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45 years ago, I was in Kontum, Vietnam serving with the 57th Assault Helicopter Company.  I remember the night of the TET Offensive; we were hit hard, very hard!  I was up in the northeast bunker with some of my brothers, fighting off a “human wave” assault which, to those of you who are unaware of what this is, was a line of men coming at us, shoulder to shoulder, one line after another, until we killed all of them.  And that first attack lasted for hours!  I used an M-16 and took my turn on the M60 machine gun.  It was hell, but it was all happening so fast that there was no time to think, just to act!  And I have to live with the memory of that night, and I can see the death in my dreams sometimes, but it was part of what I was there to do; serve my country and protect my brothers, while they did exactly the same! 

When I went over, it was considered a brave thing to do, an act of honor; when I came home I was spit on and had blood thrown on me, as did all of my brothers!  We were pushed down and had our honor diminished to nothing by the Progressives who pushed the hippies to hate us!  It was a very hard time for a vet to live, and many of my brothers killed themselves, and the rest lived with the hell of coming home as the “crazy vets”!  For years, I could not understand why they came after us, because for every one of us that served, one of them didn’t have to!  I have seen all of the reports as to how so many of my brothers killed themselves because of the pain of PTSD, and the negligence of our Members of Congress to act to ensure that we got the necessary treatment to help us!  Unknown to many Americans is the fact that only about 30% of Combat ‘Nam Vets are still alive, because so many honorable non-combat vets wear the “Vietnam Vet” hats with deserved pride!  But I have done my research and I know why they turned against us.

When I was a kid, there were a lot of very patriotic WWII and Korean combat vets in Congress, and the Commanding General of WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower was our President. They understood the true value of our Constitution and they fought the Progressives in Congress to ensure that their Oath of Service would never be denied, and they helped build our nation into the greatest nation in the world!  And the Progressives saw the danger in that to them, so they began destroying the confidence of the men returning from ‘Nam, using the Press, movies and television to help them make the people of America see us as “Crazy Vets”; a danger to everyone around us!  So; instead of working to serve in the government, we hid out and just tried to live our lives!  Some vets who were Progressives, and took part in the demonstrations against the War were accepted and supported to run for Congress, and they embarrass the hell out of vets like me who see them turning against their nation and the Constitution that protects our rights!  And, now;  they are beginning to restart the idea of “Crazy Vets” against the young heroes returning from Iraq and Afghanistan!  And they are doing this because they see many of them getting involved in politics and it scares the hell out of them!  Progressives, people who don’t have one single bone of personal courage and depend on others to fight the wars they want, are now trying to take away the rights of Combat Vets, including taking steps to remove our rights to bear arms even though, out of the entire population in this country, vets are the most highly trained and experienced in the handling and use of all forms of weapons!  And this has to end!

I am calling on all of my fellow combat veterans to stand up and make their voices heard on this issue and every other attempt to destroy the very Constitution we swore to defend!  The time has come for us to work to begin taking back our Congress by running for office!  The time has come for us to work to take over the Republican Party and change it from a farce, to the respectable “Party of the Republic” it once was!  We did not fight to protect our nation to simply watch it fall down the toilet of Progressive destruction!  We did not watch our brothers die just so we could sit at home on the couch and watch America become the waste pit the Progressives want it to be!  We know how hard it is to fight any battle and we have the experience to work together as a unit to bring back the honor of America!  Ever since 1776, our nation has depended upon men of honor to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, and that time to defend our great nation has come, once more!  It is our responsibility to lead, to teach those who are looking for a real answer that honor, courage and pride for our great country, and the Constitution that protects it, is the path that all true Americans need to follow!  Stand up with me, my brothers, and let’s turn our great nation around, and bring back the Grand Republic it once was!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. jmr1948 says:

    When we want a painter for our car, we obviously don’t have the skill or equipment or facility to accomplish the job so why would we tell the painter how to do his job, what equipment he can use, what type of paint etc.. That is what is done with the military now, people in charge who never even wore as much as a cub scout uniform referencing our present leader….

    College boys [attorneys] who cannot even exist under the very same budget they created for themselves in the first place are in charge of our military and the so called ”Commander in Chief” is a community organizer and left wing Muslim who hates the military much the same as the Clinton regime did and that is a very bad position for our military..

    High ranking experienced officers/commanders are being relieved, retired etc to fend off the possibility of a coup de tat and one can easily see Obama fears the military [remember he wants his OWN Army that asnwers only to HIM] remembering the Marine marching squad neutered by bolts removed from their rifles, now the nuclear defense system being dismantled by yet another Muslim appointee just taking over recently, supposedly all over sloppiness…… No other details released on that as far as I know.

    The beginning of the end was when Mac Arthur was relieved of command because he wanted to steam roll over North Korea and into Red China because he said we would eventually have to battle China anyway in the near future and we had the power and the troops to do it in place, authorization for nuclear approval was not given to him and at that point he was done, recalled back to the states by then President Harry Truman!!

    Now we see our head generals being dismantled once again and by the way can you think of anything Mac Arthur said about China that did not become reality? They [Red Chinese] continued to assist North Korea, were a force behind the NVA’s and Viet Cong in the Viet Nam War and now a world economic power with a huge military fueled by our spending on goods made in China, given most favorable nation status by the Clinton Regime..

    See the irony of all of this? See the huge dividing line between the college boys and the military and by the way I don’t place military training at any level of comparison, especially college, in the same boat as so called educational training offered by so many universities outside of that jurisdiction of the Military…

    James Richard Perry present governor of Texas, for example, attended Texas A&M and was in the ROTC there, then was an Air Force Pilot after that, his thinking would be far different in any case than that of Obama or Clinton or Carter but NOT Kennedy!!

    This is not about political parties, this is about political ideologies!!! About experience, proper training and most of all qualified leadership… One can allow someone else with more qualifications to advise and instruct as Reagan did and still be a great leader but when you take the reins of a horse you cannot control and you don’t know how to ride in the first place you’ll never get to your destination unscathed and unfortunately at a national level many will suffer as a result, so many have already..

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