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We have all been watching the Obama Care debacle, but the real truth is not out there.  Almost everyone had affordable health care in packages they chose for themselves at prices they could afford.  There was only a small group of people that did not have health care and that was young Americans that didn’t feel the need to be covered and a large group of illegals who should have no right to health care in the US because they are not here legally and are criminals.  But our “beloved” government, both the radical Progressives and the RINOs wanted to ensure that those who are here illegally receive full care, because they want them as future voters for their careers, so they came up with a Bill that covered them!

The initial Bill was written by the Health Care providers who would profit from a government plan, then the Congressional Representatives Aides got together and overloaded the Bill with Pork that provided extra “Benefits and Money” for both their bosses and themselves!  And, in the Bill, there was a “protection section” for all of the Health Care Providers that wrote it and it will allow any losses they have suffered if the Bill collapses to be paid back to them from Taxpayers’ money!  So; they wrote the Bill, they will profit from it if it were to work, and they will profit from it if it doesn’t!  Talk about “self-protection”!

But here’s the real rub:  Congress knew that the Obama Care Bill wouldn’t work because it demands too much from those who don’t really have to pay for it yet.  And our old Health Care system was going to collapse under its own weight, as there would not be enough money to pay for future health care for those on government plans, and Congress knew that something would have to change.  So the Progressives pushed for Obama Care and the RINOs just “kinda” let it go through.  And they knew that there would be panic by the people who would have been forced to drop their own health care plan to join Obama Care, and they would be demanding that it all be fixed because they would suddenly be without any health care of any kind when it collapsed!  Imagine paying for your own health care for decades, putting all of that money into a company that held it to cover future expenses, then it was all suddenly gone!  Why?  Because the government forced you to leave the company and the company was not required to take you back into their system with the exact same plan, because you are older and not as healthy!  So the Health Care Insurance companies get to keep all of your money with no worry about losing it when Obama Care fails!  But Congress will then be “forced” to do something, so they will come up with their own idea of Obama Care and they will make it look like a “lifesaver”, and it will go through without any trouble because of the “needs of the people”!

So; in the long run, Congress will be able to push through the type of Bill they wanted to and, because of all of the panic, the citizens will see it as the “only way out”!  When this whole thing got started, there was a majority of American citizens who had their own health care and did not want a government-run plan but, because so many will be without coverage, the government will be able to take over and tell us all what we can do, and how, concerning protecting our health!  And they did it by stripping people of their own health care policies, forcing them to beg the government to fix things!  And, to be honest, because of the amount of Americans who have lost their policies, I don’t see any other options!  This is going to be a huge mess and only the people in the states that refused to join Obama Care might be the ones with some kind of hope for the future!  We need to ensure that we replace as many Members of Congress that we can this year, and replace them with true Conservatives, with the hope that they will do everything they can to repair the Obama Care Debacle!  If we, the people, do not do our part in the next election, we will be facing the possibility of the worst health care system in the world!

Wake up Americans, or lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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