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Why is it that we have had School Shootings, Movie Theater Murders, Mall Shootings, Bombings, a Major Attack on an American Embassy and other troubles happening so often during the past four years of the Obama Administration?  Is it just Bad Luck, or is it more?  Why are all of these people feeling that they can, now, murder American citizens and not care about what happens to them for doing so!  Something is very, very wrong here! 

During the past four years, muslims have grown great power in America; the Muslim Brotherhood holds Administrative Offices in the Obama Administration, yet Christians are being denied rights and are being scorned for being Conservative and believing in the Constitution!  Gays are being supported for their demand for marriage, while they can be Wed, or have a Legal Union, but they demand the same title as Christians who are Married, which is a part of the religion, not a Constitutional Right!  Health Care is being made a part of the Government, Government spending is rampant and our taxes are rising rapidly!  Didn’t Obama promise to improve our lives?

I’ve been in this world for 63 years and this is the first time I have seen this kind of destruction to our nation, while our President tells us that “everything is OK!”  The President swore an oath to protect the Rights and Freedoms of the Americans citizens, yet he throws out our rights to security and safety by allowing illegals to flood our nation and demand, and receive Welfare benefits, benefits that have to be paid for by legitimate American citizens, the very people he is supposed to be taking care of!  And there is advertising in Mexico that informs future illegals as to how to gain Welfare benefits when they sneak in!  People like the terrorists that blew up the Boston Marathon are given Welfare benefits and free access to schools that most American citizens cannot afford!  This is way beyond getting out of hand, this is an open attempt at the destruction of our nation!

Our government, led by our President, refused to send assistance to brave Americans who stood up and fought against terrorists who came to destroy our Embassy in Benghazi!  Our government, led by our President, basically ignored the threat of terror by the two Bombers caught after the Marathon Bombing in Boston, even though the Russians warned us in advance that they were muslim extremists!  If I am wrong on this, why is the Administration working so hard to cover it up?  Where is the responsibility of our Government Representatives and our President to protect our Rights and safety!  What do they believe gives them the right to ignore the Rights and safety of the American citizens, yet allows them to  protect the rights of everyone else who wants to violate them!  When did America become a country of the world, not the citizens!  What will it take to wake up the sheeple in this country to the fact that they are losing everything they think they have, and it is being given to anyone who wants to take it!

I keep saying “WAKE UP AMERICANS, OR LOSE AMERICA!” because we need our nation to wake up to the violations of our Rights and Freedoms by the very Government that has vowed to protect them!  We are losing our Rights, and people from countries that hate us are taking them over!  We need to work together as a people to regain our Constitution, to force our Government to stand by their Oaths and to save our great nation!  Sitting at home in a chair complaining is not working to change things; standing up and making your voice heard in every level of our government is how things get done!  And I know that I will hear that it can’t be done; how many times do you think that Washington, Jefferson and our other Forefathers heard that they “couldn’t change anything”?  How many times do you think that Lincoln and his Administration heard that they couldn’t “free the slaves”?  But they did, didn’t they!  And we can too, but the people of this country need to do more than complain; they need to do what happened in 2010:  They pulled together and formed the Tea Party which allowed us to save our country from total dominance by Obama and the Progressives!  So make up your mind; sit and complain, or stand up and make your voice heard!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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