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Back in 2009, the second year of Obama’s First Term, the show “V” returned to broadcast TV.  It was a remake of the original from 1984 and followed the same message as the first.  A large group of Alien ships set themselves in place over all of the world’s major cities and presented themselves as a people who wanted to “help” humans live better, safer lives.  They had a very beautiful female leader and she promised everything that the people of Earth wanted to hear, and it was very similar to Obama and his actions!  Whenever there was a problem that might have exposed their true intentions, they would find a human to place the blame on and make him look like everything bad was his idea, not theirs.  And the people of Earth bowed down to them and followed their ideals.  But there was more to it than that; they didn’t want us to share their world, they wanted us to become their slaves, to use us to fulfill their own goals, not ours!  There was a group of patriots who stood up for the people of Earth, and they were made to look like a bunch of whackos but, in the end, they won because they wouldn’t quit fighting for the people of Earth!  I thought it was a great show, but it was dropped.  Not because it wasn’t popular, as the Station Managers said, but because it was waking people up to the truth of the Obama Administration!  You can watch it on Internet TV, and I suggest you do because, with all of the actions of the Obama Administration over the past 5 years, it becomes very easy to see what is really happening; that lies are used as tools to take control over the American people to remove our Freedoms from our lives!

Now the “Hunger Games” have become the newest popular films and the latest one “Catching Fire” is out and it is becoming the most popular film this year!  It’s about a government that controls everything concerning the lives of the people it is supposed to serve!  The people are so poor that they have little food and terrible living conditions, yet the Government and its followers have to take pills to make themselves throw up, so that they can eat more food!  Their homes are extravagant, and their lives are the dreams of everyone else!   If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I am talking about, if not, I would suggest you go see it.  It shows the truth of what is happening here is America, where the people don’t monitor their government to ensure that their personal rights are protected!  The leader of the society is a man who knows how to smile and lie, and he does it in a way that makes him look exactly like what the people want!  He has no concern for any of the people, yet he tells them that every idea he has is exactly what they need!  And the members of the government suck up to him, and they do it because it gives them everything they want, while the people starve!  We have a President who lies and works to place his own controls over our lives, yet he always looks like he is exactly what the people need!  And the members of the Progressive Party, I’m sorry, the Democratic Party, will work with him and sign any Bill he wants without even reading it, like the Obama Care Bill, because they want to be his “friend”, not his enemy!  And, while all of this goes on in DC, our lives are being ruined and our lifestyles are diminishing!

Over 3 million people have already been forced off of their own personal Health Care Insurance because it doesn’t fit with the Obama Care requirements!  And those requirements are things like “Birth Control” and “Child Birth” medical expenses for men, and “Testicular Cancer” medical expenses for women!  Those people had better Health Care plans than Obama Care, and they covered only the things that the people wanted and it was affordable!  But Obama’s “Affordable Health Care Bill” is anything but “affordable” because it has raised the rates of every American who already had their own policies,  and many Business Owners have been forced to put their employees on part-time positions because they can’t afford the insurance required for full-time employees!  Yet, as in the special treatment in The Hunger Games, Congress and Obama are not required to take part in Obama Care!  And all of the suck-ups to Obama and his Administration, such as the Unions and the people who gave him money for his election funds, are also exempted!  Add to that; in a time where it is very difficult for every American to earn enough money to provide for their family’s needs, Obama and his family use our tax money to fly around the world and enjoy vacations that cost the citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars for each trip!

If you haven’t seen “The Hunger Games” or you have friends who haven’t seen it, go see it!  It will explain a lot to people about how their lives are going down the path of destruction, while our politicians get fat on their own “Special Lives”!  Watch the lies and manipulations of the Leader and you will see Obama and his Administration in action!  When I walked out of the theater I heard people talking, and many were making comments like “that seems familiar”, and “is that where we’re going?”, and they were not Conservatives!  This movie will help you explain the path that we are headed down, and it will help you change people’s’ minds!  There are a lot of lessons in “V” and the “Hunger Games” that expose the truth of our government and they are great tools to use to get the young to pay attention to the truth!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Brian says:

    I hear you Michael. Our military has suffered so much, and will continue to do so until this POS is out of office!

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