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When our Forefathers split from England it was because of the dominance of the King over the rights and freedoms of the citizens of America.  The King would tax as much as he wanted, would demand undying loyalty from the people and would force them to act as he wished, when and where he wished, with imprisonment and/or death for any failure to do so.  He had a very strong, supportive Middle Class made up of Dukes, Earls, Lords and Military Leaders who did exactly as the King ordered, and they enforced the King’s dominance over the people.  And that is why our Forefathers came up with our Bill of Rights, to ensure that every American would have the same opportunity to live a safe and comfortable life, to build a family, have a home and enjoy their lives.  Then our Forefathers put everything they had, their families, homes and futures, in danger in order to bring true freedom to the citizens of America!  And, even when George Washington was offered to be King of the new country, he refused it, because he knew the last thing this free nation needed was a king and royalty to destroy its future!

After all of the sacrifice our Forefathers made to protect the free nation we have our governmental leaders, over the past hundred years, have been building a new Kingdom of Presidents, with Members of Congress acting as the new Lords, Dukes and Earls, who have slowly been forcing their changes to our Constitution to allow them to regain dominance over the American people!  And, how were they able to do it?  Simple; they destroyed the sense of necessity of the citizens to improve their lives and opened the doors for them to bow down to the Government in order to allow them to live basic lives!  Parenthood has become simply having children, to a major group of people in this country, with no parental guidance applied to the raising of their children!  Our educational system, the one that was the premiere system in the world, has been torn down by Political Correctness and Union power over the schools, and has diminished to the level of a third-world nation!  The word “Hero” has been wasted on individuals who have done nothing but leech off of the public by making themselves seen as “important”, as “idols” for the rest of the nation to want to become, while the true heroes, the men and women who continually fight for our freedoms, suffer under a Veteran’s Administration that neglects their needs! 

What exactly has a Movie Star, a Sports Player, an “Internet Sensation” or a Politician actually sacrificed to gain their own popularity and fame?  When have they stepped up and put their own personal interests behind them and sacrificed something important to them to do what is right for the rest of the citizens of our great nation?  There are a few, but most only do things for others because it gains them press coverage that makes them look like “great people”!  When has someone like Jude Law, Katy Perry, Joe Fiacco or Joe Biden ever come to your home and sat and talked with you?  How about your local US Congressman or Senator?  Do they even actually live in your District?  No!  They are citizens of DC!  What about your State or City Representatives; have you ever actually spent some time talking with them?  Some do, but that’s because they are more locally connected with you and need you to help them stay in office!  But the majority of them do not live the same kind of life you do; they have “Special Rights” and “Special Benefits”!  And who gives them those special rights and benefits?  They do!  They vote to allow themselves to have them, they vote for their own wants and needs!  If you had a business and an employee who kept doing only what was best for him, not you, and kept giving himself raises and benefits that you, the owner would never have, would you keep that employee working at your company?  NO!  So why do we keep governmental officials who act in the same way, in their jobs!

The time has come to face the reality of what is happening in our country; our Rights and Freedoms, guaranteed us under our Constitution, are being torn out of our hands by self-interested, money-hungry politicians who don’t care about us, they care only about their own standing in the Royalty of our Government!  And I hear the same comment from a great many people; “What can I do; I’m just one person!”  One person can do a lot, one voice can begin a movement; it has happened all throughout our history!  One person speaks to others, one person stands up and voices opposition, one person protests the actions of their government and others listen, they they use their voices and real change actually happens!  Politicians are not your bosses; they are your employees and they need to be treated as such!  When I spoke at a hearing in Jefferson City last week, I did so because Progressive Representatives were attacking the other speakers, beating them down, and they were able to do it because the other speakers showed “respect” to them!  You don’t show respect to someone who wants to take away your rights, you show them true opposition, and I did!  I fought back, just as every one of you needs to!  And I succeeded because I didn’t cower down like a meek puppy, I stood up as a Vet who had served his country and did not allow any self-interested politicians to push me down! 

We are the people of this great nation, we are the ones who have to suffer under laws forced upon us by Representatives who do not have to fear living under the same laws, and we need to fight back!  They work for us, we are not their Serfs; we are the citizens of America!  Break out your voices and make them heard!  Stand up for the your futures, for your children’s futures and for your grand-children’s futures!  The time has come Americans; we are being broken down and are having our military weakened, while China, Russia and Iran are building the forces necessary to take us down!  We are the ones that must turn our politicians’ focus back on what is good for us, not what is good for them!  Get out there and make your voices heard!  Fight for what so many of our military have sacrificed their lives for; your Freedoms and Rights as American citizens!  Stand up for America, or be willing to surrender them!  Be a true American, be a true hero; SPEAK OUT!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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  1. jmr1948 says:

    Reading this supports the process taken by so many overthrows of Government that have taken place in the past, no one from the old regime is kept, usually a single leader emerges in the beginning and he establishes a government from there on. Why? Because the members of the government in power have become detached from their constituents and now follow their own interests as stated above so “getting our representatives to work for us”, representing US is no longer possible and we have reached the point of a dead end as far as writing letters and even voting go, our Constitution is disregarded and any “representatives” we have do not act in our interest and even challenge ”Executive Orders”…

    The ”Left” has implanted itself in a position of power, the ”Fifth Column” has now come to the surface and no longer attempts to hide amongst their fellow senators and congressmen as well as in other political levels and offices so the question is when the last step is taking place, disarming us, who will cheerfully surrender and who will stand, take a last stand for freedom?…

    Our Forefathers were pushed to the point and responded accordingly and were successful, we will be too if we stand together and unite under one cause, one flag and one country NOW!!

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