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Every time I look at gas prices it makes me want to puke!  I remember when I bought gas for 16.9 cents a gallon in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1965 because five gas stations were having a price war!  Now, if you get gas at one station for 15 cents a gallon cheaper than at another, on a 12 gallon tank that’s only $1.80 in savings, and that’s not even half the price of one gallon of gas, so it’s not worth running from station to station to get the savings!  Why have our gas prices gone up like that?  We are the one nation with enough oil and refineries to allow us to have the cheapest gas in the world, but we don’t!  Why?  Easy answer;   Because the Progressives wanted to destroy our economy, our jobs have gone overseas and the people who now have those jobs also have cars, and those cars need gas too!  When you build a stronger World Economy than your  own National Economy, you lose the benefit of a less expensive way of life!  But we make the majority of the world’s gas, so why shouldn’t we have our own supply at our own prices?  Easy: Gas Futures!  Gas Futures are bought on the Stock Market and people from foreign nations buy those stocks and increase the price of gas by doing so!  A limited supply of gas in the world economy allows for higher gas prices, which allows Gas Futures buyers to keep the price up so that their profits are higher!

We take a very small minority of our oil from muslim countries, but that small amount of oil gives the leaders of those countries a great deal of money, and much of that money is invested into Gas Futures, which keeps the price of oil up and makes them even more money!  And the rest of the world buys the remainder of their oil so, if the situation in Egypt goes bad and the muslims shut down the Suez Canal, the flow of oil from muslim nations will diminish and the price of world oil will go through the roof, making $10 a gallon for gas seem cheap, because we will be sending a great deal more of our oil over to other countries!  That’s why the Keystone Pipeline is so important to the US; if we have the means to ship Canadian oil overseas, it will help us keep our gas prices down because the amount of oil in the world economy will grow!  But, if we don’t allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built in the US, the Canadians will sell that oil to China and China is already hoarding as much oil as they can buy and China will control the price market of oil and gas in the world!  It’s a good thing that we, as Americans, are helping other nations.  But the time has come for us to think of America first!  Let’s drop the Oil Futures in our Stock Markets, let’s stop working to make other nation’s gas prices cheaper by allowing ours to go up, and let’s start thinking of the needs of Americans first, then think about helping out other nations!

The Progressives destroyed our manufacturing base by overloading it with legal requirements to provide “clean air”, and by growing Union power in our companies.  And what did that gain us?  The world now has a much higher, true level of pollution because the Chinese and Indian manufacturing plants have no limits as to the amount of waste they put into our atmosphere!  What happened to the United Nation’s limit on pollution that destroyed our companies?  Oh, yeah; they only apply to America!  And how well did our Unions do by bullying companies to provide them with high-cost benefits?  The costs were so high that our companies moved to China and India and the jobs left the US!  And, now, the very Unions that backed the Obama Care Bill, the very ones that felt they would benefit from it, are now being forced to suffer with the high costs and the loss of Union jobs because the companies can’t afford to pay for them!  And they are now looking at part-time jobs, not full-time with Overtime benefits!

Is your life better because the people in Africa are getting aid from America?  Is your life better because the muslim nations are getting aid from America?  Is your life better because Americans have been forced to follow UN Mandates on our manufacturing base and all other aspects of our American lives?  NO!  Other UN nations’ leaders are doing very well thanks to American money coming over to them, China has become the new major power in the world because of American money coming over to it, yet we are suffering because we don’t have enough jobs for the American people to provide a better lifestyle for their families, while we give even more of our tax money to people who don’t want to work and are happy to live off the government teat!  How hard is it to see the total insanity of the Progressive lifestyle!  When this nation was a Conservative nation, we had jobs, homes and good futures to look forward to!  Now, since Progressivism has taken charge, we have very few jobs, other than a lot of part-time jobs, we have a limited lifestyle and the costs of the very basics of our lives have gone through the roof, like food and gas!  And it is all because the business used to be run by the companies that owned them, now they are run by Presidential Orders, governmental mandates and investors from other nations that could give a crap about the future of America!  We need to take back our nation, we need to rebuild our manufacturing base and we need to make America the true free nation it once was!  We need to think of our country first, and let the other ones rise or fall on their own!

Our ancestors built this great Free Nation, our grandparents made it strong and self-reliant and it is our responsibility to get up off our butts and bring it back to the standards that made us the most loved nation in the world!  How much further do we need to drop down the garbage pit before true Americans are willing to stand up and yell “ENOUGH!”  I am tired of hearing “there’s nothing we can do”!  How many of our Forefathers heard that before the Revolutionary War started?  How many heard that when Washington was losing his battles?  And what did he do; he fought harder and he won!  So; if you want to sit back and give up, you’re no more than a whiner!  If you really believe in our country, in our Constitution and our Rights, then stand up and make your voice heard!  And keep making it heard until you get the attention needed to make our governmental leaders wake up and stop going after their own interests and start standing up for America!  It’s their responsibility to do what benefits our country, but it’s our responsibility to make sure they do!  Be an American, stand up for your country!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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