When I was in High School I had a Government Class teacher who was a WWII vet and he told me that we had to worry about the Communists/Socialists taking over our government and destroying our country.  He explained how he believed they would do it, and he was absolutely correct!  He said they would go after our School System first, then our Manufacturing Base and, finally, our Military.  That was back in 1966 and, since then, they have slowly taken everything over and the America I knew back then is gone and we now live in a Communist/Socialist/Progressive (all the same, different names) idealistic nation!  Let me break this all down for you:

1.  We had the greatest Educational System in the world back in the ’60s.  Because of our Educational System, we were the most inventive country in the world and we had gone to Outer Space and were the first nation to land on the Moon!  We were so far ahead of the rest of the world that it is now 44 years later and no other nation has managed to even fly near the Moon!  The only reason other nations are even getting close to being there now is because we have given them access to our Space Station and are training them in how to do so!  But, back in the ’60s, the Progressives began taking over teaching positions in our Colleges and they changed the teaching from working to succeed, the true History of our nation and the need to work to continue our success as a great nation, to teaching all of their students “how evil” America is and how all America wants to do is destroy the rest of the world!  Then, once their students gained access to teaching positions in our Elementary, Junior High and High Schools, they began teaching “Common Core” policies that taught that no student is better, or smarter than any other student and that America is “evil” and that we need to make up for our lack of concern for other countries!  Now, in our government-run schools, all students are equal, none have to do anything at all to graduate and they are all taught that they deserve whatever they want and are not supposed to be responsible for their own needs!

2.  In order to destroy our manufacturing base they developed policies that made it so expensive for businesses to operate that they were forced overseas to nations that had no limitations on them making their goods there.  To begin their attacks on our Manufacturing Base they created Government Agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy and the Department of Labor which were used to over-tax and over regulate our businesses to allow them to force our Manufacturing Base out of the US, removing good jobs and forcing our citizens to enter a government-run lifestyle of Unemployment Checks, Welfare and Government-run Health Care!  Here is a list of Federally run Governmental agencies:  http://www.usa.gov/  then go to Federal Agencies, then click on Alphabetic List.  It won’t allow for a “Copy/Paste”, even though it pastes the correct address, it won’t allow direct access.  Typical government bull!

3.  They have weakened our military by cutting budget items like weapons and food, Military Benefits and forcing our Military Members to live with open gayness and the plan of forcing women into extreme combat situations.  When I was in the Army back in the late ’60s, we had gay men in our units but, like every other soldier, their sexual preference was something they expressed when off duty, in private time!  Only in rare situations were they picked on, and that was only because they brought their gayness to open attention!  And we have very many courageous women in our military now and they stand proudly with their brothers.  But there are many combat situations that the average woman would find extremely difficult to take part in, mainly because of the extreme physical conditions required in those situations.  If there is a woman that is physically capable for situations like that, they can use their own option to take the exact same physical tests that the men take and, if she passes, she can join the unit.  Those exams are set up for the survivability of the unit and many men can’t pass it and don’t become a part of the unit and women need to follow the same rules.  By forcing open gayness into the military they are making it very uncomfortable for straight men to be in their units and is is causing fewer re-enlistments, which removes experienced troops from our forces.  And, if women are forced into combat, their will be more female casualties and war-scarred female veterans.  And that is the progressive plan.

Up through the early ’90s, the US was  the most successful nation in the world; we had the strongest economy, the greatest Manufacturing Base and the strongest Military in the world!  But, when the Clintons came into power, everything began to change and, now that Obama is in power, the Progressives are on a full-on push to destroy our great nation!  They have involved us in the UN’s Globalization Policy and have begun destroying every strength of our great nation!  We worry more about the interests of other nations and our taxpayers pay to make them stronger while the number of jobs in our nation is dissolving, forcing large numbers of workers into Unemployment Benefits and Welfare, which decreases our tax base, forcing us to borrow from China, which further destroys our economy and our credibility as a nation!  And where does a large amount of the money borrowed from China go?  It goes to protect the “Rights” of illegals in our nation and off to other nations’ leaders  to allow them to strengthen their nations as our economy goes straight down the toilet!

We are Americans, this is America, and we need to stop worrying about other nations and their economies!  We need to rebuild America and bring back our Manufacturing Base so that Americans can have good jobs with decent incomes; so that Americans can benefit from American strengths!  If the rest of the world falls apart, that is their problem, not ours!  The way things are going, we are headed into food shortages because our money allows other nations to grow their populations without their own food sources, so we “have to share”!  And we are paying high gas prices because people in nations where our manufacturing base has gone now have cars and they need gas!  And we have allowed China to build the strongest military in the world because we give them the money to do so; and the Chinese Government hates America!  And it is hoarding all the food, gold and other necessities it can get its hands on!  We support muslim nations by buying their oil and the Koran tells them to hate, and kill all infidels, meaning us!  We used to run the UN, but now it is run by nations that disrespect and hate us!  And, since we have shipped all businesses overseas to nations that don’t require the same anti-pollution laws we have, the level of carbon gas has jumped way up!  And, guess what; they are still blaming us!  So; let’s stop being the world’s “whipping boy” and stop worrying about the rest of the world!  Let’s get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US!  We are the citizens of this nation so let’s get every single illegal and “America-hating” muslim out of the US!  Let’s rebuild our strengths and rebuild or nation and worry only about America and Americans!  Time is running out; stand up, or bow down!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. JOSEPH WERNER says:

    Great but is it to late???

    Joe\Yussie Werner      

  2. Only if everyone just gives up! It’s our country and our responsibility to save it!

  3. Tom, 57th AHC says:

    You covered the bases well, Mike. I had a sociology professor in college back in the early 70’s who said the same thing as your high school teacher. The brain washing of students continues. Our educational system has been infiltrated a long time ago. It was a well formulated plan by liberals. Now they not only control our educational system, but our government as well. A six pack of beer, a couch, football and baseball, allowed them to sneak right in and take over. We have no one to blame but ourselves. They had an agenda and were successful in carrying it out.

  4. It was a wonderful article . My heart tells me we are already doomed , but my mind says our country might just come to its senses and send us a savior like you and me .Joe\Yussie

  5. Again Michael your right on I am no Genius what is it the Libs see other then a freebie on life .There was no need for Obama care other then just another way to destroy our Government

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