What the hell is going on!  First we had the Fort Hood Shooting back on November 5, 2009, then shootings on the Washington Naval Yard in Norfolk, Virginia and we have another shooting at Fort Hood!  I spent three years in the Army back in the late ’60s and there was no way that anyone could have gotten on our base with a gun!  To be honest; I don’t remember any shooting situation on a Military Base until the Obama Administration took over our government! 

The primary requirement of any President of the United States is to protect the people of America from harm, and to do it by maintaining a strong military and to allow our military to protect itself from any attack from outside of a base!  But all the current Administration has done is weaken our military, force homosexuality on our troops, and put them in a situation where any attempt at even looking as though they were threatening a civilian would put their careers in danger!  He is also going to “diminish” the number of troops we have because “the cost of keeping them is unnecessary”!

I’m sorry if this isn’t more like my past rants but I am in tears listening to the hell our troops are going through once again in Fort Hood!  I am totally fed up with having a President and Administration that does not see the honor and value of American troops and does not allow them to protect themselves and their bases with the safety they had before he took office!  He is no more than an “actor” as President because any true President would fully realize the value of our troops and their sacrifice to keep our country safe!

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard and Veterans:  This should be all you need to stand up and make your voices heard!  The time has come for our nation to realize that we sacrifice to protect them and they need to provide us with what we need to protect ourselves!  There is no separation between our Military and Veterans as we are, and will always be brothers and sisters and we know what it means to love the country that allows our families to be free!  And that is exactly why we stood up for our country!

I know that they are saying that this is not an act of terrorism,  just as they said that first Fort Hood shooting was no act of terrorism!  Anyone who thinks that he can walk onto a base and kill soldiers is a terrorist and, if he is another muslim “soldier”, he is no soldier, he’s a terrorist!  Many people in America live off the government teat and they are treated very well by the government, yet when our military or veterans, the very people who sacrifice for their country, need assistance they have to fight for it through the legal system of the Veterans Administration!  This has to end!  We have to stand up and make our voices heard! 

I’m sorry, I can’t write any more; I am far too upset knowing that some of my brothers and sisters are wounded and may be dead!  I just wanted you to know how something like this affects people like me and my brothers and sisters!  Thank-you for reading it.


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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