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The more I think about what it must have been like for the citizens of Boston, the more I understand the truth.  Imagine being at home with your family and seeing the news on TV about the bombs going off and the Mayor telling you that you needed to stay at home and lock your doors, because they didn’t know where the terrorists were, or what they were planning on doing!  And the Police Commissioner told you that they had more bombs and guns, so don’t go to your door without knowing who was outside!  So I started thinking about what it would have been like if I lived in Boston and had kids:

The first thing I would have done is tell my kids not to worry, because I would make sure they were safe.  Then I would lock every door and close all of my curtains.   I would make sure I had my cellphone on me, that I had my pocket knife on me and I would grab my aluminum ball bat and keep it with me at all times.  I would take the kids and show them where to hide if anyone tried to break into the house, tell my wife that she would need to go with them in order to ensure they would be quiet, so no one would know they were there.  I would double-check every lock then ask my wife to put dinner out, so that we could give the kids a sense of normality so they could relax.  Knowing that I had done everything I could to prepare for the worst, I could sit with my kids and enjoy a family dinner because I knew I was ready!

Then there was a knock at the kitchen door!  Why would someone knock on my back door, it was a longer walk to get to the back door and it would not allow the cops to see anyone near the front of my house.  That’s when I  realized that it wasn’t the cops, that it might be the terrorists, so I told my wife and kids to get up and go hide!   But, before they could even get up, there was an explosion that blew the door in and knocked all of us to the floor!  The concussion from the bomb made our ears ring and my wife and the kids are sitting on the floor in a state of confusion!  So I reached over and picked up my bat and started to get up; that’s when the two men began shooting my wife and kids!  I was so enraged that I forced my body to jump up and I started to run to them to beat them with my bat!  And that’s when they shot me and killed me!

Our government feels the need to disarm us, because we are not “qualified” to own guns!  But, if I were armed, things would have been totally different!  When I heard the knock at the door, then the explosion, the first thing I would have done is take my gun out and shoot both of the terrorists!  My wife and kids would have lived and my neighbors would not have had to worry about their own safety!  The whole situation would have ended right there and then!  But, without guns, the terrorists would have lived, taken what they needed, and myself and my family would have been dead!  If this isn’t the simplest explanation as to why the citizens of our nation should maintain their rights to bear arms, I don’t know what is!  Obama; don’t try to take our guns away!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Take Bidens suggestion, get yourself a double barreled shotgun. Two shots, two terrorists. Don’t miss. Good luck with that one! What a stupid thing to suggest. It only exemplifies his ignorance.

    • It’s so easy to dictate what is “right” when you hold the power! All of them are very safe because of their own security, but those of us who can’t afford personal security, or don’t have the blessing of Federal protection, have to have our own protection!

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