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I am becoming an “old coot”, because I have walked this Earth for many years.  And in those years I have seen many changes made to our great nation, changes that have destroyed the American Way of life!  When I was young, I used to go sit with the old folks and listen to their stories of the past, and I learned a lot about America through the eyes of those who lived it.  But, now, older people are looked at as “old coots” because the programming on our TV shows and movies make a joke out of us!  Why?  Because they are teaching their own form of American History and they don’t want us showing the truth to the young people of our great nation!  Let me share some changes I have seen:

When I was growing up, we had the greatest educational system in the world!  Our average grades were much higher than those of any other country and that education allowed us all the opportunity to make a better life for ourselves!  But the Progressives wanted to change our educational system, to remove the truth of our history and to lower the intelligence level of our kids!  So they opened the system to Federal Control and Union domination and the Unions have destroyed our system by forcing schools to keep teachers who are not qualified to actually teach on the rosters!  Our textbooks have been changed to teach our kids a form of history of America that makes us look like we are the cause of all of the world’s problems!  And they teach our kids that “everyone is equal” and that “everyone is supposed to get the same things out of life”, without any personal effort to succeed!  Now our educational system is at a level of the lowest in the modern economical world!

I remember when jobs were everywhere and each person had the opportunity to move up in the economy because they could choose where they wanted to work and learn what they needed to learn to succeed!  And the majority of those workers wanted to work hard to provide a decent lifestyle for their families, except for the Unions that wanted to dominate a company and force it to pay what they wanted to be paid and to work as little as possible!  Over the years, Union domination in States that forced employers to hire only Union members caused the costs of manufacturing to be so high that the companies could no longer afford to keep their factories open.  Add to that, the manipulation of agencies like the EPA that was used to raise the costs of manufacturers to a point where they had no choice but to move overseas, where costs were much lower, and it’s not hard to see why our Manufacturing Base has disappeared!  Now, young people who have years of expensive college training are having to take part-time jobs and many work in Fast Food Restaurants because there are no other options open for them!

When I was in High School, it was “idiotic” to do things like have sex or take drugs, because those actions had serious effects on a person’s life!  If a young girl got pregnant, she was stuck with the costs of raising that child and the social ugliness of having had sex without marriage.  But the government began providing incomes for those girls who had those babies and it has become a business for many, like the Grandmother who cares for 20 children, getting paid for each child!  And it is an easy way of life for any girl who doesn’t want to work for a living!  And, not only has it become “acceptable” for young girls to have sex, and babies, but the schools are now teaching how to have sex, and with whom, to KIDS!  And young men who have more than one baby with more than one mother are on TV shows that make them look like heroes!  Add to that the fact that drug use is becoming rampant, allowing our young to use an option that lets them sit on their butts and do nothing but get “high”, and it is not hard to see why they are growing up “chatting” with each other on cellphones and tablets, and get their excitement off of video games! 

The Progressives in our country are made to look like the “smart” ones, the ones that actually “care” for our nation, but every single action they have done has been to destroy our way of life!  And it is not hard to see exactly how successfully their “laws” and “rights” have twisted our system into a rocket on its way to destruction!  Blacks hate Conservatives, but it was Republicans who fought to free the slaves, who stood up with Martin Luther King, and who fought against Progressives to establish legislation that guaranteed equal opportunity to Blacks!    And, all the while, the Democrats did everything they could to stop the movement to true, equal  freedom with organizations like the Klu Klux Klan!  Progressives have run our manufacturing base out of our country!  Progressives have ruined our educational system!  Progressives have removed our morals from our youth!  Progressives have built our colleges into a very expensive way for our youth to advance in society, and have set up a system of Student Loans that handcuff them to the government for most of their lives!  Progressives have changed our laws so that criminals and terrorists get more protection from the people, than the people get from them!  We had very, very few “mass murderers” and terrorists in the past but, now, it is becoming commonplace in our own nation!  And that is because our nation’s young have been taught that morals and responsibility are “unnecessary”!  And Progressives took our nation, the strongest, safest nation in the world, and made it into a target for every angry terrorist out there that wants to strike out against our Freedoms!   Progressivism is the cancer that is killing the true Freedom and Rights in our nation and it has to end!  Teach those young people around you the truth, show them the facts of how strong our nation was before they began their big push to take it over in the ’60s!  We need to step up and make our voices heard, to let the people who sheepishly who follow the Progressive Ideals know that there is a real truth to what is happening!  Make your voices heard, my fellow Americans, because they are the true strength of the American people!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Artiea3adair says:

    Amen man brother, I’ll do my little part and pass this on to all my contacts. I hope some day we all wake up and start to take back our GREAT country. Keep up the good work!.

    Welcome Home. Brother Artie.

  2. jmr1948 says:

    Yes, while our generation was out of the country fighting a war those that stayed behind were able to begin their mission to undermine our society. Sound far fetched, just look who is running the country now and their cabinet picks and most of all whom they consider their enemy.. Corruption, lies, deceit, all the tools they use to fool so many that attend those Universities they now run and the result is elections like the last 2 we have had.

    All I can say is if we don’t swing the 2014 election our way on the congressional and senatorial levels we can bet the following Presidential Election won’t go our way.

    We are the generation who lived with the ”Greatest Generation” and saw their ability to have a country as we once had, saw with our own eyes, lived it daily but we are also the generation that is seeing that decline, all others that came after us only know things as they are now, never saw or experience the America we had and that you speak of so therefore are easier to convince or ”Fool”…

    If I didn’t have Children and Granchildren to leave behind in this mess I just say, ”Fine, you want this man for President, elect him and then watch the CHANGE planned for you all and wallow in it” but that is not the case for me, I want to put it back the way I found it instead before it is too late. It almost is!!!

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