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I just can’t make through today without writing about 9/11.  I will never get that morning out of my head, nor do I want to; I woke up after the first plane hit the Trade Center and watching the second plane hit it tore a hole right through my veteran patriotic heart!  I will never forget watching President Bush stand up as the leader of our great nation with a strong pride for our country and a stronger drive to make those responsible for the butchering of our citizens!  Bush was never my favorite President. but he gained my total respect as the man who led us through those horrible times!

Now we have a full-on Progressive President and things have gone terribly wrong and our nation has become the laughing stock of the world!  Right after his election, his wife, a woman who has lived a life of luxury, said that it was the first time she “was proud” of America!  She claimed that she had suffered a life full of White bigotry, yet she had been living a life that most of us can only dream about!  When I worked on the Hill in DC, I learned that it was the responsibility of our President to never apologize for any actions of our country, or to ever bow to a foreign leader!  Yet the first things he did was go on a “World Apology Tour”, then he met with the muslim leader of a nation that hates us and he bowed down to him!  Following that, he worked to shred the honor of our military and actually cut so much of the funds to our military that our soldiers suffer for necessary equipment and supplies!  And he used the BP explosion to pretty much shut down our offshore drilling, even though other nations take advantage of our offshore reserves!  And don’t forget the Keystone Pipeline that could end our dependency on foreign oil!

Now we are going through the anniversary of our 12th year since 9/11 and we have to look back at the fact that he really didn’t want our Special Ops guys to actually get Bin Laden, and we wouldn’t have gotten him that day if our guys had not begun the action on their own, to kill the man who butchered so many Americans, so he couldn’t back off!  And don’t forget those brave souls that had to sacrifice in Benghazi, because he was “too busy playing golf” to give them the support they needed to survive!  And this is only a very, very small amount of the actions he has taken to destroy our economy, our military and our great nation!  But his latest actions have destroyed our nation’s standing as the world’s leader; he stood up and “talked like a bad-ass” threatening to put our nation in the threat of war with another muslim nation, the same man who promised his voters that he was going to get us out of all our wars, even though the majority in Congress wouldn’t vote for it!  Then Putin, the Russian leader who had, until a couple of days ago, been a less respected leader in the world, stood up and made Obama look like a weak dumbass!  He wants to take gun rights away from legitimate citizens, yet he makes us look like the weakest nation in the world, which would destroy the true strength of our nation; ARMED CITIZENS!

I really don’t want to go over all of this because we all know the truth about it all, but twelve years ago we were viewed as the greatest nation in the world and we are now the laughing stock of the entire wold and we look like the weakest major nation!  Things have drastically changed for the worst in America and it has piled on since 2008, the year that Obama won the election by promising the best of everything to everyone!  And, that entire time, he and his family have lived like royalty, while the citizens’ lives went down the toilet!  We need to make our Representatives wake up and take action against this fool and his Administration!  We need to make people get off their butts and stand up in the streets to protest his failure in office!  If we don’t go public on this now, we will face the strong possibility of him making some kind of disarmament policy with the UN concerning our right to bear arms, the call for UN troops in the US to make it happen!  It’s our responsibility to stop all of this before it happens!  This is our country and the government works for us!  The time is growing near; are you ready to stop it before it happens?  I am!  Make you voices heard Americans, before we lose America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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