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What I am about to talk about I am sure you have heard before, but please look with an open mind.

The Quaran is not a book of peaceful religious movement to better lives and grow peace in the world.  It is a book of anger and hatred towards anyone who is not a muslim, and it directs its followers to attack and kill, or convert any and all infidels!  In fact; the “End Times” of the muslim world happens only after the muslims either kill, or convert all infidels and take over the whole world, then the world ends!  And, in order to make that happen, muslims are allowed to lie, to deceive their enemies, in order to allow them to take control over them!  There is no other option!  And what about the lives of muslims?  Well, everyone below an Imam is  basically a slave to him, as they have to do whatever the Imam wants!  And women and female children are no more than property to their husbands and fathers, and the fathers will hand off their daughters to old men for marriage, if that is what the Imam wants, or if it gives them some benefit.  And women can be killed for claiming rape!  And a father can beat and/or kill any member of his family, as long as he claims it’s because they walked away from their faith!  This is not a religion!

Muslim countries are not places of comfort and happiness; they are no more than lands controlled by dictators who demand everything and kill if they don’t get what they want!  And it has been this way for thousands of years!  All of the crap that is being placed in front of our children in their schools about how “peaceful”, “loving” and “generous” muslims are is nothing more than lies meant to deceive them and train them to follow the ideal of Islam!  They are telling them that muslims had a part in the history of our great nation and that is total Bull!  The only part that muslims have played in our history is murdering our citizens and military!   9/11 is part of the muslim heritage in America!  Fort Hood is part of the muslim heritage in America!  And there is a list so long that it proves the truth, if only people would read it!  Bobby Kennedy was killed by a muslim!  The Olympic Bombings were done by muslims!  And the first NYC bombing was done by muslims!  This isn’t heritage, this is murder!  Cold blooded murder of innocent American citizens!

I’ve had people respond to me about this, telling me that I don’t know the truth about “peaceful muslims”!  Believe me; I know!  If you need proof as to the truth about “peaceful muslims”, look to what is happening in Europe; an innocent soldier was run over by a car, then slaughtered with butcher knives by two muslims who stood around afterwards to brag to the public about what they did!  Look at the muslim communities in Europe, and in Detroit; they don’t follow the laws of the nations they live in, they hold Sharia Law as their law!  Look at the clips of Americans trying to express their Right of Free Speech in the muslim community in Detroit and you will see them being beaten, stoned and refused any access to the community!  Once you remove the majority of Americans from their lives, they will stop acting like Americans and will immediately begin following Islamic rule!  It’s deceit; lie to the Americans and act like true Americans, until the Americans no longer control the laws!  And they are trying to change our laws now, trying to add Sharia Law to our Constitutional Laws!  And, if they can’t change the laws, but have enough people in our country, they will fight! 

And what has our current government done to protect us from any threats?  Nothing!  In fact; it has opened the doors to muslims to enter our nation through legal citizenship and through illegals crossing our borders on a daily basis!  And those crossing our borders illegally are carrying all forms of weapons with them!  But we are supposed to look the other way and ignore them, as illegals are simply “good people looking for a better life”!  And our President is removing all names that make terrorists look like what they really are, trying to force us to have a “sense of equality” for those who hate us!  Look at the Fort Hood shootings:  Not only did the Army know that he was a radical muslim, they had seen his manifesto for the deaths of so many soldiers that he had killed, long before he killed them!  They were fully aware that he was a radical muslim with the goal of killing American soldiers, but they were not allowed to go after him because that “wouldn’t be fair”!  I am a vet; when did the rules change to that point of insanity?  An enemy is an enemy, and he needs to be treated as such!  No special consideration!  And now he is still receiving his full salary, while the soldiers whose lives he ended and damaged are unable to care for themselves because he is not considered an enemy and they cannot claim wounds through combat!  Wake the hell up Congress and start acting like true American leaders!

Muslims are on their way to their “End Times” because there is no real opposition to their actions!  All of the nations in Europe that are full of muslims are in danger because they wanted to practice “mufti-culturalism”, so they opened their borders and let muslims rush in, simply because the leaders of those nations wanted to look like “intelligent, nice guys” who understood “World Peace”!  World Peace?  Who is doing all of the fighting in the world now?  MUSLIMS!  They don’t want World Peace, they want World Domination by Islam!  Our first clue to the control they are seeking in the US should have been when they began coming over here and getting special low-interest loans that American citizens couldn’t get, to allow them to buy up almost every gas station in our nation!  I remember when there were “Price Wars” between gas stations to gain more business!  Gas was cheap and easy to get!  But when the muslims began taking control over all of the stations, Gas Wars ended and high prices began!  It’s not because we buy all of our oil from muslim nations, we only buy about 8% of our oil from muslims;  it’s because almost every ounce of it, as gas, is sold by muslims and they control the prices!  Then we see our President do something that no American President has ever done; bow down to a foreign leader!  And who was that leader?  A muslim ruler!  And, since then, he has weakened our military, cut back on our weapons and opened our doors to the muslim world!  As I told you before, and this can be verified; he brought over 25,000 Hamas members in the summer of his first year as President and put them in Detroit!  Then, later that year; he brought over another 15,000 Hamas members and put them in Detroit!  Hamas is a self-claimed terrorist organization that hates Americans and speaks out demanding that the people of America, and our great nation be destroyed!  So; when are we going to wake up to the very danger of the radical muslims within our own country!  When are we going to stop being  “so understanding” and start realizing that our enemies are no longer overseas; they are here!

I’m a proud veteran; I served with some of the best men in our country in Vietnam!  We all swore an oath to protect our nation from any enemy yet our President, who swore the same oath, is letting our enemies, the ones that want to see us all dead, walk right in!  Why does he protect their rights while ignoring the very rights of the men who joined our military to protect our nation from their threats?  I am fed up!  We all need to start putting pressure on our Members of Congress and make them start following the very oath they swore to protect our nation from all enemies!  We need to make them realize that America is for Americans, that we come first, the rest of the world comes after!  This is our country, this is where our children were born and raised and it is time that we stop the destruction of our rights and safety by the very people we elected to protect them!  Tell them to bring our military home and set them on our borders to stop the flood of illegals and terrorists!  Tell them that we don’t want to populate our nation with those who refuse to follow the same path to citizenship that our families had to follow!  Tell them that this is America, not “Amerika” and we want our Constitution protected, and followed, and any action by them to not do so will mean the end of their careers!  The time has come for us to stop allowing them to do as they wish and make them  start being the Representatives of the very people who built this nation!  The time is coming, one way, or another and if we don’t protect our nation now, we will face a war against radical Islam right here in the US!  It’s your voice, you have the right to use it, SO USE IT!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom, 57th AHC, Gunner, Vietnam 67'-68' says:

    Tom, 57th AHC, TDY 4th INf. Security. George Soros is burning up a lot of cash. Keep an eye on this guy. He is silent but deadly.

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