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When the Unions were developed in the US, kids were working dangerous jobs because it was cheaper to put them to work than adults.  And there was no consideration for the safety and income of employees, so many jobs were dangerous and the employees suffered  because they couldn’t afford to live a decent lifestyle.  In the late 1880′ s, the Knights of Labor was formed and was the first Union, but it had little effect because the leadership wasn’t strong enough to allow it to build power.  Then, in 1886, the American Federation of Labor, the “AFL” was founded.  It was led by Samuel Gompers until he died in 1924.  The AFL was stronger because it’s leadership was strong and the members were willing to strike to gain benefits.  At its founding, the AFL was a great idea because it changed the way that employees were treated and kept children out of the workforce.  But it got worse as it grew power; when Al Capone was in power in the Mob, the Union leaders became extremely powerful because they joined with the Mob and used their Union members to assist in Mob activity.  Then, when Franklin Roosevelt brought out his “New Deal” program, the Unions benefited greatly by the “Wagner Act”, which protected the rights of Unions to legally organize and that drew them very close to the Democratic Party, a connection that has only grown stronger over the years, with the leaders of the Unions gaining a great amount of personal power!  So the Conservative Congress, in 1947, passed the Taft-Hartley Act, which forbid the Union from donating funds to Political Candidates.  But the Unions found a way to get around the law by having members donate on their own, under Union control, and by donating money that had been put in funds outside the Union and donated under another name.  The Act also restricted the power of the Unions to call any strikes that might threaten “National Security” but, since they have been tied tight to the Democratic Party, they have found a way to strike whenever they want to, against whomever they want to!  The act also forced the removal of any and all Communist Union leaders in the Union, but all it took was changing the “name” from “Communist” to “Progressive” and the Communists are back in power!

Now, if I were reading this, I would think that I hated Union members, which I don’t!  Union Members become Union Members because, if they want a job where they work, they have to join the Union to be hired!  No options!  And, if they speak against the Unions while employed, they will lose their jobs and will never be able to work in a Union shop again!  Their benefits, including the rate of pay as a Union Member, are very good, but they have to pay a large portion of their income to the Union and they have no control over how that money is spent!  And, since Obama has been elected twice because of strong Union support, you would think that they would be doing even better, but he is costing them many jobs with policies like Obamacare, that force employers to cut back on how many employees they have.  But that doesn’t stop the Union Leaders, who still have their power and their profits, so they stay sucked-up to Obama’s behind!

Another problem is the cost of manufacturing in Union shops, which has forced many of our manufacturers to move to other countries, like China, so that they can afford to stay in business!  The Unions have forced several companies out of St. Louis, like the GM Plant and Boeing, because the Union would rather give up their jobs than stop forcing higher costs on the manufacturers!  One of the strongest examples of these actions is Hostess Bakeries, which offered higher benefits to their Union members but, to the Union, it wasn’t high enough, so Hostess went out of business and sold the company!  And all of those Union employees are now out of work!

I have some personal experience with Unions:  Back in 1976, I got a job at a plant that made parts for the F-16 t hat was Union and non-Union, meaning that I didn’t have to join the Union to work there.  But, as a vet, I took my job very seriously and worked as hard as I could to get my job done.  My supervisor even told his boss that I was one of his best employees!  Then came the day when he came to me and told me that he had to let me go.  When I asked him why, he told me that the Union was complaining to Management about me working “too hard” and making them look bad!  They said they would go on a strike if I wasn’t let go, so I had to go!  I know this sounds like some kind of “egotistical lie” , but it’s absolutely true!  And, when I got out of the Service, I tried to get a job at the new GM Plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but I was refused because I was told that they “only hired Union members and Union family members”!  They refused a combat vet a job simply because I wasn’t “family”!  Many of our businesses are dominated by Union control in many of our states because there are no laws to protect those who don’t want to join the Unions!  Several states have put into effect “Right To Work” laws that allow manufacturers the power to either hire Union members, or non-Union members, and these laws protect the Rights of non-Union members to get the jobs they want, without having to bow down to the Union leaders!  But many haven’t and the Unions are still in power!

When the Unions first came into effect, it was a great idea.  But now, they are no more than a powerful tool to the Progressive Party!  When we had a Tea Party Rally here in St. Louis in 2010, Union members beat up a Black man selling hats and other materials to the people who came to the Rally.  And they also beat up an elderly woman!  Their actions weren’t meant to stop the Rally, they were meant to scare Tea Party people and keep them from attending any future rallies, but it didn’t work!  We had a Protest Rally when Obama came to town, with hundreds of true Americans standing up and voicing their anger at him!  But the Unions hired a large group of homeless street people and put them out against us!  And guess which group the TV stations paid the most attention to?  Well, since most people working on TV stations are Unionized, the Unions got the most attention!

The time has come for the “Right To Work” laws to be placed in every state, so that Unions can no longer be bullies to our Manufacturing Base, allowing us to bring it back from China!  There’s a sign up in west St. Louis that says “Right To Work hurts all Missourians!”  It was placed there by the Unions.  And many people are buying that statement, believing that it’s true.  But the only group that will suffer under the Right To Work law we have been trying to initiate in Missouri will be the Unions!  It will take away their power to command how our businesses are run and will allow companies to hire anyone they want to, without the fear of the Unions trying to force non-Union employees to join a Union!  And the non-Union employees will find many more jobs available to them because Businesses will be more willing to expand their businesses when the Unions are gone!

The Unions are the Progressive’s tool to tear down our Manufacturing Base and destroy our strength as a nation and they need to go!  So work with your state’s Representatives to put a Right To Work Bill into your state’s law and tear down the destructive power of Unions in America!  We have to destroy the Progressive Movement one step at a time, and getting the Unions out of power will be a major step in the right direction!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Michael one of your best Blogs if I had your talent I would have written the same thing .

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