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To those of you who know me, this may be old information.  But I think this is something that people need to see, because it’s all true.  I saw it on a firsthand basis while working in DC:

1.  How do you get a bill through Congress?:  “Sex, drugs, money and Power!”  Told to me by one of Senator Biden’s Aides while working out of his office for a very  short period of time.

2.  What about the people and their needs?:  “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  Told to me by the same Biden Aide.

3.  Why are there so many things happening in DC that we don’t know about?:  “Nothing gets out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out!”  Told to me by one of the people on “60 Minutes” in 1984.

4.  Why do stories come out about some Representatives that destroy their careers, yet others never have anything reported?  “Nothing gets out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out”!

5.  Once a Representative has served more than one term in office, they buy a home in DC and become a part of the “Community” of Representatives and begin pulling away from their home state and only go back when they need Press, attention or votes!

6.  Everyone in DC has some kind of damaging information on everyone else and, once they have that information, the interests of the people don’t matter because they can force a vote as they wish!

7.  Voters are only important to Representatives when they need their votes.  The rest of the time they are strictly pawns whose lives can be played with.  If you don’t believe this, simply tell me the last time that you had a State Rep come to see you, except during an election period.

8.  When I was in DC in 1984, Barney Frank was caught running a Gay Whorehouse out of his home, and he should have been removed from Congress, but he wasn’t! When I asked an Aide why he wasn’t, I was told that he had kept film and audio records of all of the Congressional Reps who came to his house for “relaxation”!  When I asked why they did things like that, I was told; “When you have this kind of power, sexual preference doesn’t mean anything!”  Because of Frank’s bribery, he was promoted up, and up, and he finally wound up breaking our economy because of his manipulation of the banks to get home loans to those who couldn’t afford them, and he did it for all the money that was swept under the rugs to him!  And he is one of a majority of those in DC!

9.  Any funds taken from Taxpayers money that goes to any kind of “Project”, whether building construction, community action, community projects, etc., etc., etc., is set up to go to either a relative, friend, or Special Interest Group that will funnel a big portion of that money back to the politician, either hidden or through Campaign Contributions!

10.  If you go see a politician at his office and he doesn’t really want to speak to you, he will meet you at the door, talk with you, then let you go.  Voters who come to their offices with problems that will make them look good are welcome, but only if it gets them face time on TV!  If you go to a DC office you may sit their all day but, if a Special Interest Group Rep or a donor or “good friend” (which usually means money) comes in, they are treated as gods and are taken directly to the Reps office!  Again; unless you can benefit the Rep in a way that he wants to be benefited, you are distraction and will only be seen when absolutely necessary!

11.  No major problem on the news is ever missed by DC; the worse the problem, the more noise they make about it, like the missing jet near Australia.  And they do it to take the attention off of the things they do behind the scenes!

12.  The greatest weapon they have to manipulate the people is hatred!  Making it look like one race hates another, one group hates another, one sex hates another, etc., etc. etc., keeps the focus of the people on the hatred, not on what they are doing in DC!  This is the most powerful weapon they have and they love to use it!  Why do you think that every time a Black does something, anything, they get some White person to say they are against it, even if it’s something as stupid as clothing, and it’s “Racist”!  Why do you think that whenever a Conservative complains about some kind of action by Hillary Clinton that really doesn’t make sense, it’s called “Sexism”, but if some Conservative woman does something good, but it makes Progressives angry, she’s called every sexist name and it’s “OK”?  Because it focuses the people’s attention on that idiotic situation, and gives the DC Reps some time to do what they want to without being watched!

13.  No matter how bad, how big, or how idiotic you might think things are in DC, you are just slapping at the water, because you will never be allowed under the surface!  Scientific things that we see as “Sci-fy” are already being used.  And that is just one idea that we should be concerned with.  They are decades ahead of what we think we see and we won’t know it until they want us to.  Their plans for the future of our nation on every single level are already in action, even though they will say they have no idea of what you are talking about!  When you find some discovery that amazes you, you are still simple slapping at the surface of the water! 

I have been watching the “House of Cards” series on NetFlix and I think it is something that more Americans need to watch because it is not a joke!  The only bad part is that it does not go far enough, but it will teach you much of the truth of DC!  I know that many will think I have made these up, but I worked on the Hill for 2 1/2 years and I saw this all happening with my own eyes.  And, since I did not work “for” a Rep with a paid position, I was never asked to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement, so I don’t have to hide things!  If you ask your Rep about this, he will probably call me a loon, but watch the “House of Cards”; it will show you that I am right!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Ken says:

    Well said Michael. And, you are correct. Therein lies the question: What can be done to correct this atrocity?

    • The same thing I keep telling everyone: WAKE UP AMERICANS, OR LOSE AMERICA! We have a responsibility as citizens of America to elect the right people then monitor them to ensure they are following the interests of the citizens, not the interests of Special Interests and Big Donors! Modifying our system of government on three things would begin the change of the corruption in our government: 1. Mandatory term limits of only two per Representative; this would end the long-term criminality of those who feel like Lords and Ladies over the people they serve. 2. No public funded elections; make it mandatory for the Broadcast TV stations that have already signed agreements for free time for public programming to hold equal time, equal questioning for all candidates before the Party elections and for the Governmental elections. And every person who reaches the requirements for petitions will be allowed their fair time on the stations. 3. Any candidate or sitting Representative that accepts any money from any person or group outside of the legal salaries will be fined and imprisoned.

      Everyone can whine and cry all they want to but, if they truly want to change our system of government back to the basis or our Forefathers’ gift to us, they have to make their voices heard. And I don’t mean calling or writing a Representative all the time because, unless those calls support their ideals, they act like they are interested in them, but totally ignore them! Showing up on the streets in your home state, in the Capitol or on the city streets with signs and angry voices will gain you more attention than anything else! Look at what the Tea Party did! Then the people who led it moved up in the political system and now there are no more people on the streets! We need to show the government that we have not disappeared, that we are still wanting real change, to bring our country back, before we wind up being dominated by other nations, like China or Russia! This is our country, our government and, if we want the old America back, we have to get it!

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