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We are facing the “Debt Ceiling Crisis” next week and I believe that the average citizen has no idea of just how big a lie all of this is.  Our expected income from taxes for 2014 is estimated, BY THE GOVERNMENT, to be $3 Trillion Dollars.  The estimated payment on our loans from the lenders who hold our loans is around $240 Billion, leaving our government with $2.760 Trillion Dollars to cover our yearly debt!  We can manage our debt and still pay our own bills, but it would require cutting of unnecessary government programs and ending the employment of “Non-essential” government employees.  And the simple name “Non-essential” employees means that those employees are not needed in their jobs, they are just hired to give them a job!  And, in any profitable business, “Non-essential” employees do not exist!  Then we can go after every government program that was put into place by some Member of Congress just to make his name as a “Great Leader”!  I’m not going to go into depth on this because all the facts are out there, but this is all a made up issue, just like shutting down Veterans’ Memorials and the Government failing in its responsibilities to our Military members who died while supporting our great nation!  And, just in case you have any doubt this is the truth; go to our Constitution, the 14th Amendment, Section 4, and you will see that the Government is required to balance the budget every year!  All this is is games and politics and we, the very people who elected these idiots are going to be the only ones who will suffer because our “Great leaders” will ensure that they will cover their own asses and protect ONLY THEIR OWN INTERESTS!  My personal opinion is to let this go on and see who truly steps up to fix things, then give our full support to doing so!  If it does happen, the budget will have to be balanced, and the best way to start it would be to end all pay and benefits to Congress and the President and his Administration until things get worked out!  And, if they get mad and want to quit because they don’t think it’s fair for them to suffer, while they screw us; throw them in prison for a minimum of ten years!  And put in place a Constitutional Amendment that would require the same to happen every single year that they don’t balance our budget!  Just an idea, but I think it’s a good one because the time has come for responsible leadership in our country!

One last thing; in case you are wondering who will profit from all of this trouble;  Start with George Soros, the muslim nations and China…..

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