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I have had many people ask me “What is a Conservative?”  Well, a true Conservative is not all of the lies that the Progressives put out in public as the “truth”!  Conservatives believe in the Constitution that formed our nation.  Conservatives believe in better lives for every family and the opportunity to build a strong future for our children.  Conservatives are not “racists”; we want everyone, from every race, to have an equal opportunity for a good life, not “special opportunities” for “special groups”, or “special treatment” for anyone who isn’t willing to work to build their own futures.  We know that the more we make it comfortable for businesses to produce products that the public want to buy, the more businesses we will have, which means more jobs.  And more jobs means better futures for every American!  And we know the truth about “Global Warming”; it is a huge scam used by Progressives to destroy our economy and to make our cost of living so high that it would ruin our economy, and it is working!  Our nation is the only nation that has practiced Environmental changes that cleaned up our manufacturing base.  But the Progressives made the cost of manufacturing so high, by instilling unnecessary “Environmental Laws and Taxes” that it forced our manufacturers to move overseas, taking all of our jobs to other nations like China and India!  And they have no Environmental Laws and are producing a much greater amount of carbon gases into our atmosphere!  And they dump all of their waste into the oceans, including nuclear waste, and that is destroying our oceans and we are still the ones blamed for it!  Why?  Because you can’t destroy a nation that is doing the “right thing”, so they make every action by our country to improve the world look “bad”!

And Christianity built America; our Forefathers were Christians who wanted a better life for their people, so they sacrificed everything to ensure that we would live in a nation of Free People!  And, because of those good Christians, we became the first truly Free Nation in the world!  And that freedom allowed us to build the greatest nation in the world!  And it was all built on Christian values!  But the freedom to be who you want to be was not limited to Christians; I am an atheist and I live as I choose and I have never been discriminated against by any Christian group!  It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish or Hindu; you are allowed to live as you choose and have the freedom to speak as you wish!  And the Progressives know the true value of Christian values, so they go after Christians and try to destroy every freedom they have to believe as they wish!  Christmas has always been the day of celebration of the day that Jesus Christ was born.  Hanukkah is the celebration of the Jewish Religion and it is fully acceptable in America.  But the Progressives attack Christianity on every opportunity with law suits, protests and efforts to destroy the religion!  Christmas can no longer be seen as an “exclusive Holiday” because Progressives say it is unfair to all Americans who are not Christians but, for my entire life, everyone who wanted to celebrated Christmas was allowed to, with no limitations as to how, even if they weren’t Christians!  But, since Christmas is the biggest holiday in our nation, Progressives want it destroyed because they don’t believe that anyone should practice Christianity with total freedom!  Progressives want the true values and honor of Christians and Christmas removed from our country, because it leads people down a path of good values and honorable lives!

I have been alive for a long time now, and I have watched the Progressive movement build in our great nation.  I am not telling you things I have been told, I am telling you things I have seen and know about, personally!  Back in the early ’50s, after we won WWII, the Russians wanted to take down our country.  But they knew they couldn’t do it with force, because our military was so strong, and because we had a huge number of combat experienced Veterans that would stand against them!  The ruling force in Russia was the Communists, and they ruled over the people with an iron fist, and every American knew about it and didn’t want any form of Communism in the US!  So they began sneaking their more of their own people into America, to have them find a way to work against our government from the inside out.  They couldn’t call their movement in America “Communist” because we had seen so many things about how people in Russia had been murdered by their own government and how it dominated their daily lives and commanded how they lived!  So, back then, they called themselves “Socialists”.  And, since  the Socialist Movement had been in America since back in the 1800s, they already had a base to work from. And the name “Socialist” fit their needs, because they wanted people to see them as “working on Social issues, for the people”.   And it was all lies; all they were really doing was finding ways to build up the cost of living in America, to try to ruin our lifestyle by making it too expensive to live as we wished.  They attached themselves to every group that felt that it was being held down by the government!  When Martin Luther King started standing up for rights of Blacks, it was Christian Republicans who stood with him.  And it was the Democratic Party that stood against him; it was the Democratic Party that the Socialists had infiltrated back in beginning of our nation and were working to gain full control over!  Also; the Socialists wanted to look like heroes so, to protect themselves on both sides, while the Democratic leaders stood against the Blacks, the Progressives stood up as the people that wanted full freedoms for Blacks!  That way; they caused the problem,  and looked like they were the only ones that could fix it!  And, now; Blacks forget about all of the Christian Americans who stood with them, the same people that, when Lincoln was President, stood up to fight for the freedom of Blacks in America, while the Democrats stood for slavery!  And, never forget that it was the Democrats that built the KKK!  And it is the Democrats that built the new form of slavery; sucking off the governmental teat of Welfare!

Then came the Vietnam War; there was so much fear of being drafted to fight that some students stood up to protest against the Draft.  And the Socialists saw the opportunity to make a huge push for power and they took over the “Anti-War Movement”!  I was in the Army, in Vietnam in 1968, when the Anti-War Movement went after the Democrats in Chicago, at their National Convention in Chicago.  The Socialists used this advantage to take over the Democratic Party, as it was weakened and the Republicans won.  And people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Bill and Hillary Clinton were the Socialist hippies that were working with the movement against our troops and our country!  They destroyed the lives of so many Vietnam veterans and caused a very large group of vets to commit suicide because they were called “Crazy Vets” and “Murderers”!   And that kept so many of my brothers from running for political offices, and that opened up the opportunity for the Socialists to take control over our government by taking those positions!  Now, since they no longer fear having to hide the truth about themselves from the people of America, they now call themselves “Progressives”!  And they use the name “Progressive” because it makes them sound like they are working for “Progress”, but it’s all a lie!  Before they started taking power in 1968, there were jobs for everyone who wanted to work in America!  Most families who wanted to own a home did so!  Our schools were the best in the world!  We were the nation that all other nations looked to if they needed help!  We were the only nation to have put a man in space!  We were the only nation that put a man on the Moon!  America was the greatest nation in the world, and everyone in the world knew it!  But since the Progressives have taken over, we have one of the worst school systems in the world!  We don’t have enough jobs to provide everyone with a personal means to provide for their families!  A great many Americans have lost their own homes!  We have a weakened military and we have lost respect from all of the other nations!  Our economy, which had been the greatest in the world, is now in the pits!  And our Health Care system has gone from the best in the world to one of the worst!  And we have Progressives to blame for all this!  Yet they say they have made all of our lives so much better!

Beware the future put in place by the Progressives!  We need  to work to bring back America to the nation it once was; one that was respected by people around the world, one that was safe, because no other nation wanted to attack us!  Our country has gone d0wn the path to destruction and the elections next year will be the turning point; we either take back our nation and return it to a Republic of the People, or we will lose everything!  The cliff is coming, Americans; turn around, or jump off!  It’s up to you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

Please check out this website, it was developed by a friend of mine, a Russian who came to America for Freedom, but he found himself looking at the power of Communism taking over:




  1. That pretty much what I told to our mutual friend Marie, only much shorter, But with your same values .

  2. DAVID WISSLER says:

    Looks like you and Alex have made a pact, Peace and God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving Dave


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