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I have been reading all of the blogs about the Obama Care Problems, the Benghazi problem and all of the other things happening in DC.  I know that, to all of the people now reading this, it is new information, and it’s good that all of that information is getting out to the voters!  And I appreciate every single person who takes the time to read these articles then put them out for the public to view, as that is the new way of educating the voters to the idiocy of DC!  But, to me; most of it is simply “Yada, yada, yada…..  Why?  Because I worked with most of the idiots running DC and I know that they are almost all nothing but a bunch of self-interested, power-hungry egotists!

When Pelosi came out and made her nonsensical comment that “We have to pass the Bill so that you can read it”, she was stating the absolute truth:  Our Congressional leaders don’t write the majority of the Bills, their Aides do!  Then they hand the Bill over to the Congressman or Senator and are asked if they feel it should be signed by them, and the Aides say “yes”!  Then the Bill is signed and put before Congress for votes!  The reason the Members of Congress sign the Bills is because they trust their Aides, and that is a huge mistake because their Aides make sure that their own interests are covered by the Bills!  Everyone in a Congressional Office gain something by every Bill passed by Congress because they ensure their own interests are covered by the Bill!  So; what are our Members of Congress doing while all of that is going on?  Going to fancy dinners, spending time with Special Interest Representatives, going on Congressional trips that are nothing more than high dollar vacations paid for by voters, playing golf and simply enjoying their days in DC!  Why do you think that, when you CSPAN, that they don’t normally have the cameras on anything but the person speaking?  Because there is usually no one else in the Hall!  They enjoy their fancy lives and depend on people who have not been elected by the people to put together laws for them to vote on!

The reason that our government was initially set-up to only go to DC a couple of times a year was to ensure that our elected leaders would be spending the majority of their time with the people who elected them!  Our Forefathers feared that having a government that would separate itself from the people, by never having to spend anymore time than necessary to be re-elected by the voters, would allow for a self-interested leadership that worked  only for itself, not the people who elected it!  And that is the point that we have reached!  The only people who get any real “personal time” with our governmental leaders are Special Interest Groups and others that ensure that our governmental leaders gain money and power!  And, since we have no Term Limits, the longer they are in DC, the more corrupt and self-interested they get!  And anyone who doesn’t believe this is an idiot!

I have spent the last 27 years of my life trying to wake people up to the corruption and greed of our Political leaders and now they are waking up!  Life was too easy for them to pay attention before Obama took power, but he has gone to the limits of our government to change the American way of life and it has become far too obvious now for the citizens not to be able to see the controls they are trying to place on all of us!  And the Internet is the tool that has pried open the door to the corruption of our leaders!  Now it is the responsibility of the people to act, to work together to end the anger created between all of the various groups in our country by our leaders, to keep the attention of the voters off of their actions!  They need to keep us separated, in order to shift our focus from their actions to simple anger between groups and we need to end it and stand together as Americans!  We need to end the dominance of Special Interests over our government and our Rights and Freedoms!  We need to end “lifetime terms” in office and put Term Limits in place!  We need to destroy the “Washington, DC home” for our politicians and get them back to the very places they are elected to serve!  They should go to DC only when needed and, except for emergencies, that should only be twice a year for a period of two weeks!  If that worked for our Forefathers when they only had horses and mules, it should work a great deal easier for politicians that have phones, planes and the Internet!

It is our country and it is our responsibility to change things!  We can’t depend on others to do what is right, we have to depend on ourselves!  We need to ensure that our tax dollars go only to programs that are needed, programs that cannot be put in place by our States!  We need to end the “World Support” that our tax dollars are used for, especially now, when the majority of that money goes to nations that hate us!  America is for Americans, and our tax dollars should only be used for American citizens!  Let the rest of the world grow, or fall on its own; it’s not our responsibility to ensure that they succeed!  The only responsibility that Americans have is to America!  And the primary Constitutional responsibility that our government has is to protect our nation and ensure the safety of Americans, and they fail at that every single day!  The time has come to stop whining and start standing up d your voices heard!  The time has come for Americans to be Americans!  This is our country, it is a Christian Nation, not a muslim nation, and if we are to ensure that it remains a free country, we have to make our government responsible!  Politicians destroy free nations, good citizens build them!  So; are you part of the solution, or simply part of the problem……


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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