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I have been putting a lot of thought into the current investigations that could wind at least harming Obama and his Administration and, at most, wind up with his impeachment.   I kept asking myself; why now?  Why didn’t all of this happen before the last election?  So I started looking back at my time on the Hill, in DC, and looked at it all as a political decision and here is what I have come up with:

When Obama was running for President in 2007 I knew he would be elected, as I told many of my friends back in the fall of 2007.  I knew that there was no option for the Republican Party to defeat him as he was the first Black man running for President and he had huge support from the Black community, and Whites who wanted to see him win.  And he was saying exactly what they wanted to hear, while Progressives like Reid and Pelosi were attacking everything that Bush had done over the past 8 years, making him look bad, therefore making any Republican candidate look bad.  And I believe that’s why they had Romney step down from his campaign and allowed John McCain to take over.  They wanted the option of Romney available to run in 2012, so they protected him.  And the results of the election fit right in with my, and their expectations.

Last year, I hoped for a great Republican to run against Obama, but we wound up with Romney.  And the odds of a candidate winning a second run are not that great.  And I was angry that the Party didn’t support a better candidate, but I supported Romney as he was our only option.  Looking back, I can see that the Republican Party knew they would lose the second election, so Romney was their best option, as they didn’t want to ruin the future of any possible truly good candidate.  And things worked out as they expected.  So; why didn’t Romney go after Obama harder on the Benghazi foul up?  And why didn’t they go after him on the bias against Conservative organizations by the IRS?  Believe me; they knew about all of this back then!  This is my theory:

If They had gone after Obama before the election, there would have been a great deal of anger by Blacks and his other supporters, and they would have said it was all “Racism” and hatred for a Black man as President!  And, if they had managed to force him to pull out of the election, or impeach him, the door would have opened up for Hillary Clinton to step in to “rescue the people from Conservative hatred” and, either way, the Republicans would have lost!  The only way to defeat him would be to wait until after the election and go after every action they knew would make the people wake up to the corruption of the Obama Administration!  And they are; the Benghazi lies that Hillary told during the election to protect Obama’s campaign have pretty much guaranteed she will never be a viable candidate again!  And we may not be able to get Obama impeached, but there will be so much criminality shown in a way  that all Americans can understand, that the rest of Obama’s Presidency will be a constant fight by him to make his term as the first Black President appear to be “clean” and “responsible”.  And he will wind up losing many of the people he has in his Administration, as they will be forced to lie under the bus to protect him!  And the three crimes we see being exposed now are only the beginning!

I believe that this will open up  a very strong possibility for Conservatives to be able to take full control of both the House and the Senate next year, and that will destroy any options that Obama might have to take further control over our government!  And I also believe that the possibility of Obama being impeached would grow stronger after next year’s election.  And, if the right actions are taken against him, much of the legislation he has put in place could be invalidated!  Another good thing that has come up because of all of this is that a union of Conservatives and Democrats are standing together for the idea of taxation simplification and a total change of our tax system, possibly a “flat tax” in the future!  And I heard that there is a move to invalidate the IRS’s control over Obama Care’s funding, which would end the threat of Obama Care over our Health Care system!  The Supreme Court would not allow Obama Care to go through unless it was a tax and, if Congress rules that it cannot be funded through taxation, it’s done!  Another side option of all of these problems with the IRS going after Conservatives is that any action taken against Conservatives in the future will be like anyone going after a Black, simply because he’s Black!  In a way; the IRS’s actions have built a protective wall for Conservatives; if someone comes after you because you are a Conservative, use that as “hatred against Conservatives”!  No more calling veterans “Homegrown Terrorists”!

Our possibility of regaining our government next year has begun to grow and we need to build on it;  let’s not have all of the Conservatives who “don’t like this guy”, or “don’t like that guy”, therefore they won’t vote, ruin the last possibility we will have to save America!  If you don’t like the candidate, but that is the candidate, vote for him!  We need to end the separation and start working together to win!  Fight the fight during the primaries, but join together when the election begins!  Our Forefathers risked everything to build this nation, to provide the United States with a freedom that the rest of the world is jealous of!  Do not let them down!  Talk with everyone you know about the criminality of what is going on now, let people know that Conservatives are not the enemy, but the people who truly want to protect our Constitutional Rights!  And get out the vote next year because, if we don’t take back the House and the Senate, the criminality that is out in the open now will only be the beginning of the destruction of our Great Nation!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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