I was at the reunion of my unit in Vietnam a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of why I am so deeply proud to have been a Gladiator in the 57th Assault Helicopter Company in Kontum, Vietnam in 1968!  I fought along side those men, every day, and I know how courageous and honorable they all are!  Nothing has changed in any of us: we all still have a very deep love and pride for our country and we all believe in our Constitution and will stand up to protect it!  And our belief in our country comes from seeing the truth of how the people in other countries are dominated by their leaders when there is no Constitution giving them rights and protecting those rights!  Every nation that America has gone to war with has dominated its people, while allowing its leadership and royalty to live comfortable lives while the people suffer!

The people in our country that sought their own level of “royalty” knew that the experience and loyalty to our Constitution that our veterans have would stand in the way of their search for power, so they attacked the returning vets from Vietnam!  Many, many returning vets were so badly treated that they killed themselves because of the “Crazy Vet” ideal that the Progressives forced upon them, making them outcasts in their own country!  Add to that the number of vets who have died because the government refused to let the VA treat them for PTSD and AGENT ORANGE!  Most Americans are totally unaware of the fact that, because of this major failure of our leadership to protect ‘Nam Vets when they returned home, there are less than 30% of Combat ‘Nam Vets still alive!  And, by destroying the lives of so many ‘Nam Vets, the Progressives were able to keep legitimate combat vets out of our government!  By doing that, they were free to take over our government and gain control over our nation, and all you have to do is look at the destruction to our manufacturing base and our way of life, and it is easy to see what Progressivism can do to a free nation when those who have served it with honor, in war, are kept out of its government!

What do you think really drives the efforts of our Politicians?  Loyalty?  Faithfulness to the citizens and our Constitution?  Well, you can forget about that kind of honor from them!  When I worked out of Biden’s office in 1984, for a very short period of time because it made me sick,  I asked his Chief Aide how to get a Bill before Congress.  She said; “Easy; sex, drugs, money or power!”  I asked her “What about the people?” and she answered; “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  And those two comments tell the absolute truth about what our politicians do, and how they do it!  We need to get every self-interested, egotistical, power-hungry ex-lawyer, Progressive-idealist, and lifelong politician out of our government and replace them with those men and women who have done much more than simply satisfying their own needs, and have actually put their lives on the line to protect our great nation!  Those are the leaders who would work to bring back the great nation that America once was!  And they would never put the lives of our military in danger again, unless it was an absolute necessity. or ever let another nation ever see the United States as an easy target again!

The time has come for American voters to use logic when voting, as we are only a few steps away from losing our country!  We have a huge group of young veterans, who have laid their lives on the line to protect our country, and we need to find the ones who will never forget their loyalty to our country and Constitution and will fight for the true rights of the citizens of our great nation!  We need to talk with them and see what we need yo do to get them to run, and to make their efforts successful!  It’s up to us, the true citizens of America to do what our Forefathers did and build a strong government whose politicians will never forget their obligations to their people!  We have time, as the elections are next year, and it is up to us to save our nation!  Be the citizen you know you are and get involved!  The upcoming election is looking like it is our best opportunity to win back our country and, maybe, our only chance!  Let’s not lose it!  If you are a true American; the time has come to prove it!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. DAVID WISSLER says:

    Great article Mike, Peace and God Bless, Dave


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