the one thing they will need to control the world is an “enemy”, someone they can blame for World Hunger, and that enemy will be us!  When people in African nations don’t have the food they need, it will all be the fault of “American Greed”!  When other nations can’t afford their gasoline, it will all be the fault of “American Greed”!  And when we begin hearing of deaths all over the world because there is not enough health care, it will all be the fault of “American Greed”!  And the history of our world has always had one solution to the “problem” causing all the trouble and that’s to go to War!  And that time is not far away because of all the limitations by the Department of Natural Resources placed on American farmers forcing us to buy food from other nations!

How do we stop something like this from happening?  By ending all agencies like the Department of Natural Resources and removing their unnecessary limitations on our country, allowing us to begin providing for our own needs once more!  And we need to get the UN out of the US, to make all of the nations in the world that leach off of our tax money, allowing them to build hatred against us, to live off of their own resources!  And, if that means their nations collapse, that is their problem, not ours!  We need to start thinking of our own needs first and work to rebuild America!  Nature allows that those that support and protect themselves live, and those that don’t die.  Why are we paying so many people in other nations to overpopulate their own countries?  It’s that overpopulation that is causing them their own hardships, not us!  We are responsible for caring for our children, they are responsible for caring for theirs!  And it’s because we have removed that responsibility from them, making it ours, that we are facing a future that will destroy us!  We need to elect Representatives that will work for our country, for our people!  We need to elect people that will do everything they can to rebuild the America that once led the world!  And it’s by doing that that will allow us to demonstrate to other nations exactly what it takes to be successful and free!

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