As I have told you in the past; whenever something like the Zimmerman Case takes over the news, there is a reason that is never disclosed.  I lived in Silver Springs, Florida from 1995 through 2005, and I wanted to see a law that would allow me to protect myself and my home and the reason I left in early 2005 was because the State kept turning down efforts to allow for home and personal safety.  I was a bit irritated when they put the “Stand Your Ground” law into effect shortly after I left, as I know that there are trouble makers all over Florida who attack those who can’t take care of themselves.  The neighborhood Zimmerman lived in was fairly safe because of the homeowners securing it.  Zimmerman did what I would have done if I saw someone who looked suspicious; he followed him.  And, when told to back off by the 911 rep, he did.  That was when Martin came after him.  And the wounds to Zimmerman’s face were obvious proof he had been attacked, and he had a witness to the attack.  If I were on the ground and armed, and the guy on me reached for my gun, I would have shot him.  The police saw it that way and so did the District Attorney, so why did they suddenly come after him?  Because our  President got involved and that brought in the press and the Attorney General’s people, so the court had to do something.  The biggest question is “why did Obama get involved?”  What was it about a case like this that drew his interest?  A simple answer is; look at the amount of press coverage this is getting and how it is pulling the press away from all of the scandals in the Obama Administration!  But that’s not the only reason….

The attorney for the Martin family stood up today and made the following comment ( not exact, but accurate):  This case shows the lack of support that Blacks get from the Courts and our Government!  We need to begin putting Blacks in as Judges, District Attorneys and other positions that define and protect our laws!  Excuse me?  The Progressives have already taken over our nation’s laws by ensuring that almost every level of a Court Judge is a Progressive, that almost every District Attorney is a Progressive and that almost every Teacher is a Progressive!  The Progressives were very intelligent about how they took our government over; they began by teaching “Progressivism” to the students, to teach them to follow the Party line!  Then they slowly began to move Progressives into high-ranking Congressional offices, both as Representatives, and as high level aides to every Representative they could, even if it meant that they lied about being a “true Conservative”!  They started putting Progressives in at every level of Government, Local, State and Federal, which allowed them to set the laws that control our nation!  Then, to protect their efforts, they took over every Judicial position they could, which gave them Court power to decide the legality of their actions!  Then they supported  the Unions in every Union action, and became “brothers” with the Unions, which means corporate, teachers and governmental Unions, which pretty much control everything our country does!  One of the biggest reasons why most Conservative Americans get screwed by the government is that the mass majority of the people who work in governmental offices are Progressive Union members who hate Conservatives!  And the way our government is now run is along the Progressive ideals!  But; something more needs to be done to allow them to take total control over our nation….

The government, and people like Jackson and Sharpeton have been supporting racism and keeping it going as a major tool to support their power, even though there are more racist acts by Blacks against Whites, than by Whites against Blacks, because most of us who are White have been raised to end it, while Blacks are encouraged to build it up!  Why?  Most Blacks are extremely good people, but they won’t speak out against the anger building up by groups like the Black Panthers because they fear retaliation against them.  So; who is working to build up this useless rage against races?  The Progressives!  They need it to keep our country divided, to allow them to push for “Change” that is unneeded to our Constitution, to give them the power they need to destroy our nation!  Why did Obama come out and say that “Trayvon Martin” was like the son he would want?  Because he wants to see rioting in the streets, and fighting between the races in America!  Lincoln said:  “A house divided against itself cannot stand!”  And our government has been working for a long time to separate the various races, sexes and any other different types of Americans, to make them fight against each other and not pay any attention to the actions of our Government!  But, now, it has gone much further than that; Obama needs trouble in the streets, rioting, murders and destruction, to allow him to declare Marshal Law!  He thought he could do it by attacking Tea Party rallies in 2010, but he failed, because true Conservatives are not the type of people to cause trouble like that.   So he built up the “99 Percenters”, but they didn’t have the desire to go absolutely crazy on the streets, and the trouble caused by them was controlled by local police.  But; if he can build up a force of Racial Anger that can explode in the streets, like in the ’60s, he can declare Marshal Law and that is his goal!  That is what this whole “Zimmerman” case was about, that’s why we had a President get involved in a State issue, one that had been legally declared “non-criminal” by the local authorities; he is the first Black President which gives him an enormous amount of leverage with the Black Community and he used it to cause this whole situation!  And it’s not over; I can guarantee you that this will become a National issue very soon!

As I have said before; whenever there is a situation like this, it has a hidden agenda in DC!  Keep your eyes open, look “behind the curtain” and study the true facts of the situation as, generally, there is a much deeper reason for the Federal Government being involved!  I’ve told you before that I believe trouble is coming soon, and this may be the beginning of it!  Be prepared!  I believe that Obama is going to use this case as another “weapon” in his attack on our gun rights and we need to be ready to stand against it!  We are true Americans and we understand the sacred importance of the Second Amendment and we need to ensure that it is never allowed to be changed!  An unarmed America is a weak America, and Progressives love weakness!  This is our country and we need to ensure that none of our Rights are ever removed from our Constitution!  And we need to end every single bit of “Special Rights”, as we are all equal as Americans and no one, no group deserves Special Rights over another!  The time for “sitting” and “whining” to end is here!  Get up and go to your Local, County and State legislators’ meetings and make your voices heard!  A quiet people is a lost people, and we are not lost when it comes to knowing the importance of our Rights!  I’m very proud to state that the State of Missouri has a government that works for our Rights, but only because so many get involved and work to prevent “Change”!  It’s only when your voices are heard that Politicians truly listen!  So speak out, protest and fight for true change in our Progressive government and work to bring back our true Constitution and the Rights that made this country the great banner of freedom it once was!

Wake up Americans, or lose America!

Michael J> Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Brick Mudge says:

    And just how do you “Conservatives” and/or “Republicans” plan to stop the “Progressives,” or the NWO for that matter? All you ever do, regardless of your rhetorics, is vote for Progressive(NeoCon) so-called “Republicans.” That’s right, regardless of what you know, think you know, say or advocate for, at the end of the day, when the final ballot is drawn up, you vote for “whoever” is the GOP so-called “Nominee.” Period. That’s right, EVEN IF! Even if they BLATANTLY CHEAT right in our faces and laugh at us and name whoever THEY want as the “Nominee,” we STILL vote for them! We VALIDATE CHEATING! Since when is CHEATING the American way? Two current, clear examples of that are RINO ROY BLUNT and RINO ROMNEY! Voting for the “less evil” is NOT a solution! It merely maintains the very Progressive status-quo that you are all always complaining about, yet you continue to support anyway! Duh! Now tell me, what is the incentive for a politician to “represent” their constituants when they know and we all know that pretty much everyone on the so-called “Right” is going to vote for them NO MATTER WHAT they do, say or how they vote! DUH! So, why is America in this mess? It’s not the f**king politicians! They are just being the politicians that they are! Duh! And it’s NOT “Obama!” IT IS YOU! THE VOTER! Want “Change” or to change it back? Then either vote OTHER or DO NOT VOTE!

    • I told you, in 2010, that if you wanted to put in an Independent candidate that could beat Obama, you would need to start building an Independent party back then, to work to get as many people together that you could to build up the power of that Party to make it strong enough to win. I also told you that your reactions to people by immediately raising your voice and arguing, instead of listening to them and working to persuade them to your ideals was the way to get it done. I told you that, by yelling and arguing, all you were doing was making yourself look like a radical, but you kept doing it and all it accomplished was pushing away any support you might have gained! Anger does make a great driver to get a situation resolved, but using it as a conversational tool, through arguing and yelling. does nothing more than isolating you and the other followers!

      If your drive is real, if you really want to turn people over to your ideas, then you need to sell, not scare! Learn to speak with intelligence, not anger. Brick, I always told you that I thought you had good ideas, but you presented them in the wrong manner. And you called me an “idiot”. So the blame is not on the ones you disagree with alone; it is on you too. IF you want to discuss things on my blog in the future, whether you agree with me or not, feel free to do so. But, if all you are going to do is express your anger, I will delete your responses. And don’t tell me that using cuss words on a public site is not a show of anger.

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