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I have been watching what is going on around the world and I believe I have an idea about what might be happening this summer.  When I was a kid, the Cuba Missile Crisis happened and it was a situation that put us very close to another World War, but Russia backed down and things went back to normal.  One of Russia’s military leaders commented on it several years later and he said that the one thing that kept Russia from wanting to attack the US was the number of armed citizens, especially our veterans.  He said that it was one of the largest “armies”  in the world and it was too big to fight against!  But things have changed and our military is now being “downsized” in order to “cut tax costs” being borne by the citizens, even though the number of people living off of Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment and Free Health Care has rocketed to levels never seen before!  And our government is going after the very men and women trained to protect our nation, our veterans, in an effort to disarm us by claiming that we all have serious “mental illnesses that put others in danger”!  How many times have we seen terroristic acts in the US, and how many were carried out by combat vets?  None!  The primary responsibility of the Government is to protect the Rights and Freedoms of the people from all threats by maintaining a strong military, and they are failing in their true responsibility to the American people!

China has always wanted to take back Taipei, Putin, the Russian Leader, has always wanted to regain the old Russian Communist Nation and the muslims have always wanted to destroy America, but we have been too strong for them!  However, now with an extremely weak President, the very man trying to ruin our military and our strength that comes from it, we look like an easy target!  I think that all members of the Progressive Party and the leaders of these other countries see our nation at a point where we can be beaten and I believe they will try!  I believe that China will make a move on Taipei, North Korea on South Korea, Russia on the nations like Serbia that separated from the Communist Nation when it fell apart and the muslims will begin a major attack within our own borders against us, and go after Israel at the same time!  Even with our old military, we would find this too much to handle all at once and, now, we will have to sit back and watch the world being turned against us!  And, with the number of Hamas members in Detroit and our borders being open to anyone who wants to cross them, we will face a major danger to our Freedoms on our own land!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama send our Navy and other forces off somewhere to protect some other nation before this happens, in order to leave us without the troops necessary to fight off a war within our own country!  In the amount of time it would take to return our troops back to the US, we could already be overrun by muslim terrorists!  There would only be one thing left to protect our nation and it’s not something our leadership would do, it’s something we would have to do ourselves and that’s gather up all the vets and have them stand for the people!  Our Oath, to protect and defend the Constitution (and the people), from all enemies, foreign and domestic, is what will drive all of us to stand strong!  We love our nation and we love our friends and families and we will not let them suffer!  The basic strength of America is the honor of our veterans and their love for our Constitution and our great nation!  There will be a lot of citizens who will sit back and whine and cry about the troubles they are having, and they won’t stand and fight because they won’t have the conviction in the protection of America that we have!  But that is a normal thing that happens in a war, as only a very minor amount of Americans stood up to fight the British to gain our Freedom during our Revolution!  Yet those who sat back were more than willing to work for their own gain when the War ended and they had their freedom, due to the sacrifice of those who fought the War!  If it happens, pick your side!

Is this really going to happen this year?  I don’t honestly know, but something in my gut tells me to be ready because it might!  And I know that this will make me look like some kind of “conspiracy theorist”, but I’m not.  I just understand politics and warfare and, when your nation’s leadership has grown weak and useless, your enemies take the chance to take control!  All I can tell you is to be ready; put some food away, get a good supply of clothing and put some cash away where you can get to it if the banks go offline.  And that’s not just for what I have stated above, it’s considered to be a normal preparation for all kinds of natural disasters, so it won’t be a waste of money and time.  I honestly hope that I am very wrong on this, that nothing will happen here and our elections will go through without any problems.  But I am prepared, just in case!  Just because there is a good possibility of something like this happening, it doesn’t mean that it will.  But being ignorant of a possible truth is a quick path to defeat!  Just keep your eyes and ears open and be prepared just as our Forefathers were.


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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