We all have some very strong ideas as to what is going on in our country and how things should be changed.  But let me show you some realistic facts:

1.  The IRS:  With all of the controversy that has been out in the news about how the IRS is a wasteful, politically biased Governmental Agency, it would seem that the only logical idea would be to end the IRS and either return to a basis of State taxes, regulated by the States, or a simple Tax, like a “Flat Tax”.  Nothing makes better sense right now than to do exactly that, but it won’t happen, at least not now; There are over 1900 IRS employees in the DC office and a total of over 106,000 across the country.  Add to that the number of Lawyers who went to college to learn Tax Law who will be out of business if we end the IRS and go to a flat tax ; the best estimated number I could get off the Web was from 2007, which increased from 2006, and was over 1,143,358 .  If the IRS was ended this year, it would mean over 1.5 million unemployed added to the unemployment rolls and, for many Government agents, it would mean a loss of their retirement benefits!  Adding an additional 1.5 million unemployed that quickly could mean a Stock Market crash.  It would also mean that the President, and his Administration would become the most hated in our history!  And Congressmen and Senators would lose a lot of support too!  IRS employees are Union members and I can guarantee you that there would be rioting in the streets, if the IRS was shut down!  And, since the most important thing to every politician is their own welfare, the odds of the IRS being shut down are very, very slim!  The only possible way to end the IRS would be a citizens’ movement for a Constitutional Amendment to remove the IRS, and there are enough people who would support it, but the Members of Congress and the President would stand in the way!

The NSA:  We have all heard about the fact that the NSA has monitored Tea Party member and Conservatives across the country.  Now the agency says that it was not specifically monitoring Tea Party members and Conservatives, that they were just part of a nationwide effort to protect us from terrorists.  Yet, while they were doing all of this monitoring of the good people, we had mass murderers and terrorists, who used their Facebook pages to express their anger at Americans, go “undiscovered” until the dead piled up!  Look at all of the information they had about Major Nidal Hasan, the muslim traitor that shot and killed so many of our Army troops in Fort Hood; they had multiple warnings that he was a terrorist, they had his Facebook postings where he openly supported Al Ouida and muslim terrorists, yet they ignored it because they feared “racism” charges if they went after him!  And can someone please explain to me why the military and the VA use muslim psychiatrists to treat our troops and vets for PTSD problems, when it was muslims that were trying to kill them?  They need good American doctors who don’t symbolize the dangers to them!  But Political Correctness is the order of the day!  The problem is that we need a legitimate, honest NSA to protect our country, one that examines all possible dangers, not “Political Culling” of the population!  A good NSA is one of the most important assets we have when it comes to National Security!  But, now that other stories, like the NFL guy who has killed people and the  Trayvon Martin case have come back up, the importance of the NSA case has died down!  Shift the public’s interest, lose the real danger of change!

Union Power:  One of the most powerful groups in the US is the Unions!  Every government job, including the IRS and the NSA, is a Union job and the Unions hold a great many businesses in their back pockets because of insane mandatory laws in many states that require businesses to hire Union workers!  And Union members are forced to pay high Union dues which go to any Progressive Candidate the Unions want to support!  Because of the large amounts of money that Unions can “donate” to any campaign they support, the Unions are the “go to” groups that every Progressive politician seeks when they need help in being re-elected!  And the Union member have no say as to how their dues are spent.  There is no way that the Federal Government will ever end Union domination as long as it is run by a majority of Progressives at every level!  The only option we have is for every state to push for a “Right to Work” law to allow the employers to hire whomever they wish to hire, without some Washington goon pushing the Unions down their throats!  And, until we have more “Right to Work” states, our manufacturing base will continue to dribble away, because the costs of supporting Union workers is far too high for any possible employer to risk beginning a business in the US!

We are a nation of Freedoms and Rights and we are watching our Rights and Freedoms being chewed at by illegal actions by all types of Governmental agencies that are overrun with Union members who follow the Progressive ideals and ignore the Rights and Freedoms guaranteed every Conservative who stands strongly behind the Constitution!  The Progressives have taken over our Government, have dominated our Judicial System, which is meant to protect our Rights and Freedoms, and have taken total control over our educational system and Immigration system!  And this all happened while American citizens did nothing to ensure that those who were meant to maintain the true strengths of America did exactly what they were supposed to, but didn’t!  And, now that all of this is coming out into the open, I keep hearing those Americans who did nothing to fight this in the past say that there is “no hope” for returning our nation to the Constitutional Free nation we once were, with enough strength to make our enemies fear attacking us!  I have one thing to say to those “whiners”: QUIT WHINING AND GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND OUR CONSTITUTION!  Do you think our Forefathers sat at home whining about how hard it was going to be to form a new, free nation?  Do you think that the average soldier who fought for our freedom back then worried about sacrificing his life by putting it in danger, to build a great nation for his kids and grandkids to grow up in?  Do you think that any member of our military since then, when fighting a battle, wanted to walk away and just go home more than they wanted to maintain the very Freedoms that built our great nation?  If you do, you are an idiot!  It takes sacrifice and honor to stand up and fight for what you believe in!  It takes moral courage to stand against those who want to destroy our futures, but we must!  We need to make our voices heard; we need to stand up in public and let the government know that we are not going to give up our Rights and Freedoms to a bunch of self-interested, freedom-hating Progressives that want to destroy America and make us a servant to the very countries that want to destroy our great nation!  I saw an email recently that made the best statement I have ever seen;  “Progressives need Conservatives to fight for their freedoms and their right to hate America!  Conservatives don’t need Progressives!”  The Progressive movement is teetering on a ledge right now, because of all the IRS, NSA and other problems that are going right back to them for their actions to destroy Conservative groups!  And, as more of the Obama Health Care Bill becomes clear to all Americans, the anger to Progressives will build up even more!  So now is the time for us to take over the Republican Party and rebuild it, exactly as the Progressives did to the Democratic Party back in 1968, and we need  to unite all Conservatives to work for real change in our government, change that will bring back true honor and pride for America and our Constitution!  Now is the time to stand up in public and make our voices heard!  Now is the time for some “Tea Party” style public demonstrations to let the Progressives know that we will never give up fighting for the truth of our great Constitution and its Laws!  MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD NOW, OR BE READY TO BOW DOWN TO THOSE WHO WANT TO TAKE OUR GREAT NATION AWAY FROM US!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. My only guess is that free stuff is what entices the young and old, like fly’s to feces. They are ignorant and lazy. They are propagandized by false promises, and their brains are being eaten by the maggots of ignorance.

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