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History, when reported correctly, is the best method of teaching younger Americans the true value of being American!  The problem is that we now have a system of teaching our kids what the government wants them to know, not the truth, because they are not supposed to know the truth!  So I want to pass on some real history, not the textbook versions of the truth, so that they can see what is really happening in America!

I remember when Carter took over our country; we had a great economy, there were jobs for everyone who wanted to work and Americans felt safe within their own country.  But he drove our nation down by overpowering our economy with new rules and regulations!  He signed into effect the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.  The Department of energy began placing demands on our Energy Providers that forced higher costs on them which in turn forced higher costs on the American people!  And it was only the beginning, as this Agency has placed so many limits, regulations and costs on our energy use that it has become a serious expense to the people!  Gas when he got into office was around 50 to 6o cents a gallon but, because of his agency coming after the people, we now have seen prices over $4 a gallon!  The Department of Education began destroying the quality of American Schools, which used to be the highest in the world, down to what is considered an “average” rating!  And the push to install Common Core education is destroying our children’s futures!  Add to this the Iran Hostage Crisis where a group of radical muslims took over the American Embassy and held over 160 Americans and Marines hostage!  And Carter couldn’t do anything to gain the release of our people so it took until after he was out of office for them to be freed!  But the worst part of it all was the fact that our economy was going down the toilet; I remember when I tried to buy a home, but the interest rate was around 25% and I couldn’t afford to do it!  Carter not only began the process to destroy the future America, he was working very hard to diminish our nation by destroying our economy!

When Reagan took office, he brought back American values and worked to rebuild our economy and he was very successful.  There were many things about his actions during his Presidency that I was not happy with, but he rebuilt our nation and rebuilt our economy!  When Bush took over, he maintained Reagan’s policies.  He was not the best President, but he worked to keep our economy strong!

Then came Clinton and his wife; they said they were going to share “the responsibilities of the Presidency” and Hillary had her own Health Care Plan!  But it didn’t take long for them to be seen as who they truly were and Hillary lost her push for her Health Care Plan and the whole idea of the “share Presidency” went down the tubes!  One of the first things I remember Clinton doing was opening up our markets in the US for Chinese businesses; our leaders had seen what the Chinese did to the economies they had gotten involved in and kept them out for many years, but the Clintons had taken a great deal of Campaign Funds from people, companies and agencies in the US that were funded by the Chinese, so they opened our nation up to the Chinese junk we now have to buy on a daily basis!  WalMart, back then, had a strong policy of never selling Chinese goods in their stores but, once Sam Walton had died, the Chinese gained access to WalMart and now almost everything we buy there is Chinese made!  The came Ruby Ridge; a situation where Randy Weaver was set up to look like he was a terrorist, but he wasn’t!  The Clinton Administration wanted to show some strength so they sent armed agents up to surround his home!  His wife, son and dog were all murdered by government agents during the standoff!  And, in the end, Weaver was found to be innocent!  But, when it came to real terrorists, the muslims attacked the World Trade Center for the first time, they attempted a crash of a plane into the White House, and they bombed the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania!  And who can forget the USS Cole bombing!  And the only reason the muslims attacked us like this was because Clinton was a weak leader, someone who “didn’t want any trouble”!  And we had the biggest attack against us by an American; the Oklahoma City Bombing!  When you have a weak leader, you become an easy target!

Clinton also pushed through the Glass-Steagall Act, which was meant to keep our businesses from being “too big to fail” (sound familiar!) by protecting them with our tax money!  Finally; during the final year of his final term our economy began to fail but it held on until Bush’s first term then the stock market began to collapse!  And they put the blame on Bush, but it was Clinton who caused it!  Also; since he acted so weak in response to the many terrorist attacks against America while he was in office, Al Quida felt that it would be free to attack us again and they destroyed the World Trade Center on their second try when they crashed the planes into it in NYC!  The muslims had never felt that they were able to do something like that until after they made their first try in Clinton’s term and they got no serious response from him!

Bush 2 had some minor attacks against us, but on the whole, he kept the muslim terrorists at bay in America!  There were several things about him I was not happy with, but he supported our troops at the highest level and spent a lot of time with them showing them the kind of respect they all deserved!  He worked to maintain our safety and to rebuild our economy but, in his second term, he had a Congress that was Progressive dominated and Reid and Pelosi worked hard against him, and we had another problem with our economy and it almost collapsed! 

Now we have Obama in office and, since he has been in office, we have had several major attacks by homegrown terrorists and have had radical muslim groups attack us outside of the US!  And what has Obama done?  He has weakened our military and is doing everything he can to bring it down!  Our economy is going down very, very fast and our way of life has diminished to the basics!  Our kids have high-cost college bills and no jobs to go to for work and are spending more time living with their parents, instead of building their own lives!  Our jobs are disappearing so quickly that our unemployment benefits costs are skyrocketing!  Our nation is open to all who want to sneak in, including terrorists and illegals who will be getting benefits because of the Obama Administration’s efforts to open our benefits to everyone!  For the first time in my life, our Dollar has been dropped in value, which means everything costs us more because we have to buy everything made outside of the US!  I could go on and on, because there are so many things that this man has done to destroy our economy and our military, but I have said enough!  Look at the real facts; every time a Progressive/Liberal has run our country the people suffer!  Every time a Conservative runs our country it begins to build back up and become strong and safe!  Why?  Simple; Conservatives want our nation to be run under the laws of our Constitution, to be safe, strong and to have an economy that allows the people to live the best lives they can!  When the Progressives/Liberals run our country they want us to pay for everything else that everyone else in the world wants, and that destroys our economy and places our lives, futures and families in grave danger!  It’s not that hard to see the truth!  Look at where we are now, in the second term of Obama, yet all of his supporters keep blaming Bush for where we are now!  If he really wanted us all to have good lives, he could have done it two years ago!  But he doesn’t; he wants power and control over the people by forcing them to live under the governmental heel!  This upcoming election is the most important election we have ever had since it may be the last chance we will have to bring America back to the people! Pay close attention to who is running and who you vote for; we need our country to go back to being America, and to get away from being the toy of the people who hate us!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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