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Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to take control.  He wanted to make sure that things worked exactly as he wanted, with no real concern for those who followed him.  He held a legitimate job that gave him a great deal of unearned respect and he used that respect for his own gains, regardless of the harm it did to the people who followed him.  So he used his position to pressure his ideals onto the followers, forcing them to invest money into his plans to take over the system and gain total control, building power and money for himself.  He made up an idea that he knew everyone would follow as long as he promised them everything they wanted, even though it was all lies!  He pushed everyone to invest into his ideals, to sacrifice the very programs they had built to protect them and their families, but it didn’t matter to him as long as he got exactly what he wanted!  He told people that they had nothing to worry about, that everything would work out exactly as he promised, and it was those promises that built the idea of the “perfect future”! But, in the end, everything began to fall apart, so he had to speak in a manner that made it look like it was someone else’s fault, not him!  But, no matter how badly he had hurt his followers, no matter how much it destroyed their lives, he stood himself as “innocent” until the end!

Who is this man?  I know what many of you are thinking because it brought the same name into my mind when I thought about writing this rant:  “Obama”!  But, it wasn’t Obama, it was Bernie Madoff!  Funny how similar Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme fits so closely to the Obama Care program, isn’t it?  No!  Not funny at all!  Because both programs operate in the same manner; make people give them their money, while their own personal programs are thrown out, giving both men more power while they destroy your lives!  And both programs shown to the people had many, many hidden policies that made things worse for the investors, while the Sucker Fish of life built their power!  There is absolutely no difference between the planning of Obama Care and Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme!  Funny thing is, Madoff got a 150 year Prison Sentence, yet Obama still sits as President!

I heard on FOX News the other day a woman who spoke about her and her husband’s Health Care Plan.  She said that they were in their ’60s, that they had this plan for most of their lives and had paid into it for a great many years.  She said that  they had to pay $1,000 a year to keep it.  Now, because of Obama Care, her insurance company had called and told her that they could no longer insure them because the policy did not meet all of the requirements of Obama Care, including things like “Childbirth Insurance” which they would never need!  She was crying and she said that she didn’t know what was going to happen to all of the money they had paid in!  This is what is going to happen to a great many Americans that had their own quality insurance but now have to become part of Obama Care!  And don’t forget that this all came about because 18% of the people in this country did not have their own Health Insurance and Obama wanted to make sure they got it!  And, out of that 18%, 5% were people young enough to feel they didn’t need it and 14% were ILLEGALS!

I’m not going to keep explaining this, so I have one simple thing to say:  Obama Care has to end and Obama needs to be impeached for pushing this on the American people!  Do you agree?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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