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One of the worst parts of our history in America was the Slavery in our country!  And I think it’s important to describe the truth of slavery, so I will do my best to explain it.  There were a great many Plantations with slaves in the South and they switched from White slaves (Indentured Servants), as they had in the North, to Blacks because, when Blacks ran off, it was easy to find them because they couldn’t hide in a White population.  There were a great many plantations that used their slaves in a brutal, cruel manner; whippings, beatings, rapes and other forms of violence was a sense of power for the Owners, and the perversion of physical destruction was a great stain over the honor of our country for many, many years!  There were some plantations where the slave-owners were more kind and treated their slave as human beings, but they were still slaves, owned by other people and no future of happiness was ever guaranteed and the binding pain of slavery existed, regardless of how the owners treated their slaves!

Not meaning anything demeaning in this, but I want to use some animals as an example of how kind slavery can be bad:  Many people who own dogs take good care of them; they feed them, play with them and live their daily lives with their four-legged friends.  But, when things go bad, many dogs are put into shelters where they will either be adopted, or “put to sleep” if no one wants them.  A very loving dog can wind up suffering a terrible life if, when adopted, it is taken by a person who beats them, doesn’t feed them well and chains them to a tree where they live every hour of every day!  The reason I am mentioning this is that, regardless of who, or what you are, when your life is controlled by someone else, it will follow the path of the person that owns you, not the path you would want to follow yourself!

That brings me to the idea of Progressive control over the people of our country; they want Big Government to control your life, to tell you how you can live and what your life will be like!  Look at Obama Care; it sounded like a great idea with people being allowed to keep the insurance they wanted and all treatment to be affordable to all Americans.  But it’s not, and the proof has been coming out on a daily basis!  We will be following the same path that Canada and Australia have fallen into, where there will be “Death Panels” who will decide who can get needed health care by using their own information to regulate the “need”!  I used to live in Florida and I remember all of the Canadians who came down there so that they could get the treatment they needed that was denied them by their own government!  And I remember every Floridian I talked with that told me there was “no way they would ever want the same thing!”  But it’s here….

So let’s look at the new Modern Slavery:  When you go to school, you don’t learn the truth, you don’t know about our real history as a nation, you learn what the government wants you to know, and it’s called “Common Core”!  Now, when you get out of school, there are no jobs available because the Obama Care plan is forcing businesses to diminish their workforces in order to be able to stay in business,  Now, you either live with your parents, or go on Welfare!  So you are put into the governmental controlled lifestyle of Welfare, Food Stamps and Obama Care!  There will be no choices as to how you want to live because it will be hard to find a job that will allow you to build a better lifestyle for yourself and your family!  And, because there will be fewer people with full-time work, there will be less tax money available for the National Programs you have to live on, and the benefits will decrease because the funding will be falling off!  So you will eat whatever the Government feels is the right thing for you, you will live in whatever accommodations the Government feels is the right thing for you, and you will have to suffer the only medical treatments available to you under Government regulations, because there won’t be enough doctors to take care of all of the sick people, and the Death Panels will decide who gets treated and who doesn’t, and who lives and who dies!  Funny, but doesn’t that sound like slavery?

That’s where we are headed with the governmental path that has been laid out; there won’t be anymore options to work, no possibilities to make a good living by creating your own business, and you will work under the whip of the government!  There will be jobs; they will change the Welfare system to a situation where you will have to work for the government in order to get your necessities of life, and you won’t have any personal options because the government will decide where you will work and how hard you will work!  And you won’t be paid; you will receive food vouchers and rent vouchers to cover the cost of your life!  And the Great American Dream of making your own future will die off, because you didn’t stand up and fight the buildup of Governmental Domination!  Watch the old movie “1984”, or the new one “Hunger Games” and you will see exactly where the Progressives are trying to take our country!  And, if you don’t stand up now and help to put an end to all of this, that’s exactly where you are headed!

We have an election coming up next year and we need to remove every single politician from DC that has more than two terms in office and replace them with people who understand the necessity of saving our country so that we can bring it back to what it once was; a nation of the people, by the people and for the people!  And I believe it’s a very good idea to look to Veterans who have served their time in the military fighting for their country in a war; they will fully understand their oaths to “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic!”  We need honor back in our government, not greed, power-hunger and self-interest in our politicians!  Don’t just vote; research the person you are voting for and make sure they are honest!  Now is the time for true Conservatives to take back the Republican Party and make it a true Party of the people, with a serious interest in guaranteeing the strength of America as the true Republic it is supposed to be!  I can’t tell you everything you need to do, but you have to find your own way to stand up for our country and save it from the destruction of the Progressives and their policies of economical slavery for the American people!  Don’t just sit around and bitch; do something!  It’s up to us to fix our futures, we are the ones that have to stand and make our government responsible to the people!  I’m not going to stop; how about you?  Do you really want to be a governmental slave…….


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Michael very good article but for this veteran you got to speed things up I am getting pretty old you may only be able to use me as a speed bump

    Joe Werner

    • Mike Kilgus says:

      Well, if that’s what happens, you’d make a damned good speed bump! Joe, you’re a good man and I know that you will do everything you can to stand up for America!

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