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I just got back from a trip to see my family in Oklahoma.  On the way down, as I was traveling through Oklahoma City around 10:30 pm, I was searching for a local radio station and I heard this man say “Stand up for your God!”  As many of you know, I am an atheist, but I believe in the rights of Christians to be able to follow their religion and I have stood up for that right many times in the past.  So, when I heard that statement, I left the station on and listened to him preach his beliefs, as I wanted to see how strongly he would push for Christians to stand up for their God.  I am going to write down what I heard, and it will be closely accurate to what he said as I stopped my car and wrote down some notes.  And I want you to pay extreme attention to his final statement, which is exactly what he said:

My brothers, I want you to stand up for your God!  I want you to do as he wishes to show your faith and trust in him!  Stand up for your God!  Stand up for your God!  He needs your strength to build the full power of his wishes for his people!  Show him your faith!  Feel the full power of your faith!  Feel the full power of your faith!  He needs an army of his true believers to bring his goodness to the world!  He needs you to fight for him!  He needs you to fight for him!  He needs you to fight for him!  God’s strength is in his people!  God’s strength is in his people!  Show your true heart and your strength of belief in him!  God needs you to join his army and fight for him!  God needs you to join his army and fight for him!  God needs you to join his army and fight for him!

At this point, I was thinking that this man was sharing my same idea as to what Christians need to do, to stand up and make their voices heard in their belief for their God and to fight for their rights as Christians.  But, then he said this:

The war is near my brothers and the time is coming soon for all true believers to stand up and fight for their God!  The time is near for them to pick up arms and stand up and destroy every non-believer, to do what God wishes to end the world full of those who ignore his wishes for his people and to destroy every single non-believer and INFIDEL who stands against his wishes!

At that point, I realized that this was not a Christian asking his followers to stand up and express their God’s religion; it was an Imam doing a radio broadcast in English, not his native language and, for the first time, I actually heard the secrets hidden when they speak their native language!  This man was on a local radio station, broadcasting openly, telling his followers to stand up as an army to destroy all who do not believe in Islam and to kill everyone, including all Infidels; meaning all Christians!  I wonder what would have happened had a Christian Pastor said the same thing, using muslims as the target!  And he kept saying that the “War is near”, which makes me wonder if all of this talk about muslims attacking our foreign embassies is not what we are being led to believe; why would they make so much noise about it that our government could openly know what was going to happen, allowing it time to remove our people from their countries to keep them from being killed, causing their plans to fail before they even started?  I heard an opinion of FOX News this morning that it might be an effort to get us out of their countries, but I believe it might be something else;  I have talked with some people I know who have “connections” and we agree that this might be the beginning of an assault on America and European nations!  During all of the talk about the Zimmerman trial, the Wiener thing, and all of the crap news that has kept us focused on issues that are not as important as what the muslim nations are up to, we have not been following current actions by Iran with their nuclear weapons and the fact that they have installed a new leader!  This is the real danger to our country and it is not being followed by the press, except for quick mentions! 

I want you all to keep your eyes open, to be ready in case something does happen!  Why would this Imam come out in public on a radio station and make a statement like this?  Why would he call for an army of believers to stand up and destroy everyone who is not a follower of Islam?  And why would he do it in English?  Because they have such a strong system of protection from our own government against any of us speaking out against them!  We have a huge amount of muslims in our country, enough to cause so many deaths and so much damage that our nation would wind up in a war with muslims right here at home!  Be ready; make sure you can protect yourselves, make sure you have a safe supply of food and that you have a plan for what to do if this happens!   I have been called a “bigot”, a “muslim racist” and a whacko because I have always seen muslims in the US as a possible danger in the future but, now, I have heard the words from the mouth of an Imam myself, and I think it should be a wake up call for all Americans!  Maybe he was just “shooting off his mouth”, maybe he was just following normal patterns of religious speech or maybe he was calling for action!  If you are ready and nothing happens, no big deal, you are ready for any emergency!  But, if you are ready and something really does happen, you and your family have a much better chance of being safe!   I heard this speech myself, this is not some statement about another person’s comments and I believe this Imam was calling for his people to be ready because something was coming soon!  So, please; even if you don’t believe this, be ready!  We are Americans and we will stand up for our country when needed!  We are Americans and we will protect our friends and families!  We are Americans, this is our country and we will not bow down and surrender it to people who hate us and want to destroy us!   WE ARE AMERICANS!

I know that someone will come out and say this is not accurate, that this was never said; I heard it with my own ears and it is what he said!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Ken Flauding says:

    It would be even better to have a sound bite. So we could hear it firsthand. This is not good! Ken San Jose

    • I wish I had a recorder on me when this happened, but I didn’t. And I didn’t even know it was the message it was until it was over. That’s when a woman came on and said that this was a “good man”, one who truly believed in his God and wanted what was “right” for his people. To me; being broadcast openly in the US, it was a call to action.

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