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On January 1, 1942, 26 nations came together and pledged to fight the Nazis in WWII; that union became unofficially named the “United Nations”.  On October 24, 1945, all of the nations that had been involved in the war joined together to officially become the United Nations.  And that’s the point at which the United States began its downfall into the mess we live in today!  WWI and WWII were wars we were dragged into because of the French people being unable to stand up and fight their own wars, just as how we got involved in Vietnam!  And one of our biggest enemies after the War was Russia, who had an equal standing with the US in the UN.  China, who also chose to become our enemy had standing within the UN.  So we wound up standing together with other nations that hated us in order to try to rebuild the world!

All throughout the history of the UN, large amounts of money has been transferred to “desperate nations” that needed “assistance for their people”, yet the very large majority of that money wound up stacked in the nations’ leaders banks, for their use, not their people’s!  A good example of this is North Korea where the people suffer greatly, but their “Supreme Leader”, Kim Jung-un, lives like Obama in the White House!  And they use the majority of that money to build weapons to attack the one nation they claim to be their enemy; America!  And many of those nations have developed Nuclear Materials with some gaining Nuclear Weapons!  And the sad part of all this is that the US has to be the primary nation in putting this money out to those nations, while everyone else gives little, or nothing!  And where does that money come from?  US taxpayers!  We are giving enemies the money they need to build weapons to attack us!  And that’s not the worst part!

Our government has seen some really weird need to educate and train students from nations that declare their hatred for the US and those students use what they have learned to plot against us!  How many times have you heard about Chinese or muslim students that have stolen technology, including military technology, and took it back to their home country!  And we train their people at such a high level that they can use their new skills to come up with their own weapons to use against us!  And we have not only taught them everything about our mechanical weaponry, we have taught them the things they need to develop chemical weapons, genetic weapons and now Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, or “EMPs”!  Did you ever wonder why North Korea spends so much time shooting Missiles into space and exploding them?  Because, if they can fire a workable EMP into the right location above the US, they could shut down our entire country’s electrical system!  Cars with computer systems, trains, the Internet, power systems; everything!  And we trained them!

Then look at what we did to help them rebuild their nations by helping them sell their goods in the US; it is hard to find anything that is made in the US anymore!  China dominates us through their manufacturing base, which it used to destroy ours!  And we opened our Stock Market to foreign investors by giving those investors the economic opportunity to get rich!  And now they dominate our Stock Market through manipulation of our stocks, and the worst enemies our government’s financial base have are George Soros and China!  They own everything now!  Yet our governmental leaders continue to send “Global Assistance” funds to nations like China, that takes in more profit now than we do, and muslim nations like Egypt, Syria and Algeria who are members of the UN and vote as to where those funds go, which includes their own nations!  We have become the World’s “Food Stamp Daddy!”

We have built up the power of those nations that hate us, we have taught them how to build the things they need to attack us and we have given them the funds they need to do so!  That is utter stupidity!  Why are we supporting the UN when the UN has become dominated by those nations that hate us?  How does it even begin to make sense anymore?  And now the UN is trying to expand its authority by getting our governmental leaders to try to pass laws that go against our Constitutional Rights, but follow UN mandates!   If I were ever elected President the first thing I would do is pull us out of the UN and get the UN out of the US!  I would pull our troops out of every one of their nations and bring them home and place them on our borders, to protect the one country that actually appreciates them!  No more American troops to be used as “mercenaries” for other nations!  Then I would close our borders and have every single illegal in the US returned home to where they came from!  Then we could start rebuilding our own manufacturing base and rebuild our nation’s dollar!  We would have jobs and decent lives for all Americans!  We would protect Americans Rights and lifestyles, their safety and wellness and the rest of the world can either grow on its own or fall; that’s their problem not ours!  We no longer need to give money to other countries to help their people when our own damned people need help!  So, my fellow patriots; let’s start the push to get our leaders to get us out of the UN!  It’s killing America and it needs to go!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom says:

    I could not agree more Mike. The November elections offer us a chance to turn things around. Lets not waste what could be our last chance to recover from what is happening now. The November elections will also be a path to the 2016 elections.
    To all who read this, reach out to as many people as you can. Let’s not leave it to the next guy. Put the beer down and get off the sofa. If each of us reach out to just one person, the numbers could greatly improve. Just my two cents.

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