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After listening to today’s newscasts, I found out that it was two Chechins who were being hunted down.  One is dead, the other still living.  Both were muslims.  Both lived in our society as “good muslims”; one graduated from a high-ranking High School with a College Grant awarded him for his skills.  The other was a Golden Glove boxer who stated that he wanted to be on the US Boxing Olympic Team.  They were seen as nice guys, “decent muslims”, who no one ever saw as ever wanting to harm any American!  Then they intentionally set a bomb down next to a little boy who was blown apart!  This only proves what I have been telling people since 9/11; don’t trust a muslim.  The Quran allows them to lie, to deceive infidels, until the time comes to take action!  I have written about a muslim I knew before 9/11; he owned a gas station in Silver Springs, Florida and was someone I considered a friend because he acted like a very patriotic American.  I used to talk with him almost every day and I saw him as a man who came over here because he wanted to be an American, because he wanted freedom and he thought that radical muslims were evil!  Then, shortly after the attack, when I went to his gas station to speak with him about the planes flown into the buildings, I found Federal Agents all around his station.  When I went in to see what was going on, one of his employees told me that the Feds were looking for him because he was providing money for the terrorists that attacked New York City!  I never saw it coming, and neither did the people who knew these guys that killed and maimed all of those innocent civilians in Boston!  Keep your eyes open!

As to my comments about the Saudi man who was deported to keep him safe; everything I said is true!  He was released and deported even though they knew he was one of the terrorists!  And Obama allowed him to leave our country because the man’s father asked him to do so!  And there is another terrorist out there; there were four bombs found, each individually placed, but all we are hearing about is the two terrorists that they found!  And; isn’t it a strange coincidence that no information about any of the terrorists was released to the public until after the Saudi was sent home…..

As to my comments about us being named as the terrorists; I do believe that may be a future possibility and that is because of every past comment made by our government and the Progressive Press and TV programming.  Obama, Reid and Pelosi all came out in the summer of 2010 stating that all Tea Party people and combat Vets are “Homegrown Terrorists”!  Whenever something happens like the shootings in the Movie Theater and School, the Progressive Press immediately began trying to identify the criminals as “Tea Party supporters”!  Yet every one of them has been proven to be Progressive believers!  And I have stopped watching many TV programs because they have been using muslims as the victims and Vets as the terrorists!  So keep your eyes open, keep yourselves safe!  We may be the future target of Progressive hatred and we need to be aware of what is going on around us.  This is our country, we are the ones who have actually fought to protect our Constitution, and we need to work to bring it back as the document that protects our Rights and Freedoms! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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