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The NAACP was an organization that began over 100 years ago when Blacks were fighting for equal rights.  As a kid, I remember Martin Luther King was standing up for his people, doing everything he could to bring attention to the lack of equal rights for Blacks.  And, because of his efforts, Whites stood up for the change and helped to push the Equal Rights Bill through Congress, giving Blacks the same opportunities as Whites.  And we felt very proud that we did that, because we didn’t want racism running our country!  The problem that has caused today’s Blacks against Whites racism began on the day after Reverend King died, and they have gotten much worse because of the two men that fought each other to become the new “Voice” for Blacks’ rights; Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpeton!

Both of these men saw an opening for a new leader that could make them powerful and they used it to become who they are now.  And the NAACP has gone from being the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the National Association for the Advancement of Progressive Policies!  I was in my early teens when Reverend King was working to better our country and I am now 64 and, in all that time, things have not gotten better for Blacks, they have gotten worse!  Why?  Because, instead of working to provide jobs, homes and good incomes for Blacks, Jackson and Sharpeton have worked to build a modern slavery plan of Blacks having to live on the Government teat!

I remember when I was in High School and everyone had to work hard for good grades, because the schools hired the best teachers they could to keep the level of their graduates high.  Now, under the modern “Equal Rights”, teachers have to modify their teaching to allow the “un-educatable” students to graduate, even though they don’t have high enough grades to do so!  And the schools hire idiotic teachers who couldn’t even gain good grades in college, and who are too lazy to make any efforts to actually teach their students, and these teachers are protected by Unions, to the point that those who should be thrown out are allowed to come to the school and spend their whole day sitting in the break rooms so that they can get their checks!  And those good teachers who want to improve their students lives have to fear getting into trouble because they don’t treat all their students as being the same!  And I keep hearing the same thing from Black kids who aren’t doing well in school when they talk to me about their futures; they tell me they are too stupid to get good grades!  At what point did our teachers gain the right to not teach subjects in a way that can be understood, then let their students feel like they are stupid because they don’t understand?  When the NAACP began attacking schools because they thought that the teachers were not treating the Blacks equally, when they actually were!  But Jackson and Sharpeton needed to gain power and they needed Blacks to stand up with them to get that power, so they took every option available to build that power!  And they took over many schools and put “everyone passes” in the teaching plans!  In the past month, several of those schools in the St. Louis area went down the toilet, because they ruined the educational system they were supposed to build up!  Now those students are being forced on schools with higher standards of teaching and it won’t be long before the NAACP will come into town and demand they allow all students to be treated “equally”, that all should be passed, regardless of learning levels!

I have watched the process of the NAACP and Jackson and Sharpeton throughout my life and I have watched them destroy every promise that Dr. King made for his people!  Instead of providing schools that actually taught subjects and worked to teach the students, they have destroyed the Educational System!  And, by destroying the Educational System, they have taken personal responsibility out of the lives of those students, taking away the drive necessary to have them earn good jobs and live better lives!  And they have used our Welfare System as support for their claim that “all Whites are racist” by giving an easy way to exist to Blacks and, since so many are undereducated, it is their only option for life!  And, by doing that, the government has taken control over their lives, making them modern slaves!  In order to maintain that lifestyle, and to keep those Blacks under the Government thumb; whenever some White person makes a comment they can use to cause deeper hatred of Whites by Blacks, Jackson and Sharpeton jump out into the public and scream “racism”, getting angry Blacks to stand up against whatever they want them to!  And the most perfect example of this is the Trayvon Martin issue; Martin was no longer that little kid that everyone saw the picture of on the news, he was a street punk who was large, tattooed and publicly stated his hatred for Whites!  It was a terrible thing that happened; two people crossed the same lines and a death occurred, but Martin, who was much larger that Zimmerman, had him pinned down and was beating on him, so Zimmerman did what he did to save his own life.    And there have been many situations in the past, and recently, where Whites have been severely injured by Blacks, but little has been said about those attacks.  And, in Cities like Chicago, Black on  Black crimes are extremely high!  But Jackson and Sharpeton saw another opportunity to build up their power and they jumped right in!  And the NAACP pushed for a trial and they got it!  Zimmerman was found innocent, so they went to Congress to try to get him imprisoned!  What if a White group tried to do the same to an innocent Black man?  All hell would break loose!

There are a great many hard-working, dedicated Blacks to have made good lives for themselves, who have great jobs and their families have good homes,  But we never hear about them because they don’t fit into the Jackson/Sharpeton idea of “poor Blacks”!  The NAACP has done everything it can to build a strong power base, and Sharpeton and Jackson live very extravagant lives, while they work to keep their own people down!  They work hard to build Black hatred towards Whites and they have helped destroy our economy and our Rights as citizens!  All this has to end!  How stupid have Americans become when they allow our Government and power-hungry individuals to divide us as a nation?  I will never forget the comment of one of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican President who ended slavery; “A house divided can not stand”!  And the Progressives, and RINOs have been working extremely hard to destroy the solidarity of Americans in order to allow them to re-design our nation!  They want us to hate each other so that they can work with individual groups and give them what they want, while destroying the Rights of others!  And destroyed Rights for one is destroyed Rights for everyone!  We need to end this separation and come back together as a people and work to bring back the full strength and freedom of America to the people, and end the “royalty’ mindset of our Governmental leaders, and those individuals who seek their own power and wealth at the cost of American citizens’ freedoms!  We need to find a way to work with each other, instead of attacking each other!  We need to use the intelligence and honor of our Forefathers and protect the future of our children and grandchildren!  We need to rebuild our educational system back to the “best in the world” it once was!  We need to bring back our manufacturing base and end all of the idiotic laws passed by Governmental agencies that do nothing but work to destroy our ability to provide jobs and good lives to every citizen who wants to build a good life for themselves and their families!  Stop fighting citizens, and start requiring true responsibility from our Governmental leaders!  Let’s start watching them as closely as Jackson and Sharpeton, and the NAACP watch every single action by Whites!  And let’s start bringing true equality back to America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. Brian Hansen says:

    As always Michael, you have hit the nail on the head. Jackson and Sharpton have done much to destroy the black ideology. They themselves are bigoted and racist.

  2. Jack Ryan says:

    Well said, the agency once known as the NAACP has fallen victim to new directions like most other agencies and is now a laughing stock since demanding an investigation of that ”Rodeo Clown” and approving the Gay Marriage into their support column.

    Blacks I know personally are people first that work just like everyone else, earn their pay and pay taxes, just like everyone else and the ”Black” is just a description in this comment because in cases like I have just given as an example it is not noticed in the work environment.

    Could there be a difference other than skin pigment? Of course, when it comes to sunlight and how we are naturally adapted to survive in our environment and that is about it. Conceived and Born the same way, 46 Chromosomes and die the same way…

    Everything else is ”Human Nature” whether good or bad and we all have plenty of our own kinds to use as examples..

    Speaking the truth is not ”Prejudice” and some details on Jesse Jackson spoken by a black man who was there at the MLK assassination state he got to Mr. King and intentionally placed Mr. King’s blood on his clothes to make it appear the incident included him being nearby when he was not.

    I never forgot that, it was an all black forum where this took place and it was wide open because of that reason so with that said “Leopards don’t change their Spots”….

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